Was there a plot against Mahinda Rajapakse to stop him from being the President ?
Posted on June 3rd, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

After the plotters failed at the First and the Second Acts of the plot against the President Mahinda Rajapakse, His Government and the Armed Forces, they put in motion the third Act, which is to accuse the President and the Armed Forces for War Crimes. This time they have found a new recruit who has an axe to grind against Sri Lanka, to do the dirty work for them. It is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay

 For this they have enlisted the Human rights watch and the Amnesty International, now quite adept at making false allegations, and condemn governments mostly on imagined violation of human rights. They have also engaged the media such as the BBC and Channel 4 of UK, the foreign press such as the Times on Line, journalists and the UN Officials, they connive with the ICRC and even planted a British National of Tamil Origin Damilvani Gnanakumar among the Tamil Civilians serving as the human shields for the terrorists. They had three Doctors working in hospitals in the conflict zone, feeding foreign journalists with false information of atrocities committed in the no-fire zone by the Army.

 There are no valid reasons for the West and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to accuse Sri Lanka for war crimes. The Government of Sri Lanka used its Armed Forces to defend its territory and its people against a group of terrorists who having refused to negotiate for a peace settlement, declared that they would set up a separate Tamil Homeland by force. Sri Lanka Armed Forces retaliated against the military offensive of the terrorists.

 The military operations began under circumstances forced upon the Government Armed Forces by the terrorists, who wilfully closed the sluice gates of a water tank depriving thousands of farmers from water for their daily use, and to farm their lands.

 However, though the military operations were forced upon the government by the ruthless group of terrorists who would stop at nothing to have their own way, the West showed sympathy towards the terrorists treating them on equal terms with the Government of Sri Lanka. From the very beginning Norway, UK and the USA through their Ambassadors continuously advised the Government against a military solution, and repeated that both parties should negotiate for a peace settlement.

 In taking into account all the circumstances leading up to Navi Pillay’s adamant stand to accuse the President of Sri Lanka and the Government Armed Forces for war crimes, a plot against the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government is difficult to be ruled out.

 The West at no stage demanded the terrorists to lay down arms and surrender to the Government. There was a feverish anti -government activity of the Tamil expatriates fuelled by the support of the Parliamentarians of UK, Canada and Norway.

 There was open anti- government propaganda through both the local and foreign media -the BBC, TV Channel 4. UN was seeking to have a permanent mission to survey the conduct of military operations. A British citizen was found planted in the no-fire zone. There was repeated advice to resort to a political solution rather than a military solution against terrorism. The west put both the Government and the terrorists at the same level, calling both sides to negotiate for a peace settlement. All these fall in to place like pieces in a puzzle showing that the West taking the UN System on to its side, had been meticulously planning a plot against the President and the Government of Sri Lanka, from the day Mahinda Rajapakse defeated Ranil Wickramasinghe at the Presidential elections.

 Let us go further into the manoeuvres of the West, that culminated in their implicating the President and the Armed Forces for war crimes.

 The day that Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse was sworn in as the President of Sri Lanka the Western Press announced that hawkish Mahinda Rajapakse had been sworn in as the President of Sri Lanka. There was not a semblance of hawkishness in him. He was a true son of the land , an unpretentious man who loved his country and his people . His head did not swell from the office into which he had been propelled. He remained simple as he had always been. In that situation, how did the West get the idea of calling him hawkish ? And why did the West call him hawkish ?

 We need not go far to understand the reasons and find the answers . Mr.Mahinda Rajapkase defeated Ranil Wickramasinghe at the Presidential elections. Wickramsinghe as every one knows is a favoured candidate of the West. A member of the very Western Mount Pelerin Society, the Asia Pacific Vice-Chairman of the International Democratic Union.

