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Wigneswaran and the puppeteering with ghosts

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Malinda Seneviratne  Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara’s recent comments on Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran contained valid observations, old news delivered as though it was new, half-truths and some uncalled for insults.  Wigneswaran’s response was, in contrast, quite sober though not unproblematic. In Jayasekera’s opinion, Wigneswaran is ‘nothing but a bhoothya’.   An evil ghost […]

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A ‘cannot’ and ‘will not’ Government

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Malinda Seneviratne When the Government’s staunchest apologists sound disappointment it is a sure sign that things are more than ‘pretty bad’.  According to one yahapalanist, Jehan Perera (see “Going back to an alliance that can win elections” published in ‘The Island’, February 14, 2017) the public perception is that the Government has not (cannot?) tackle corruption, […]

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Grievances and resolution: the question of true dimensions

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE  Grievances.  ‘Grievances?’ rather.  A word and a question.  The former implies a list or at least two issues that somehow cause distress.  The latter, the question that is, is something that has been customarily ignored or caused much shy-making, toe-watching and navel-gazing.  At best it prompts a highly emotion and even highly stylized narrative which is marked […]

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Don’t underestimate Ven Athureliye Rathana Thero

Friday, January 27th, 2017

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE Ven Athureliye Rathana Thero, quite silent and almost a non-factor in the public domain for almost a year, made the headlines of all national newspapers last week.  ‘Rathana Thero goes independent,’ or versions of this, made the headlines.  The truth is that Rathana Haamuduruwo had already been made independent.  He had been unceremoniously evicted from the Jathika Hela Urumaya.  […]

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Cheating Sinhalese in proposal and Tamils through outcome

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

 Malinda Seneviratne JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake has made two statements regarding reconciliation via constitutional reform. Firstly, he has said that a referendum on a new constitution should not be approached the way the Presidential Election was fought. In that election, the Northern and Eastern Provinces overwhelmingly voted for President Sirisena, who was the default […]

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The planetary preferences of yahapalana apologists

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

By Malinda Seneviratne Courtesy The Daily Mirror  A self-proclaimed Marxist recently listed 12 things that the Yahapalana Government cannot achieve. He should have put it this way: ‘Should but cannot achieve’. As someone who once said ‘we must hope that the Government will not defeat the LTTE’ when the latter’s invincibility braggadocio was being put to […]

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Foreign Policy and self-imposed non-negotiability

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Malinda Seneviratne Small nations typically do not have much by way of bargaining power vis-à-vis powerful nations; ‘small’ meaning economically and militarily weak rather than land size.  Weak, however, does not mean helpless. Indeed there are very few if any relationships between the powerful and the weak that are not characterized by contestation and continuous negotiation […]

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USAID Moves On The Bar Association

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

By Malinda Seneviratne  First they offer help and then they enslave ‘First they had the book and we had the land. Then they said “close your eyes, let us pray”. When we opened our eyes, we had the book and they had the land.’ — Bishop Desmond Tutu on the relationship between invader and missionary in […]

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සංඛ අමරජිත් වෙනුවට ලක්ෂ්මන් කිරිඇල්ල

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE  “කැකිරිලන්තයේ මීළඟ පුවත්” ශීර්ෂය යටතේ මූණු පොතේ විටින් විට පළ කරන ලද ‘ප්‍රවෘති’ එකතුවකි මෙලෙස ඉදිරිපත් කරන්නේ  “කිරිඇල්ල ගේ දේශපාලන විද්‍යාව” කෘතිය විශ්ව විද්‍යාල සඳහා නිර්දේශ වේ  උසස් අධ්‍යාපන ඇමති ලක්ෂ්මන් කිරිඇල්ල කැළණි විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ දේශපාලන අංශ ප්‍රධානියා ට ලියා ඇත්තේ එම අංශයේ ‘තාවකාලික කථිකාචාර්ය’ තනතුරක් ඔහුගේ හිතවතෙකුට ලබා දෙන ලෙසයි. මේ වනාහී […]

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On Ekneligoda, in spite of Ekneligoda and his pals

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Malinda Seneviratne Six years ago, I wrote about Prageeth Ekneligoda in the state-owned ‘Daily News’. This around the time he was picked up as the poster-boy of NGO racketeers strutting around as champions of human rights.  Ekneligoda, as someone recently observed, was no journalist.  He drew some cartoons and they were nice, but there was […]

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Farah Mihlar and others tossed cats out of the bag in Geneva

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE They say that if you give some people enough rope they will hang themselves with it.  On March 19, 2012, in Geneva, no one needed give any rope to several individuals who came to talk about ‘Rule of law and human rights violations in Sri Lanka’.  They came with enough rope and […]

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ECTA hush-hush a typical UNP/Ranil preference?

