Should the Tamils be “Won Over” – YES and Should the Tamils Apologize? – YES!!!
Posted on May 19th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

The thirty year war created by the Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE, fully supported by Tamils in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Global Tamil Diaspora et al, cost the Island of Sri Lanka billions of dollars in financial cost and trillions in Sinhala human lives.

The tourism industry was crippled. Buildings, aircraft, infrastructure totally destroyed. The entire economy was depleted of its resources simply to defend the human lives in Sri Lanka. And some made bags of loot by keeping the insurgency ticking, like the likes of Ratwattes, blood relations of Bandaranaike, and the Ranil Wickremesinghe clan.

Now the country must go on her knees and beg mercy from the likes of David Pararajasingham, and the dancing Tamil lotharios in London who have squandered funds from the poor. Tamil blood money created by the Tamils for the Tamil Diaspora.

These are the perpetrators along with the global Tamil Diaspora who are responsible bfor the bloodshed of their own kith and kin, simply to create a Tamil State for their own benefit.

Why could not they start their own State in Tamil Nadu or in Malaysia or the Indonesian Islands? The answer is, they would never be allowed to any kind of nonsence in those countries.

The Sinhala politicians such as Ranil Wickremesingha, would have sold his own mother to gain political capital, were supported by Erik Solheim and the Kingdom of Norway for their own selfish gain!

EU, USA, Canada, USA, India supported the annihilation of the Sri Lankan population with the front man….Norway. All these countries now should beg Mercy and Apologize for the crimes they supported.

Sri Lankan government and its citizens were victims, held at Ransom for thirty bloody years. For winning the war over the terrorists, “NO APOLOGIES!”

The Tamil Diaspora in London speaking on BBC is still unrepentent. Will they now divert their ill gotten gains to support their Tamil blood relatives, kith and kin?

The government should do their best to help the poor, the down trodden citizens whether it be Tamil, Muslim or Sinhala. But NOT APOLOGIZE.

The North must now be proportionately represented according to the population demographics. The military must be positioned for atleast ten (10) years through out the Island to offer protection to the domestic population as well as the foreigners.

Sri Lanka needs the foreign investment and tourism, to support the massive liability left behind by the Tamil Terrorists supported by the Tamil Diaspora.

Sri Lanka over the next decade should ideally follow the Singapore Model. A controlled Democracy, with Carrots and Heavy stick!

Does any country, USA, EU, Japan criticize Singapore for their strict disciplinary control of media and communications, or the death penalty? NO!

Now the President has an opportunity to put the Island on a forward fast track.

Corruption at any level must have Zero tolerance.

Pay the law makers and the enforcers well. Invite the entire country to maintain vigilence to prevent corruption. When the corruption recedes, he development will accelerate.

The time is ripe to get the Island of Sri Lanka on the fast track, without any Apologies.

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4 Responses to “Should the Tamils be “Won Over” – YES and Should the Tamils Apologize? – YES!!!”

  1. Lion4ever Says:

    I strongly agree with Prof. Hudson McLean.
    I would like to add something about the mythical statements about the main cause for seperate state for Tamils. As they say it was “the discrimination against tamils”. It’s just an excuse.
    Most people forget that the idea of modern “Tamil State” started in 1930’s when few Tamil leaders requested the British rulers to sperate Norht part of the Island which was dicarded by the Britsh government. The idea came back to the table in 1948 and rejected again. This idea will never go away unless the North-East population is diaaluted propotionately.
    Remember……….in 1930’s Tamils were the priviladged under British ruling. Sinhalese are the ones who were discriminated at that time. If you look deep, you’ll see………….High-cast/rich Tamils are the ones who discriminate low-cast/poor Tamils. This will discard the main reason that the LTTE support groups point out to the rest of the world in order to justify the terrorist acts in past 2.5 decades in Sri Lanka. There is NO justification for any terrorist act.
    Also remember, there were/are and will be voice for Tamils. There were reputed Tamil parliment representatives, doctors, engineers, IGPs, DIGs, high commissioners etc in the past and respected/ followed by the nation including Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others (most of recent reputed Tamil figures who respect dimocracy were killed by LTTE). Still ther is Tamil representation in the government and will never take away their rights. So……………….it’s up to all the Sri Lankans to wake up from this stupid dreams and stand up as one proud nation.

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    IF Sri Lanka is unable to raise money from the world monetary organisations due to prejudice and false propaganda by vested interests, I think that the loyal SRI Lankans living abroad should collect and send money for the needed development the same way the Tiger sympathizers did to wage war and create havoc. Altough I am a so called middle class person living in USA, I will willingly contribute whatever I can afford. I have no doubt that there are so many of us are willing to do that. It is , however , important the the money so collected must be used for that purpose and not sqandered or used for personal use as thhas happened in the past due to corruption at dfferent levels.

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    Yes, those Tamils who supported the Tigers as well as the others foreign organizations who supported them should apologize. Also, every citizen should be treated equally

  4. k k Says:

    thanks for the artical and i always enjoy them. But parts of this one left me a little confused! i am not sure which tamil should apologize! the terrorists (all the ones left over from LTTE , and the LTTE sympathises irrespective of the race or just all tamils? Or the little children who were forced to join? i think we really need to separate Tamils (who live all over the world ) and the band of bandits that call them rebels . Once long time ago a tamil friend told me , if u send one cent towards a bulet that kills another human being u are a terrorist!!! My suggetion is we need to start not to blame Tamils but any race or creed that destorys others for their own gain! I beliveTerrorist are a RACE by thm selves irespective of Nationality!

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