 A Christian by birth, Ranil Wickramasinghe made a great effort through out his election campaign to project himself to the people as a great Buddhist. He was being groomed by the West led by Norway to be the President of Sri Lanka. He had the backing of the terrorists who entered into a Cease Fire Agreement during his Premiership. He depended on the Norwegians, who was his link to the terrorists. Norway even prepared the CFA which Ranil Wickramasinghe signed and sent through the Norwegians to be signed by Prabhakaran.

 However, on the day of the election the terrorist intervened to stop the Tamils from voting. This some argue was the reason why Ranil Wickramasinge lost at the Presidential election. That was unpredicted and would have come as a shock to the West. Norway may have asserted the support of the terrorists for Wickramasinghe , and surprised when it did not materialise.

 The West still depended on the terrorists to create enough problems to the newly elected President to stop him from carrying on for long in his office as the President of Sri Lanka. But Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse disappointed the West, as well as the terrorists who may have depended on their plenteous arsenal, and their ability to defeat the Government Armed Forces.

 The hawkish President as the Western media called him, Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka having failed to get Prabhakaran to agree for a negotiated peace settlement commenced military operations against the terrorists after the Mavil Aru incident, which ended in the complete elimination of the terrorist leadership and with them terrorism in Sri Lanka.

 The West never expected the ability of the President Mahinda Rajapakse the Sinhala Buddhist coming from a village in the south, with his “odd” dress speaking haltingly in English to think out a workable plan to defeat the terrorists. The West through out the well planned military operations of the Government Forces against the terrorist, sensing that every thing was not going well for the terrorists , kept on demanding both sides to give up the military option and negotiate for a peace settlement. Blake, Chilcott, Adam Evans, Martin, Banki Moon, Labour and numerous others took up the same refrain of the futility of the military option.

 The West began by supporting their favourite Candidate at the Presidential election to defeat the simple man with a broad smile from Weeraketiya a remote village in the District of Hambantota in the far south. Having failed to defeat Mahinda Rajapakse at the Presidential Elections, the West continued support those who campaigned against the President and his government.

 The BBC openly twisted information discrediting the Government and its Armed Forces, and favouring the terrorists. The terrorists were helped in various ways by the Monitoring Mission led by Norway taking suspicion away from them in evident instances of their involvement in murders, sinking ships or fishing boats etc. They even “invented” a third party responsible for sinking foreign vessels in the northern seas. The West utilised the expatriate Tamils in foreign capitals to campaign against the Government and its Armed Forces, helping them with special sessions in their Parliaments to discuss the military operations of Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the terrorists.

 Despite all the barriers put against the Government and its Armed Forces , the terrorists were finally eliminated. This unexpected turn of events angered the West, and still smarting from their wounds of failure to keep the government Armed Forces at bay, refuses to accept Sri Lanka Armed Force’s commendable assault against the terrorists.

 The most angered of the representatives of the Western Countries, who were trying to give a life line to the terrorists by calling for a pause in the fighting-a cease fire ,was David Miliband the Foreign Secretary of UK. His pride was bruised by the Sri Lanka Government’s refusal to heed his call for a ceasefire.

 David Miliband seems to have worked overtime to win over the President Barack Obama, on to his side. He had then worked on Navi Pillay to fall in line with him. Now it is Navi Pillay who is blowing the whistle calling fro the pound of flesh from the Government of Sri Lanka, accusing it for war crimes, calling for an investigation of the conduct of the Government Armed Forces in the last phase of its military operations against the terrorists

 The whole idea of taking the Government and its Armed forces to courts accused for war crimes will not work. It is the inability of the West to understand, that there are rules in war, but no rules in terrorism, that makes them be taken by their nose by David Miliband and Navi Pillay to ask most undemocratically, and indecently for a vote in favour of accusing the Government and its Armed Forces for war crimes.

 They the West and Pillay cannot, and do not want to understand, that the SLGovernment Armed Forces that risked the lives of their men in rescuing more than 200,000 Tamil Civilians kept by force by the terrorists as a human shield under most trying circumstances, had no reason what-so-ever to deliberately shoot, at the very same civilians they were risking their lives to save and bring to safety.

 I leave the rest for another post.

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