New Government to Tamil Tigers?
Posted on June 17th, 2009

Prabath Warusavithana UK

I was surprised to see the above headline news bulletin in BBC news website and Telegraph and few other foreign papers. Surprisingly enough no such news appeared in Sri Lankan media. This makes me worried about the future of our country. I don’t think we all can now relax and just concentrate on other matters because war has being won. Yes war against local LTTE may be over, but LTTE international leg remains at large. As long as this large and well established terrorist network is not dealt with, our country remains in danger zone.

LTTE international network still strong and wealthy, they have contacts and people in top global agencies and foreign governments who share the same and only objective of getting a homeland that never was. By moving towards non violence and appearing to be democratic will strengthen their cause. That is the main objective of forming this so called trans-national government. (Concepts of trans-national government and government in exile- While the government in exile is a conventional phenomenon that needs a host country, the trans-national government is a novel experiment that has no precedence.)

My feeling is this new cunning path will further increase their funding abilities, international coverage and recognition as there are plenty of pro-LTTE countries who couldn’t directly support them as a terrorist organisation will happy to get behind them and Tamil Diaspora who didn’t support LTTE will turn to them in this new path to a homeland.

And with the increased money power they will start buying Sri Lankan politicians especially from north and east and soon make their voice in local politics. Slowly this will allow them to present them selves as a government in exile which will have more bearings. Although it is not possible to have such a government without a host country their propaganda machine has proved again and again how capable they are.

If this worst case scenario takes it cause it will be the end of mother Lanka. So GOSL and the President have a much bigger challenged ahead, to tackle this new threat internationally. Use all the tools and best Sri Lankan brains to counter this new threat. We should learn from our mistakes, if we ignore this new face of LTTE now like we did 30 years ago, mother Lanka will be in serious trouble in years to come.

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Tamil Terrorist (TT) Government formed in 2009.05.19 At Puthumathalan, Muttur District. Here the Government of Tamil Eelam

    1) Velupillai Prabakaran:Sun God, President, Prime Minister,Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs,Minister of Internal Affairs,Minister of Finance credit card frauds and extortion,Minister of Planning Suicide attacks,Minister of Education and Brain Washing,Minister of Terrorism,Minister of Ethnic cleansing,Minister of Torturing Sinhalese,Minister of human smuggling.

    2)Pottu Amman:Deputy Minister of Terrorism,Deputy minister of ethnic cleansing,Deputy minister of Torturing Sinhalese

    3)Susai:Minister of Smuggling narcotics,Ammunitions and Human smuggling

    4)Anton Balasingham:Coordinator for British Spy Commission ,Ambassador to so-called international community:UK,France,Germany,Norway,USA,Denmark,Sweden and Canada,Deputy minister for bogus tamil political refugees and tamil economic refugees for US$,Euros,Kronas and DM.

    5)Tamil Chelvam:Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,Bogus refugee affairs minister,Human Smuggling

    6)Appapillai Amirthalingam: Minister of Industries (Specially for make Shoes and Slippers out of Sinhalese Skins – he hold this portfolio till last Sinhalese eliminate from Sri Lanka).

    7)G.G Ponnambalam: Minister of justice 50%-50%

    8)Navaneethan Pillai: Minister of Foreign Media

    The other Ministries will notify later

  2. chinthanides Says: please click on Beware of the next round, Now its Transnational Governance by Shyamalee Tudawe

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