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Posted on June 4th, 2009

Jay Deshabandu

The twenty-second memorial for the thirty one (31) Aranthalawa Buddhist monks massacred by the ruthless LTTE were held in Aranthalwa recently.

 As we express our deep heart-felt sorrows for the monks, and even for all the deaths caused due to the unnecessary war, and “hate-Sinhalese” dogma of Prbhakran and all his allies, we need to, at the same time show our compassion & kindness for all affected innocent people and extend our arms and hearts towards making a Sri Lanka a better place in which to live and grow for all in a dignified manner.

 Our culture embraces good things as well as bad things. We have been clouded with caste, creed, and class system. These are the signs of evil present in Sri Lanka. These factors have given rise from insecurity to unrest, from protests to militia movements as well as terrorist organizations since independence.

 The government, however difficult, must consider changing the Sri Lankan society into an integrated society, a society that acts and works like one towards a common goal; and, to compete with other countries in a global economy.

 In line with president’s thinking, we should create more integrated schools that are better or equal in status to the reputed schools such as Royal College and have access to all students irrespective of their religion, caste, creed or race. Each province should have at least one model school that shows integration rather than segregation based on race or religion. In my view, the creation of such schools is not so difficult. But, in such schools the teaching of main subjects should be taught in English. The students in a class in such a model school may be separated only to learn their mother language and religion.

 Similarly, we should create integrated model villages, one for each village. A village committee should be appointed in maintaining their environment. Each model village should have a model school, and should be provided with necessary support and the guidance from the provincial authorities. For instance, decisions pertaining to the environmental hazards, garbage collection, maintaining a clean environment should be left to the management of the village committee.

 We should discourage and demote all political parties that have racist labels. It is very difficult to understand the justification for the allocation of the tax payers’ money to pay for the salaries and benefits for the politicians who have labeled racists by themselves.

 The pre-requisite for any development in the country requires an integrated, intelligent and hardworking people in a functional democracy; and, a leader who can groom his citizens’ attitudes towards the integration. I believe that His Excellency, President Rajapaksha is able to do this if God is willing. He has already made a big change in the annals of Sri Lankan history!

 Furthermore, we need to put a “dot” on corruptions and make stricter punishments for all crimes. The corruption and bribery should carry more weight in the crime than the drugs!

 Lets’ pray for all those affected and hope for a bright future for a United Sri Lanka!
God Bless the USL-United Sri-Lanka!


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