Separatism brewing up also in the UK
Posted on December 13th, 2019

UK News

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won the big fight over Brexit – and that the constitutional battle over whether the UK leave is coming to an end.

The Conservatives (Tories) now have the majority they need to take the UK out of the EU next month.

British Conservatives won 365 seats out of 650 seats collecting 43.6% share of total votes while main opposition Labour party won only 203 seats collecting 32.1% share of votes giving overall majority of 45 seats for conservatives to form a stable government.

Blue -Conservative Red- Labour Yellow-SNP

Even though this is possible under Westminster type democracy, But in Sri Lanka such voters split would not produce a stable government because of our proportional representation system.

Though the conservatives had an absolute majority, another big clash is brewing up now over the future of the UK itself.

Like in Sri Lanka, majority English and minority Scottish people are poles apart now. Same way the Tamils won the North of Sri Lanka, Scottish National Party (SNP) who advocates independence won all the constituencies in Scotland except a few.

The SNP’s landslide in Scotland sets up a constitutional clash between Holyrood and Westminster. SNP’s leader Nicola Sturgeon will use the SNP’s success to demand a section 30 order from Westminster – the ability to hold a legally binding referendum on independence.

Boris Johnson is highly likely to refuse such a request, on the grounds that the last section 30 order was granted by David Cameron on the understanding by all sides that the first independence referendum would settle the issue.

The SNP will say circumstances have changed. They will hope that if Westminster is seen to thwart what they claim is the current will of the people, that may increase support for independence.

The result in Scotland puts independence firmly back on the agenda and Nicola Sturgeon is getting ready to formally request powers which would allow another referendum to happen.

The SNP can now argue it has two mandates: the last Scottish election (where they said if Brexit happened against Scotland’s the Scottish Parliament will be allowed to call for another vote) and this general election.

But in a call with the Scottish first minister tonight, Boris Johnson has made it clear he will say no.

It sets up a big political clash in the coming months.

The Tories hope that by saying no they can get to the next Scottish election and deprive the SNP of majority support for indyref2 – but the SNP think London saying no will only increase support for their cause.

Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson has “no right” to stand in the way of another Scottish independence referendum after an “overwhelming” SNP election victory.

Scotland’s first minister said the result “renews, reinforces and strengthens” the mandate for Indyref2.

During the campaign, the prime minister said he would reject any request to hold an independence referendum.

But Ms Sturgeon said it was “the right of the people of Scotland”.

She added: “I accept, regretfully, that he has a mandate for Brexit in England – but he has no mandate whatsoever to take Scotland out of the EU.”

The Scottish government will next week publish a “detailed, democratic case” for letting Holyrood decide on whether there should be a second independence referendum, said Ms Sturgeon.

However, interim Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said: “We are not going to support a request for a second independence referendum, and I don’t believe the prime minister will either.

“We are going to stand by the people who voted for us last night and the two million people who voted no in 2014.”

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  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    “Divide and rule” the outrageous and cunning tactic that masterminded by bloody colonial Britain is going to come back and bite their own asses, finally.

    Hooray for Nicola Sturgeon and Scots for standing up to hypocritical Westminster!

    Now they can’t go around to other countries like Sri Lanka, and preach their bullshit of democracy, good governance, devolution of power for minorities, etc., as they need to practice what they preach when it comes to their own backyard – the Scotland.

    Brexit is the final nail in their coffin as it’s going to unravel the defunct and bankrupted empire, making them the weakest country in Europe.

    “What goes around comes around!”

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