The Tamil Diaspora – Supporters of LTTE
Posted on June 24th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Who are the King Pins of the Tamil Diaspora who support the New Leadership of LTTE?

Its time that all Tamils who supported or were forced to support the Tamil Diaspora during the past, to Name & Shame the Collectors.

As expressed by the brave Tamil persons, who are now emerging out of the dangers of the criminal LTTE gangs, there must be thousands who were forced between a Rock & a Hard Place.

Its too late to complain about the past, but never too late to prevent recurrence of a similar fate to others.

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One Response to “The Tamil Diaspora – Supporters of LTTE”

  1. ksm Says:

    All the Tamil diaspora may not be willing supporters of the LTTE, they may be too afraid not to be seen as LTTE supporters.
    They did not show up at all at a recent food fair in the Australian Capital held to raise funds for the IDPs.

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