Foreign Advice Regardless Of Credentials Needs To be Repudiated As Unnecessary Unless Tangible!
Posted on June 6th, 2009

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June 5th 2009
For the length of the Sri Lankan terrorist insurrection there has been a continued interference into Administraitve decisions by unwelcome sources on various pretexts.Whether it was the EU, UK, the UN, The State of Tamil Nadu or the USA to name some where the implications do not differ from being disruptive and contentious to the smooth functioning of a democracy within a sovereign nation as is Sri lanka.

It is high time this was pointed out to the world with the foremost objective of putting a stop to it as the insurgent problem which lasted virtually three decades is finally over and Sri Lanka should be left alone to handle her own affairs which she has done equitably to the task of ridding the nation, of terrorists and will continue with the same equitability towards Nation re-building.

After all the problem was resolved favourably with no thanks to any of the entities mentioned previously who whether surreptiously or not backed the LTTE until their eventual condemnation and annihilation was it not? On this basis any proferred help if it is negative rhetoric albeit of positive sounding suggestions is worthless to the huge task of rebuilding the nation which was devastated by 26 years of mendacious terrorism by the worthless LTTE terrorists who have finally been laid to rest and the plans to rebuild was already on the drawing boards being set in place at this very moment! The best help and support any aspiring foreign source can do is probably letting Sri Lanka manage this although contributions towards its co-ordination and execution would probably be very welcome if the means were tangible and resourceful.

What is needed now is international co-operation to the task through tangible means rather than the rhetoric of advice by some, particularly those who made every attempt to block various Aid Programs and initiate calls of Human Rights Violations, Crimes Against Humanity etc. until they were blown away by the assertions of the powers who knew the real truth about Sri Lanka and if the USA wants to help and co-coperate with the Development Program they would be better off cutting out the speeches while remembering that they too contributed to the complications of Sri Lanka’s terrorist dilemma to a degree althugh they now seem to have come full circle to the famous old adage of kissing the hand which could not be lopped off!

A so called ‘Influential Senator is said to have advised Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa that he needs to take steps to show a “serious commitment” towards achieving a political solution to the decades-long ethnic problem and genuinely addressing the needs of the minority Tamils following the defeat of LTTE, so what was it the President was doing ever since he took oath of office other than initiating these very same steps genuinely, may it be asked of this pundit senator?

There is hardly a need to urge President Rajapaksa to take steps now to demonstrate a serious commitment to a political solution short of being ridiculous and an affront to his credibility and integrity!
Being a practical, compassionate, highly intelligent and pragmatic leader who knows the needs of his country better than most and least of all some humbucking senator from the USA talking about the the rule of law, and genuinely addressing the needs of the Tamil people,” as though he wrote the book on it!!These procedures were initiated long before the senator ~by name of Russ Feingold started his litany recently on the Senate Floor where perhaps he should turn his attention to other parts of the world in real need of redressing with huge needs imperative to their well being as multitudinously oppressed and impoverished Nations where the rule of Law and the needs of the people are far rmoved fom acceptable norms.

Regarding the references made to ” the passion and effort with which the world’s diplomats have demanded peace and respect for civilians throughout the conflict” it was almost a stumbling block towards the smooth operations of the Armed Forces who had to constantly check their onward march in order to appease the international community spurred on by the entreaties of such, backed by organizations whose knowledge of what went on within the country with repect to the problems based mostly on hearsay and speculation.They hampered operations even at the penultimate stage of the campaign to vanquish the terrorists and synonymously free the entrapped civilians which ordeal is now mercifully over!

Indeed donor countries must remain actively engaged and dedicated towards a lasting resolution to the issue as the senator has been quoted as saying where just a few weeks ago there was this attempt to block humanitarian aid which was ultimately rejected and the progam now approved with no stumbling bocks towards the its execution and dispensation.

Concerns expressed and broadcast over the various news media globally about the humanitarian situation in the country where this particular Senator has said the Sri Lankan Government must not shirk its responsibility to help the displaced people return to their homes swiftly and safely are meritworthy. Perhaps towards objectives but unnecessary as the responsibilities alluded to were being carried out by the Sri lankan Administration long before the worthy Senator pointed it out in the US Senate as a felt need.

The Sri lankan Authorities however have been faced with a daunting task in this respect as there are many considerations including terrorist infiltration and managing a multitude of refugees with limited resources, where as expected the progress is slow but sure to accelerate once the many snags confronting it are removed.

That the international community needs to provide assistance to help these people return home safely and re-settled as well as finding permanent solutions towards their needs are priorities the Government is well aware of while making every attempt towards resolution.

In this respect advice is hardly necessary from sources who need to put their money where their mouths are or refrain from high faluting rhetoric which really serves no purpose!

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