Posted on May 17th, 2009


Recently I was on a flight to Colombo via London from the US. A large number of Tamil speaking people boarded the flights from US east coast as well as London. They were all well dressed, many with their families and looked like very ordinary people heading to their mother country. Nothing is absolutely wrong with that.

Then in the last few months I personally observed the huge demonstrations launched by the Canadian and US based Tamil Diaspora in New York and Washington, DC. They carried hundreds of banners claiming such things as GOSL on a genocide spree, GOSL bombing Tamils indiscriminately, GOSL starving Tamils to death, Prabhakaran being the great freedom fighter to save the innocent Tamil people from this carnage and so forth.

Obviously they did not mention that the SL troops only went north to quell destruction of life and property by a terrorist group and until then were in southern barracks, that Prabhakaran mercilessly exterminated all opposition, both Tamil and Sinhalese that even slightly challenged him, that LTTE killed an Indian Prime Minister, a Sri Lankan President and a Lankan Tamil Foreign Minister all through suicide missions, that LTTE trained Al Quida in suicide missions, that LTTE’s largest revenue streams came from Narcotic and Arms smuggling, that LTTE forcibly recruited children at the receiving end of an AK 47 to the parents, that the entire Southern Sri Lanka was turned into a war zone by repeated suicide missions all over including school buses, that every peace effort was hoodwinked by Prabhakaran to buy time to rearm and reorganize and finally that the Northern Tamil people are simply fed up of the LTTE and are dying for peace more than anybody else. They cant wait for GOSL to end this maniac’s sordid life.

Obviously also they did not mention that hundreds of thousands of bogus Tamil asylum seekers will be deported if normalcy returns to Sri Lanka and that at any cost war has to go on for them to stand a chance for a migrant asylum visa.

Having watched all their demonstrations and slogans in the US, I have been convinced how good a bunch of liars and hypocrites some of these ring leaders are. They can “carry fire under water” like the famous Lankan proverb goes. Simply put many of them are a bunch of con-men and women just like mass murderer Prabhakaran.

So when I watched these Tamil speaking Lankans getting off the plane in Colombo I wondered how many of them might have carried those “anti-Lanka propaganda banners, how many of them could be LTTE deal makers, bomb makers, drug pushers and messengers for megalomanic Prabhakaran.” They lined up at Colombo immigration like any other and GOSL treated them like they do to all returning Lankans; fairly.

My thought was that how fair are we as a nation that we do not lock them up at the airport for thorough screening and charge some of them for treason.

I am sure some of the Tamils must be wondering the same so that they can continue to play the double game of Lankan by day and a LTTE prpogandanist at night…

So thank you President Rajapaksha for calling a terrorist a terrorist and treating as such. The nation salutes you and our brave soldiers.

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