It is time to declare war on the spies using UN cover: Bhune, Weiss and Castellano
Posted on May 29th, 2009

Ajit Randeniya

The war is not over yet; there are few other enemies to fight! It is becoming obvious-by-the-day that the so-called UN representatives in Sri Lanka, Neil Bhune Gordon Weiss and ICRC’s Paul Castellano are not UN employees at all. They may be getting paid by the UN (yes, those fat UN salaries), but they are really serving the cabals that run the European and US governments, and are trying to implement their “Protocols” using UN cover., Their current campaign of passing on information to Western media shows that they have launched a subterranean attack against the Sri Lankan people and the UN.

Weiss and Castellano, during the peak of the battle in April and May, tried to do their bit for the Tigers by clamouring for a cease-fire on account of the “civilian casualties”. Using UN cover, they screamed of “bloodbaths” and other “catastrophes” waiting to happen. The media arms of the conspiracy, Reuters, AP and AFP reported these as official “UN” concerns. Fortunately the government was not swayed by this fraud.

It was obvious from the tone of the speeches of Mr Vijay Nambiar and the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon himself in Sri Lanka that they rebuked the Weiss campaigns that had been attributed to the UN. The subsequent lack of noise by Weiss for a few days suggested that the spies also received some sort of an official reprimand. Now they are back at it. The hymies can’t help it: they are borne and raised to rule the Goium!

The absurdly sensational propaganda that “more than 20,000” civilians were killed in the final army onslaught on the Tigers, published in the Rupert Murdoch owned conservative tabloid The Times is clearly based on “feeds” from Bhune, Weiss and Catellano. The Times rubbish, widely relayed by their partners in crime, the AFP, CNN and other wires, cites its own investigation, aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony, and refutes “confidential UN documents”. Well, they are not “confidential” because they were written by the three spies and handed to the Times by them! The Le Monde report along similar lines came out more openly and named “several unnamed UN sources”.

Having failed to decieve the Sri Lankan government to declare a cease-fire, or to use the UNHRC to “haul Sri Lanka over the coals”, they have decided to deploy the media arm to “keep the pressure” on Sri Lanka: their problem is that the world is fully awake to their game plan.

This Times EXPOSE is not different to any of their previous desperate attempts to save the Tigers, and failing that, to tarnish Sri Lanka’s reputation internationally. As an example, it is claimed that analysis of their images “by independent defence experts” “appeared” to show sand mounds, indicating makeshift burial grounds! How very pathetic? This allegedly ruthless, barbaric, deceptive army who mercilessly wiped out “thousands of civilians” was not careful or smart enough to use some incendiary devices or petrol to burn these bodies off? And they decided to cover the dead bodies with a bit of sand so that the Times could find them? They can’t be serious!

They also cite Charles Heyman, who has said, by looking at the “layout shown in the aerial photos”, it seemed unlikely that Tamil Tiger mortar fire or artillery caused a significant number of deaths. Pure bunkum! Apart from the fact that Heyman is an old British Infantry man who is always looking for business (he became a nuisance among Western defence circles during the Iraqi invasion due to his loud touting for business), what layout on earth are they talking about? What knowledge of the relative forces does Heyman have? Such rubbish is an insult on the intelligence of the reader of this tabloid.

What these conspirators have done is to take a helicopter ride over the now-vacated conflict zone and taken some photographs, just as a diversion to hide the identity of the real sources, the three spies who have infiltrated the UN system. Following the Sri Lankan government’s rebuttal of the Times lie, Neil Bhune has come to the fore to defend the Times. He has told the BBC that the UN has no final figure in part “because access to displaced people in camps is restricted by the government.”

The report published in the “Le Monde” quotes several “unnamed UN sources” (their names are Buhne, Weiss and Castellano!) alledging that high-ranking UN officials, including Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, “chose to keep silent” about the high civilian death toll in order to maintain UN operations in the country and avoid slighting the Sri Lankan government. UN spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs has absolutely rejected the allegation that the UN deliberately downplayed civilian casualties.

This lie is the revenge of the three spies on the UN, for reprimanding them on the bogus cries of “bloodbath” and “catastrophy”. These thieves, while engaging in fundamentally dishonest operations in another country, using UN cover and other underhand techniques, dare to attempt to take the moral high ground on issues!

Sri Lanka needs seriously ask the UN and the ICRC to recall these three people, not only because of the particular “activist” role they are undertaking in the country, but due to the danger to their lives the actions invite. People of Sri Lanka would obviously note that they hardly knew the names of the previous UN representatives in the country and these three “operators” are parading themselves in the international media in a manner that is totally incompatible with their UN role and conventions about behaviour towards the host country.

Sri Lanka are likely to be justifiably angered by the type of subterranean activity these three people are engaged in. The government is unlikely to be in a position to guarantee their safety or to solve the “mystrey” if the people decide to take the law in to their own hands. To seek their early departure would be the best solution.

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  1. Ariya Says:

    There is another guy, calling himself journalist from Globe And Mail of Canada – Doug Saunders writing either from Sri Lanka or from London with “reports” from guys like Jehan Perera, Sanjana Haththotuwa and this guy Doug is tarnishing the good name of our President and Ge. Sarath Fonseka!

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