Health Ministry questions credibility of Dr Shanmugarajah
Posted on May 12th, 2009

Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights

 No contact with Provincial or National Health authorities since October 2008

 The Secretary to the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, Dr. H.A.P. Kahandaliyanage, has questioned the veracity and credibility of statements attributed to a doctor said to be working in the no-fire zone in north-eastern Sri Lanka. He says: “I wish to draw your attention to a statement released by one Dr Shanmugarajah, allegedly a District Medical Officer (DMO) of a hospital in the Mullaitivu District, that has been circulated to foreign media agencies. I am made to understand that in this release it is stated that indicscriminate shelling and firing by the Security Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has resulted in more than 300 civilian agencies.”

 The Health Secretary goes on to add that: “The Provincial Director of Health Services in the Northern Province has informed me that though a Dr Shanmugarajah had worked as a Medical Officer in the Mullaitivu District, he has had no contact with the Provincial Health Authorities or the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition since October 2008. Therefore no credibility can be given to statements released by Dr Shanmugarajah in any capacity.”

 Cautioning against reliance on the statements made by this person, Dr Kahandaliyanage states: [T]he international community should view this and future statements if released by this alleged DMO, Dr Shanmugarajah with caution, as the Provincial Health Authorities and the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition has had no information as to the existence and whereabouts of this officer since October 2008, and is of the view that such statements are being made with the vested interest of bringing disrepute to the GOSL.”





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