Monday, February 29th, 2016

MALINDA SENEVIRATN​E “And there’s history.  A history of India meddling in the affairs of Sri Lanka.  There’s the whole story of supporting terrorism with arms, money and training (before the idea backfired).  Then there’s the Indo-Lanka Agreement.  That’s important and relevant because it was thrust down Sri Lanka’s throat. No discussion.   No entertainment of query.  […]

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“මම රාජ කුමාරයෙක් නෙමෙයි…මම ගමේ කොල්ලෙක්!’ සහ කැකිරිලන්තයේ වෙනත් රස කතා

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

“මම රාජ කුමාරයෙක් නෙමෙයි…මම ගමේ කොල්ලෙක්!’ — මෛත්‍රිපාල BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE  ප්‍රශස්ති ගීත සාහිත්‍යයේ “ලැජ්ජාසහගතම” ගණයට වැටෙන “අභිමාන පුලතිසි මහා පැරකුම් විජයබා කුලයේ…බ්ලා බ්ලා බ්ලා” සින්දුව මෛත්‍රිපාල විසින්, මෛත්‍රිපාල සමග, මෛත්‍රිපාල සඳහා කළ නිර්මාණයක් බව ඔප්පු වී හමාරයි. එසේ නොවේ යැයි කීමට ගොස් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ජනපති ද ඔහුගේ පරිවාර වන්දිභාට්ටයින්ද තව තවත් නා ගන්නා බව […]

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Transparency blurred in ‘Integrity’ Awards

Monday, December 14th, 2015

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE As Vithanage documents, the two women are raped by a judge presiding over cases involving their husbands as accused parties.  There’s no one to entertain their grievances.  Those institutions which shut the door on them include the Judiciary Services Commission and the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.  It is in desperation that […]

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Prime Ministerial Headaches

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE  This should have been easy.  It has been easy all these years.  Hold election, release results, count numbers, pick the leader of the party which returned the most candidates to Parliament and appoint him/her as Prime Minister.  Then Parliament convenes, the Speaker is elected, the Leader of the Opposition is selected and […]

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Chandrika the Bomb

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

By Malinda Seneviratne A question was asked from the former president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, during his final breakfast meeting with media heads last year.  ‘Who is your real opponent, Maithripala Sirisena, Ranil Wickremesinghe or Chandrika Kumaratunga?’  He did not hesitate in responding: ‘Chandrika!’ This became the lead story in all newspapers the following day.  The headline […]

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Maithripala Blue or Green or what?

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

By  Malinda Seneviratne Courtesy The Nation Sometime late last year Maithripala Sirisena effectively left the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).   As predicted, he was installed as the leader of the party he ‘left’ the moment he was elected President.  He became the leader of a party whose entire membership almost campaigned against him.  It certainly didn’t […]

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Central Bank Blues (greens?)

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

BY MALINDA SENEVIRATNE When son-in-law makes a killing on moves made by papa-in-law, it’s fishy.  Arjuna Mahendran is on the spot and he cannot pass judgment on himself or his son-in-law. Financial irregularity was one of the many charges leveled at the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.  The ‘rot’ so to speak began at the top, according […]

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UNHRC resolutions and the politics of discomfiture

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

By Malinda Seneviratne For Sri Lanka, the only relevant resolution at this year’s UNHRC sessions is the one tabled by the United States of America.  It is relevant because it was on (read ‘against’) Sri Lanka.  If, however, the world is serious about the UNHRC and therefore whatever resolutions are tabled, voted on, adopted or […]

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Has Cameron heard of the RAB ?

