Good Genocide and Bad Genocide
Posted on June 5th, 2009

Ananda De Costa

Genocide in Sri Lanka is 95% complete. The group of people subjected to recent genocide are well known to the world. This was a group who only believed in their way of life and their values. This group started their venture by killing all humans and even dogs crossing their path. Nevertheless, thousands of people supported them all over the world and their protests, in various forms, are still going on.

This group, although orchestrated by Indians, spread to Sri Lanka and then to the world. Their brutal army was established with the aid of few countries in the world. They started killing innocent Sinhalese men, women and children in villages in Sri Lanka, back in early 80s. Babies were snatched from mothers and chopped to death. It was unbelievable cruelty, unimaginable terror. The words terrorists and genocide were not heard that time. Later they obtained more and more modern arms using their group members residing outside Sri Lanka and started more and more mass killings. They invented suicide jacket and spread these methods to other parts of the world. Later they killed people of all races in Sri Lanka. Nobody denies it. Without Genocide of this group, they could have continued for another 100 years.

When genocide against them started, their killing of innocent people subsided gradually. People of Sri Lanka could gradually start to live without fear. With the completion of Genocide, people in Sri Lanka are finally beginning to live in peace as the group rest in peace.

However, UN recently estimated 7000 killed as a part of this genocide. Sri Lanka government estimates this to be 2000-3000, most of them killed by the group, before they were finally wiped out. But some group within UN is fighting hard to call this a war crime.

World War 2 ended in mass destruction by the use of WMD for the first time and the only time in the world. Millions of innocent civilians were killed. This however is not called “Genocide” for unknown reasons. Who used WMDs? Are there “Good WMD” and “bad WMD”?

Moreover, the term WMD was widely defined only after 9/11 “bad terrorist” attack. Before that there were probably not so bad terrorist attacks. The real world properly heard word “terrorist” only after 9/11. After that, even tourist could become terrorist and shot down without a problem in daylight ( not 3.00 a.m.) in downtown London. Only an apology will do.

Genocide of the group LTTE may be a war crime in the “real world”, but not for poor Sri Lankans. They celebrate it, in grand style!

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