Posted on May 18th, 2009

O. Sorensen Denmark

Now, after the defeat of the LTTE, many speculations regarding the future will be done. Not just speculations of how the government of Sri Lanka will handle the aftermatch politically, is of importance, but also how H.E. Mr. Rajapaksha will respond to untidy interference from western politicians, with doubtful motives.

How could it ever happen, that western politicians ever treated the LTTE as some other democratic elected government, with rights to enter any negotiationtable.

It was exactly those very same western countries, which long ago blacklisted the LTTE as the most dangerous terroristgroup in the world. Suddenly, these western hypocrites find it appropriate to forcibly send envoys or ministers to interfere in the internal affairs of another country, a democratic country, a sovereign state, in ordet to convince a democratic elected government to negotiate with terrorists.

Was it not the same western countries who refused to negotiate with terrorists? was it not the same western countries who justified their own invasion of other countries, in order to fight terrorism.  These same countries question the right of the Sri Lankan government, to fight terrorism within their own soil.
Diasters like Mr. Miliband showed his incompetence and lack of backgroundknowledge, in his great understanding for the LTTE, as were they a democratic elected government. The same did unexperienced Hillary Clinton, the same Clinton critisizing Sri Lanka over civilian casualties. When her own country bombed civilians in Afghanistan, she could only say: “we regret”

Are these western countries jealous, discovering that a great genuine leader, faithful to his people, suddenly succeed in destroying the “most dangerous terroristorganisation” in the world, a lable put by these same western countries?

They failed in defeating Al Quaida, and are still fighting with Taliban, for how many years now? They are fighting on foreign soil, but find it O.K. to question the right of a country to fight terrorism within their own borders.

The hypocracy is clearly exposed. The white people, appears not to have changed attitude since colonial times. Mrs. Thatchers war on the Falkland islands in the eighties remains as a proof.
These white highheaded fools, suggest that the democratic elected president of Sri Lanka, should be persecuted for warcrimes. All right. Then what about Bush, Blair and others?

How come the west kept quiet when Norways Solheim engaged himself in obviously support of LTTE. Was it due to lack of knowledge and incompetance or just loyalty to another white politician who found himself important?

He represented a nation, a kingdom, which through his acts made themselves guilty in terroristsupport, and never did much to investigate the allegations of his possibly involvment in receiving bribes from the LTTE.
How could western politicians ever accept the existence of LTTE, after labelling them as terrorists?
Why, was it ever accepted that they were fighing for the liberation of a former kingdom, when it can be proved that this kingdom never existed. Several tamil proffessors and historians agree, and the tamil lexicon as well: “Eelam means: The Land of Sinhalese”—–so how could there be a Tamil Eelam?  It is not prohibited politicians to check historybooks.

If the western politicians again critisize Sri Lanka of having achieved what they could not achieve themselves, at least we should expect, that they withdraw from each and every country in which they justify to be present in order to fight terrorism———and thereafter officially appollogise to misplaced critic of a democratic elected and competent leader of another sovereigh state.

H.E. Mr. Rajapaksha is democratically elected by the people of Sri Lanka, and for that very reason, “the servant” of that people, because thats what it is all about. He has proved to be much more man and much more a leader, than any of those incompetent western white politicians, who totally failed their job.
One should never throw a stone, while living in a glasshouse.

Congratulations to Sri Lanka, and shame on the other fools.
O. Sorensen Denmark

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