Upper hand!
Posted on May 28th, 2009

Daya Thulnathissa

A wounded soldier…lying on the sick-bed,
thinks to himself “Why they are so partial
Behaving arrogantly…not knowing
the real background of the conflict
Targeting deliberately at us….
Chasing behind while trying to dominate
There Motivation is to put us down
The so called international community
is behaving sometimes like ku-klux klans
Mounting pressure on small nations
…..taking the upper hand”?

What they are doing is
Their wild-west principles….
are raising to many suspicions
Bringing disaster to democracy;
disturbing the stability in some regions
by promoting violence within small nations
Some may be benefiting by weapon deals
But in the long-run it can boomerang
…..with negative reactions!

The wounded soldier
Thinks to himself…..
Why they’re behaving like this?
Still he can’t understand the ideology
…..of some so-called developed nations
Criticism is good; if it’s fair and balanced
But most of the decisions that they take;
are made to create controversy and disputes
Some are working jointly hand in hand
…..with under ground elements
To fulfil their individual interest
at the expense of the small nations!

He can’t understand their mentality
When he was engaging in a humanitarian mission,
to rescue the hostages from the tiger den
Then there was no one to give them the moral courage
While he was carrying a wounded child on his shoulders
He himself got caught to a clamour bomb and got wounded
Even then there was no one to praise him for his devotion,
or just to say “ƒ”¹…”Thank you’…. for his sacrifice!

The wounded solider…..
Was sad about the unfairness of this world
“Why do these mighty forces….
are trying to mount pressure only on us
while promoting terror from the other hand?
Some one who was born in a small country;
and doing his duty to safeguard its sovereignty
….has always to face consciousness
Small nations are subject to their humiliation!

The wounded soldier….felt extremely sad
“Why only now there are so many sympathisers;
to talk aloud about a humanitarian catastrophe
But when the tiger murderers had gunned down
A dozens of innocent pilgrim near Sri-Mahabodhi
Then there was no one to talk about those innocents,
or to talk about human rights or war crimes!

When they were hacking Buddhist saints into pieces
…..in Dimbulagala and Aranthalawa,
and bombing the Temple of Tooth in Kandy
Then they kept silence turning blind-eye to this side
When the tiger terrorists were massacring;
…..poor farmers and their kith and kin
In the neighbouring villages to terror territory
Was there any one to talk about human-rights?
or to raise questions before the security councils!

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