UK strain of coronavirus detected in person visiting Sri Lanka
Posted on January 13th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

The new variant of the COVID-19 virus found in the United Kingdom (UK) has been detected in a person who has visited Sri Lanka, says Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera.

This has been identified during tests carried out focusing on people arriving in Sri Lanka from foreign countries.

Reportedly, the infected person had arrived in the country from England, Dr. Samaraweera added.

The research team led by Professor Neelika Malavige of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is continuing to study the variants of the COVID-19 virus identified in our country. Accordingly, we pay special attention to those who have recently arrived from abroad and work to identify their genetic makeup.”

Speaking on the entry of the UK COVID-19 variant into the country, he said, We now know that this risk exists in our country. Therefore, special attention should be paid to those coming from foreign countries.”

Dr. Samaraweera said, while the severity of the infection is lower in the new variant than that of the older virus strain, it can spread rapidly and increase the number of infected patients.

However, increased incidence of the disease may increase the number of fatalities, he added.

One Response to “UK strain of coronavirus detected in person visiting Sri Lanka”

  1. aloy Says:

    “Ukrainian tourists were brought in to alleviate the hunger of rural people” – Gammanpila

    What a foolish statement from a so called educated politician. The fellow must be reading out from a script given to him.

    Their actual problem is finding a market for their produce, lack of access to the closest market and the elephant problem. They have enough paddy stored in their dilapidated (or brick) houses as seen from footage of TV Sirasa, all the time. Look at the scenes of recent protest at A’pura about a garbage dump. The women there are well fed to the extent that they seem even obese to me.
    It is the duty of powers that be to prevent the media that put out news items insulting the visitors just because of our politics. Nobody would have come here to infect us purposely, especially from european countries; they are not vile as some others are, to my mind. We are not that type of people. We should not be overly worried about this pandemic also. My close relative is treating hundreds of Covid patients in the UK; no problem to that persons.
    This problem may go away in a few months. But the damage we may cause to us internationally may stay for a long time.

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