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

by  Malinda Seneviratne [The grimace referred to here materialized on Peter Hayes’ face a little more than three years ago.  The article was published ‘Sunday Lakbima News’ on December 26, 2010. Back then, I hadn’t known what RAB meant.  I don’t think many do, even now.  Good to go back now and then because there […]

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Human rights cannot be advocated by crooks

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Written by Malinda Seneviratne [Many human rights organizations expressed concern about ‘vilifying’ human rights activists in Sri Lanka such as Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu.  None of these bleeding-heart crusaders were willing to entertain the thought that some of these activists were crooks or at least ready and willing to bend the rules when it came to money […]

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“Get lost” around the corner for the TNA

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Written by Malinda Seneviratne The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is making demands from the Government. Seeking betterment is legitimate in a democracy. There’s nothing wrong in wanting the moon. Proposal must match grievance, however, aspirations should be reasonable and practical realities cannot be wished away. First of all, there is the issue of territory and […]

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The karawala-mallun of addressing citizenship anomalies

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Written by Malinda Seneviratne There is a number that scrambles the number 13. That number is 54, and, worse, it is a number that references an increasing trend, leading to further scrambling. Yes, I am talking about the 13th Amendment to the constitution, with ‘54’ referring to the percentage of Tamils living outside the so-called […]

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The most tragic thing in the world is a sick doctor

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Written by Malinda Seneviratne One day, more than ten years ago, I saw three blind men assaulting a man outside the Fort Railway Station. They were screaming at the victim. Apparently the three men were lottery sellers retailing dreams at the station. The ‘victim’ had robbed one of them. The robbed had recognised robber, several […]

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Who is the Real Mahinda?

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Written by Malinda Seneviratne [This article first appeared in the ‘Sunday Lakbima News’ of November 7, 2010] Mahinda Rajapaksa is a dictator. The Rajapaksas are running the country as a family business. They are a clan. They are into dynasty-building. They are robbing the treasury. They are ruining the economy. They’ve turned Sri Lanka into […]

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Some thugs can’t even name themselves…

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Written by Malinda Seneviratne It has been reported that Rajiv Gandhi, on his way to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord, had told Tamil Nadu politicians that the agreement he was to sign with the then president of Sri Lanka, J.R. Jayewardene, would bring Sri Lanka under the Indian orbit, just like Bhutan. The before and after […]

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Eriyagama is not a place or a bend in the road

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Written by Malinda Seneviratne Place names fascinate me. Years ago I even made a list of place names ending with deniya. I remember ‘collecting’ about 75 such villages. Peradeniya, Penideniya, Ududeniya, Udadeniya, Dambadeniya, Randeniya, Middeniya, Meedeniya, Madeniya, Dehideniya, Deldeniya, Padeniya, Pindeniya, Gandeniya, Gangodadeniya, Bangadeniya, Theldeniya, Embuldeniya, Paragahadeniya, Dummaladeniya, Dunakadeniya, Apaladeniya, Bangadeniya, Puwakdeniya, Gorakadeniya, Moonamaldeniya, Dandeniya, […]

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An adult is sad but a child smiles -A tribute to Titus Thotawatte

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Written by Malinda Seneviratne When Steve Jobs of Apple died a few weeks ago there was an over-pouring of grief. The newspapers were full of the man, his work, his vision and his humanity. A young friend of mine was perturbed by the fact that Sri Lanka had, going by the amount of coverage, lamented […]

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Remembering ‘Tyre Sunil’: may his tribe increase

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

by Malinda Seneviratne Sometime in the year 1991, Ananda Thilak Bandara Herath, a final year student at the University of Peradeniya (Arts Faculty) held a one-man concert called ‘Vihinsana’ which could be translated at ‘extreme violence’.  They were all new songs, written by friends as well as a couple of reputed lyricists.  The music, for […]

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The perils of partial concessions for regime and nation

Friday, September 30th, 2011

By Malinda Seneviratne What transpired in Geneva at the Human Rights Council sessions clearly indicates where the anti-Sri Lankan forces are going.  Ban Ki-moon tabled the report authored by a panel appointed by him (illegally), against all norms of protocol.  Legitimacy was obtained by tabling the said report (flawed, malicious and clearly designed to hurt […]

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