5 Examples of Anti-Japanese Propaganda During World War Two
Posted on February 21st, 2021

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It is a troubling fact of World War Two history that the USA regularly employed crude racial stereotypes in the service of ridiculing and demonising their Japanese opponents.

The unannounced strike on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 sent a deep shock-wave through America and its people. The country went to war in earnest, roused to avenge those lost in the sneak attack.

Soon after President Franklin D Roosevelt had proclaimed 7 December ‘a date which will live in infamy’, anti-Japanese paraphernalia and propaganda surfaced across the United States. A notion of Japanese treachery had been planted in the minds of Americans that was open for further careful exploitation and nurturing.

Subsequent anti-Japanese propaganda was used to dehumanise, antagonise, and create fear of the Japanese people and Japanese nation. The discovery of a large Nazi spy ring within the USA heightened paranoid fantasies of a treacherous Japanese population that was working with the enemy to undermine the US war effort.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Happily married to one of them, my advise to anyone is, rather US be dominant than Japan or China.Simple example that I saw in TV was only 2% of refugee applicants are successful in Japan while in US the success rate is 60%.I am safe with my wife in US and in any other Western countries, but not in theirs. I was even insulted outside the Maligawa by one of their clergy and the cop standing by asked me why I scolded them in their own language, where the cop noticed my anger and rage. Three of them were showing anger outside the Buddhist Centre I helped to create in London, when they tried to enter for wesak day about 2 years ago. Either they were Thai or Vietnamese.
    I was cold shouldered by the people in the church when I took my Spanish girl friend and occasionally other sudu girl friends. I had to scold them severely until they accepted me,but it was not the same in the Far East where they are very stubborn in their prejudice. Lets hope their kind never dominate us. Where are we eager to settle, Far East or the Western countries, the reasons are obvious.

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