War is Not Over
Posted on June 2nd, 2009

Orpheus Perera

GoSL under HE President Rajapakse won the war against the internal terrorist LTTE. Next two wars, according to HE President is the war against drug and then the economic independence.


The drug menace has thrived in Sri Lanka during the period of 1977 and 2005. Many families had a hell of a time with their young children, who were introduced to drug by the greedy rich drug dealers. Narcotic bureau and the police force tried their best to save the youth. They have rehabilitation programs combined with Buddhist organisations. The problem was ,as soon as the young ex- drug addicts are back in their suburbs, the traitors  get them back on drugs.

The power of the Narcotic bureau and the honest police officers ended where the power of the politicians began.

The war against the LTTE terrorist was won, because HE president and the armed forces got the support of the people (including majority of Tamil speaking people) and the members of the parliament.

I strongly believe that they will support HE Mahinda Rajapakse until he retires and his visions supported thereafter.

There is a possibility that these drug trade and the profits they made, had a link with LTTE at some

stage. It may have served dual purposes to terrorist, the youth put into sleep not worried about what is happening to the country and more funds for LTTE to buy guns.

I am confident that all those patriotic forces will help to nail down all the drug dealers and traffickers without any discretion.

When it comes to economic development, we have to watch the invisible Western Terrorist(who are voted into power by people who have no knowledge or don’t care about what is happening outside their country).

These perpetrators need to get only one traitor to initiate their control over the entire nation and bring misery to billions of people. They need to do this to maintain their economy, which were built on the sweat and blood of slaves or buy exploiting their colonies.


Unite the  East

We should never forget the past glory of our countries and how we lost them. Do not let the history repeat.  The leaders of the region should keep their eyes opened.  The west is united. There are no conflicts between the countries in the Europe, even if they share borders. Almost all those countries had colonies for one or two centuries.

How did the king of England become the king of India? India had internal conflict and the good white man agreed to help each group until the entire country was under British rule. They used similar tactics then. Now our people are cleverer. India is leading in the  IT field with lots of clever brains.

We have to admit the fact that all of the countries in the region and in Africa got their independent, because of one man. Mahatham Gandi. He was able to shatter the British Empire by non-violence means. His supporters did sacrifice their lives during this passive war against the British.

India won the economic war because they followed Mahathma Ghandi’s vision to gain full independent from the west, although it took more than half a century

China regained its glory by following the Mao’s ideology. Which ever way, both India and China did it without having to exploit other countries.

India has been our friend for more than 3000 years. India gave us the most valuable gift, our religion, Buddhism.  We did have short term conflicts time to time. It was true that during Mrs. Gandhi’s reign, tigers were trained in Tamil Nadu for which, the family paid dearly. Literally tigers are dangerous to rear as pets. You never know when a pet tiger will kill its keeper, who feeds it.

China also has been one of our best friends since nineteen sixties, helping Sri Lanka even before they stood on their own feet.

Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike did a good job by stopping Indo China war in sixties.

India does not have to worry about the development of new harbour at  Hambanthota . It was a part of HE President’s plans to develop the country. The contract was given to China and I believe that any shipping liner in the world can use it once it is completed.

HE President and the Foreign Minister together should be able to unite India, China, Pakistan and other countries in the region for ever and protect the region from the large scale State of the Art  war equipments or even gun traders.

The arm manufacturers are watching the world like vultures, to take advantage of any conflict. They can use a single traitor to start a conflict and sell their guns.

United we Stand, Divided We  Perish !

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