Politics not involved in Champika’s arrest
Posted on December 20th, 2019

Sandun A Jayasekera courtesy Daily Mirror

While saying that the law will take its course and there is no politics involved in the arrest and detention of former minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, State Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara said Attorney General Dappula De Livera was an extremely strict public officer who does not listen even to the President.

Responding to a Daily Mirror journalist at today’s news briefing, he flatly dismissed opposition claims that the legal action against Mr. Ranawaka was politically motivated.

The dialogue between the Daily Mirror and the Minister is as follows:

Daily Mirror: Why has the government arrested and detained Mr. Ranawaka after he was exonerated by a court? Is this political vengeance?

Minister Nanayakkara: Not at all. The government did not arrest him in the first place. He was arrested by the Police on the instructions of the Attorney General.

DM: The Colombo Traffic Court on February 29, 2016 ruled that there was insufficient evidence to frame charges against Mr. Ranawaka.

Minister: That was in 2016. The AG’s Department may have enough evidence against him by now. AG Dappula De Livera is very strict. He does not listen to anyone concerning his official duties. When the President asked him about a person to be arrested whether the matter could be sorted out without his arrest. Dappuala said ’no’.

Another Journalist: What is your view on this arrest?

Minister: I can’t say anything on the matter. The law will take its course and I don’t know whether he is guilty or not. I can only say that no politics is involved in this.

Journalist: Speaker Karu Jayasuriya says due procedure was not followed in the arrest of Mr. Ranawaka.

Minister Nanayakkara: I can’t comment on that. But I know that Speaker has to be informed if and when an MP is arrested.

Journalist: The government is on the verge of arresting former minister Rajitha Senaratne also. Is this not political witch hunt?

Minister: No. As I said earlier, if the Police have evidence against him he would be arrested.

DM: Some members of the SLPP say the SLPP must contest the general election on its own without the support of the SLFP as it did at the presidential poll. Your comments?

Minister: I don’t agree with that policy. We won the presidential poll contesting as an alliance. If there is no alliance, there will be no government.

DM: President Gotabaya expects a two-thirds majority in parliament at the forthcoming parliamentary polls contesting under the SLPP-SLFP led alliance.

Minister: Very doubtful.  

One Response to “Politics not involved in Champika’s arrest”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Past regimes too had politicians and high officials breaking rules of the land and getting away so this is nothing.Sri Lanka need a complete clean up from top to bottom.
    see how our crooked dishonest politicians are fooling the people to get sympathy ? They use the noble religion to get off the hook after doing a very bad thing.He said that he had been to see the sanga and what have those rascals got to do with his criminal act?
    It is wrong for prelates of any religion enjoy privileges and allow politicians to venerate before them and they are part of our problem in the island.
    If the country is to move forward then we must ban pirith nuulas and crucifixes worn by politicians and officials be cause it is a sham to fool us.
    I seen in the media that this guy came wearing the national ambude to a business forum at the London HC and his attire hardly would inspire the investors when our leaders dress and act like clowns,
    Gota should his free time playing golf where he might get some positive inspiration from the business professionals that will play with him, way to run the country.

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