Posted on July 3rd, 2009

by L. Jayasooriya

In an article in the Daily News of Friday July 03, 2009 Dayan Jayatillake says “One of the silliest arguments against the implementation of the 13th Amendment is that it is a stepping-stone to or somehow related to the Tamil separatist cause”.

He then provided proof for his statement in the next sentence by saying “If that were the case, Prabhakaran would have accepted it, not rejected it and gone to war against the Indian Peace-keeping Force, damaging his relations with India and culminating in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, an atrocious crime for which he paid this May. At the very least he would have abandoned or suspended the war against the IPKF that he began in October 1987 and negotiated for privileged entry into the provincial council”.

Let me comment on his second statement first and say to him that India trained and equipped Prabakaran to create conditions for the IPKF to come in making Prabakaran believe that India would establish Eelam by force of arms and then go back. The relationship between India and Prabakaran would have been at the very best during the years of planning and preparation.

 When the infamous IPKF arrived humiliating Sri Lanka Prabakaran would have thought that his dream had come true but when Rajiv Gandhi ordered Prabakaran to surrender his arms he knew that he had been taken for a ride and made use of for India to occupy and then annex Sri Lanka. Those were the days when Viceroy Dixit was ruling Sri Lanka and the people of Sri Lanka were kept in the dark but the rest of the world knew what was going on in Sri Lanka. I saw and heard Rajiv Gandhi say on television referring to Prabakaran in measured tones taking so much of time between two consecutive words and say that he hoped wisdom would prevail. When somebody asked what if Prabakaran did not comply he said again in very measured tones that he will then have to face the Indian army. The rest is history. Most people in Sri Lanka still do not know this.

 This was also the time when both the LTTE and the Sinhalese were lobbying the American government at every possible level and America was helpful may be because America had other plans. I myself lobbied the office of Senator Vic Soares and the officer told me that he would interview both ambassadors. Our ambassador was Mr. Alwis who died recently. After the interview the officer who interviewed both told me that India had no intention of leaving and came there to stay. This is common knowledge to everybody concerned who lived outside Sri Lanka.

 The readers can now see how irrelevant Dayan Jayatillake’s “ƒ”¹…”proof’ is.

 Let me now reply to Dayan Jayatillake with regard to his silliest argument referred to in his first sentence. One iota of devolution, I mean just one iota of it will institutionalize a difference between the various ethic groups of this country germinating the seeds of disunity just at a time when the relationship between the Tamils in the North and in the East with the Sinhalese are at their warmest.

 Once that is institutionalized the natural tendency of “ƒ”¹…”those of the minority groups’ would be to accentuate the difference paving the way for the English educated wealthy characterless men and women of the “ƒ”¹…”minorities’ to exploit the environment for the division of the country and Ponnambalam and Chelvanayagam and Ashraff will be re-born.

 If land powers are given no Sinhalese will be able to own property in the North and East and if police powers are given the Police will harass the Sinhalese to such an extent that the Sinhalese will leave on their own thus making the cleanest ethnic cleansing ever done. The Sinhalese will be voluntary IDPs with no support from the government and Eelam would be firmly established. How can you do this to us Dayan Jayatillake?


  1. Abbey Says:

    Thank you for telling the truth about the intent of Hindians and hope that those serving their interests either refrain from doing so or think of migrating to live with their friends and relatives as they publicly claim. Any way, the last proposition of Sinhala becoming further isolated is a rarity. Having done so much research on many factors affecting humanity, I can say that Sinhala civilisation is the longest surviving civilisation originated from Sinhale’ (Lanka). It has a tumultuous existence during the last 6000 years due to uncontrolled expansion and was tested to its limits during this period. Having survived this far, the effect of the decisions made by an illegal government with very little or no influence over Sinhala people is just marginal if not irrelevant over time. We had many others like the fellow travellers trying their best today who tried to scribe their authority on stones to last for the eternity. We are still here and those who tried such luck have disappeared a long time ago. Yes, we are at a defining stage where things may turn to be very different from the known history, but for good. Being such a lasting civilisation close to very nature, the almighty power that dictates our survival, it is also a time of reawakening. This is also the time to use the vast knowledge that we have collected for good use to make sure that those who failed to live up to challenges of life rest in peace and make headway to achieve great objectives of Sinhala civilisation. By the way, I see it as a very good opportunity to witness the near future. While it is interesting to share views in an alien language of those marauders who installed these comedians in power, I do appreciate if there are people who are willing to take the knowledge in native Sinhala language to those who really matter.

  2. Bruno Umbato Says:

    I completely agree with you reagrding silly arguments Dayan put forward for the 13th …. He is not only full of silly arguments about 13th but also blind to the reality of the saparatist tamil mind set. Look at how silly he becomes analysing the speech of Prof Hoole … Instead of criticing Hoole for his ideas, he blamed “Sinhala extremists” …… Even when that learned professor explicitly say that best solution is eelam, Dayan does not want to hear it … Dayan gives a spin to the Hoole’s idea with the word “unwittingly” … Isn’t it obvious to the reader that Dayan does not want to see the true nature/intentions of most tamils? These people like Dayan with idealogical baggages alway see problems through their coloured visions.
    What a joker is this Dayan? .. Writing like a pandit on 13th, he never wants to see the other side of the argument just dismissing them as silly… If you look at what he says about Hoole, could any body has any doubts about who is silliest … I reproduce part of the Dayan’s article “Defense and Devolution” on Saturday, 23 August 2008 (Island ???) ….

    “In a recent, widely reported speech in Canada, Prof Ratnajeevan Hoole, whose scholarly credentials I greatly respect, has made an incomplete identification of the choices facing the Tamil people. He lists separation, federalism and assimilation. Having obliquely indicated a preference for the first option, he rules it out as unfeasible. He concludes with a robust call for federalism through international involvement. Prof Hoole unwittingly gives comfort to those Sinhala extremists who argue that Tamil moderates are closet Eelamists who prefer Tamil Eelam if it were feasible, would settle for federalism only because separation is not an option at the moment and would stretch federalism to the point of separation if given half a chance.” ….


  3. cassandra Says:

    DJ seems to be rather naive when he says that if the 13A provided a stepping stone or was somehow related to the Tamil sepratist cause, Prabhakaran will have accepted it. The fact is, as has been amply demonstrated, that Prabhakaran was not guided by logic. He was an unsophisticated bully and thug who believed that he could achieve anything through violence – the man did not know any other way. DJ cannot blame the Sinhalese (and those who disagree with him are not, by that token, extremists) if they are suspicious of the intentions of the likes of Prof Hoole in wishing to settle for federalism only as an interim measure. Did not SJV Chelvanayagam when he entered into the B-C Pact also tell his followers that it was ‘a little now, more later’?

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