UN Stinks with Nambiar & Holms Alliance with Interpol Fugitive Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP)
Posted on May 29th, 2009

Malin Abeyatunga

In the Past, UN blundered when Ex UN Secretary General Koffi Annan, conveyed condolences to a LTTE terrorist leader Kaushalyan who was killed by the armed forces; Then Alan Rock in a subtle attempt to appease LTTE terrorists blamed the GoSL for liaising with para military group without being able to substantiate his allegations. He was never heard after that. Then the Human Rights Commissioner for Children Radhika Coomarswamy did not take any concrete action against LTTE for kidnapping children for their child brigade other than making naƒÆ’†’¯ve requests. Newly appointed Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillai played the same game by blaming the armed forces but kept mum on LTTE’s atrocities.

 The next blunder came from Sir John Holms

UN blunders again when Sir John Holms, the UN Undersecretary for Humanitarians Affairs alleged to have met KP facilitated by LTTE’s God Father Eric Solheim of Norway to discuss the hostage issue. He would have done with good intention but with the wrong person. Surely, Sir John Holms would have known that KP is a fugitive wanted by Interpol and it’s totally inappropriate on his part to deal with a criminal dealing with LTTE terrorists. Instead, He should have got the Interpol to arrest him then and there. It is also alleged that UN has officially greeted KP when he was appointed by dead Prabhakaran as the Chief of International operations. In other words, as Chief of LTTE International operations, he is the key link to the global terrorist network

Most Recent Blunder from Vijay Nambiar

The most recent blunder comes from Vijay Namabiar. Vijay Nambiar first and foremost is not fit to hold the responsible post of the special representative of the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon for having conspired with Interpol fugitive Kumaran Pathmnathan aka KP (he carries many other aliases) from a toilet of the BIA. It’s an open secret that Nambiar has had a conversation with Interpol wanted criminal KP from the toilet of BIA which is now infamously known as Nambiar’s “Toilet Diplomacy” as one writer described. This has brought total disrepute to the respected august assembly of United Nations. Sadly, the UN Head Office and its agencies are now swamped with this caliber of third grade people to solve world conflicts from inside public toilets. It’s stinking. UN General Secretary should sack him immediately for his stinking diplomacy with a fugitive KP (now calls himself Selvarasa Pathamanathan) who is wanted by Interpol for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, drug trafficking and illegal arms dealings for terrorist outfits including procuring illegal arms for now demised LTTE terrorist outfit, international frauds and human smuggling.

 KP is the brain behind all LTTE international illegal activities as mentioned above and a fugitive wanted by Interpol. He was once arrested by Thailand Police (married to a Thai woman) but as usual The Money Talked and he disappeared and Thailand thereafter claimed that they did not arrest such person. It is now alleged that he is operating from Malaysia. Internationally, he is more dangerous than dead Prabhakaran as he is supposed to be in close association with many politicians and influential people in the western block especially with Eric Solheim of Norway. When the Sri Lankan Government has sought the assistance of the Interpol and other countries to arrest him, UN agents are having close alliance with this fugitive.

 Ms Navi Pillai

Ms Navi Pillai in her recent speech added another big stink to already stinking UN. The Human Rights Chief Navi Pillai does not mince words when appeasing LTTE and attacking legitimate Government of Sri Lanka. She never had a good word for the armed forces that are fighting a deadly terrorist outfit but numb on LTTE atrocities that was holding civilians as human shield, forcibly kidnapping children for their child brigade etc. When the western block miserably failed to get the GoSL to stop it military operations against LTTE and when finally annihilated LTTE, they started criticizing about the conditions of the IDPs in the welfare camps saying as “appalling”. Western block led by Milliband (Sillyband) instigated a resolution against Sri Lanka for war crimes. Following suite of the western block to keep her top job, she too started parroting their view demanding an international probe into the war crimes against Sri Lanka. As usual she was loosely parroting the Tamil websites blaming the GoSL that rapes, abductions and disappearances are daily happening in the welfare camps without any substantial evidence. When all these human rights violations and atrocities were happening under the jackboot of now dead Prabhakaran she was deaf, blind and mute. She has so far not uttered word against human rights violations and killing of innocent civilians in Iraq, Gaza Strip, Afghanistan and Swat Valley as the perpetrators were the western block and their favorites. Why should UN tolerate a double standard woman of this caliber who has been always biased towards LTTE terrorists but turn a blind eye of what’s happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

It is clear that the UN Agencies stink with double standard people like the above mentioned which brings disrespect ad disrepute to this august assembly. No wonder the people like Nambiar, LTTE Arms dealer KP, Navi Pillai and Radhika have the same mind set and of course one can say that blood is thicker than water. But UN should not allow its regal status to be tarnished by unworthy people and should weed out all those who bring disrepute the United Nations.

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  1. Ariya Says:

    A thought to ponder; Shall we have OUR own UN, without UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark and the other unfriendly countries of EU? These countries CANNOT live without us, but we can live without them.
    With new powerful countries like China, India, Japan, Russia and resourceful South America and Africa, we can really have OUR own UN…

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