A posthumous letter from Velu Pillai to Navaneethan Pillai
Posted on June 5th, 2009

Channelled by Sesha Samarajiwa

May 1, 2009
Honourable Navaneethan Pillai
UN Office

Velu Pillai Piripaharan, National Leader of Tamils everywhere
Headquarters (temporarily housed in a sandpit)
State of Eelam (currentlyƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ a fewƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ square meters in a spit of land in Northeast Sri Lanka, but hoping to expand shortly to one-third of the island) Monoethnic Tamil population: 200,000 give or take 50,000

My dear fellow Tamil sister, Vanakkam!

Please excuse me for taking a liberty with the English spelling of your name. I spelled Pillai with an ‘i’, instead of a ‘y’. After all, in our common mother tongue there’s only one way to write Pillai. And that’s how they spell my name in the gora language.

I wrote this letter — the most important message I have delivered — a week before my untimely demise. Unfortunately, I was not able to email it because the accursed enemy army demolished all my internet connections. And the original letter, like me, was burnt to cinders. So I am compelled to use a member of the accursed Singalam race to channel this urgent missive to you.

My dear Tamil sister, first of all I must offer you my profuse gratitude for the great service you are rendering to our common cause — to grab one-third of Sri Lanka’s land to set up our dream state of Tamil Eelam. I am fully aware of your untiring efforts to ruin Sri Lanka’s image and make it a pariah state.

I know in your deepest heart, you wish the break-up of Sri Lanka and the establishment of our glorious Eelam. After all, you are a Pillai, an Eezham Tamil.

I am proud that you have quickly adopted the methods our propaganda masterminds perfected over the years: invent statistics, invent discrimination against Tamils, invent genocide, manipulate the Western media, co-opt them as propagandists, co-opt politicians in the West to support our cause, when necessary hire mercenary lobbyists. And repeat lies ad nauseum until they sink in as the truth. You can fool most of the people most of the time.

I was delighted to see a picture of you warmly clasping the hand of our point man in Britain, Mr Milliband. Give him my fond regards. I have asked Tamils in UK to look after him.

Your call to prosecute both Sri Lanka and us for war crimes was a masterstroke. None of us are around in the land of the living for a Kangaroo Court, ooops, an Intentional War Crimes Tribunal to prosecute, are we? Only the damn victors are available for prosecution. (It hurts me a lot to think that my suicide bombers failed in their mission to take out Fonseka and Gota early on. Had they done so, I am sure things would have been different.)

Navi sister, my fervent appeal is to continue to do as much damage as you can to accursed Sri Lanka while you occupy your powerful seat. The native Africans of South Africa have given you a plum position, an ideal seat in the UN from which to further our cause. Leverage your influence to the max. But remember this, the African majority is not to be trusted. They have given this post to a descendant of the Tamils the British hauled to Africa as coolies to show the world they are fair. But never trust the blacks; they are, after all, the majority. And we know their true feelings towards our people in their country. So do not take this post for granted. Act quickly. Do everything you can to bring Sri Lanka to disrepute while you have the power and influence to do so. Lie, coax, cajole, plead and bully the powerful nations of the West and their influencers to tarnish Sri Lanka with fictitious charges of genocide, R2P and the whole armory of weapons available to you to wage war against this accursed country by other means.

Convey my great appreciation to the Western media — the dependable BBC, the London Times, New York Post, etc, for their unstinted support. Wish that media like the Washington Post and Canada’s National Post would follow suit. But then, we can’t win them all, can we?

But make sure that not one of the wretches we used as human shields and served as our ace to batter Sri Lanka in the international arena are given the chance to testify. That would not be a good idea; they would spill the beans. They know how I grabbed their children for canon fodder and suicide missions, exploited them to dig ditches, shot and hacked them to death when they tried to flee. You can’t blame me for all this; as the leader of Eelam, I had no choice. I always believed the end justified the means. And those miserable wretches were expendable resources. Their lives were mine to command or destroy. I had to think and act like a god. After all, that’s how I expected them to treat me. I know that some of them have told their stories. But they are published only in Sri Lanka media and their Defence site. But if they are exposed to international media, it could be bad for us, unless our sympathetic editors send partial reporters to slant stories to make us look good and Sri Lanka look horrible or do the needful and kill those stories.

Also give my regards to all the UN people and INGOs for doing their best to relentlessly hit Sri Lanka and boost us with fictions.

Here’s another piece of advise from lessons I learnt the hard way, alas too late. You see, we Tamils always held a superiority complex which blinded us. We bought into the myth that our arch enemy, the Singhalams — every man, woman and child — were idiots. Over the decades, we broadcast their stupidity and our superiority and invinsibility. But we did not stop to ask a crucial question: if the Singhalams were so stupid, how come they survived for more than 2,000 years, despite our best efforts to make them history or absorb them? I made that mistake. And it proved deadly.

The Singalams are not kavun-eating fools, Sister Pillai. They are a wily people. And I must admit, when aroused, they are deadly, fearless and relentless. They decimated my glorious Eelam army, which we made our supporters and the world at large believe was unbeatable. In truth, they beat the hell out of us. In quick time.

Their brains in the international arena scored another victory, didn’t they? I told Pottu to get rid of that dangerous Dayan Jayatilaka and Rajiwa Wijesinghe. A pox upon Pottu for not doing the deed.

Be very careful, sister. The Sighalams are small in number compared to Tamils. But they are a proud, gutsy people. They have intense national pride, they have a sense of history. They also fear being submerged by a Tamil tide and, unlike us, they have no kin across the Palk Straits or in places like South Africa. With thousands of miles of sea between Dondra Head and the Arctic waste at the world’s bottom, they know they have no place to run; they know that Sri Lanka is the only piece of earth they have. So they will fight hard for it.

And another thing; they never forget the many attempts like mine in the past, when our ancestors tried to take their land. They are a resilient bunch, I must admit. We underestimate them at our peril, sister.

Still, with the support of people like you and our 80 million Tamils, I don’t see why we can’t vanquish 15 million Singalams — eventually.

So keep faith. Fight for your fellow Tamils. Fight on for our dream state.

I’ll be watching you, sister Pillai.

Late Velu Pillai, alias glorious Sun God

P.S. One more thing, sister. I expect your unstinted dedication to the cause. We don’t take kindly to dereliction of duty.

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    Wonderful piece!!!!! well done!!!!

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