Posted on July 29th, 2009


So President Rajapaksha was ceremonially opening a state of the art Archeological museum on the 5th century AD Lion Rock Sigiriya. It is indeed fascinating to go back in the long memory lane back by 1600 years and visualize what life in ancient Lanka would have looked like during this era. To say the least there were even gold earrings added with precious stones and life size female models’ pictures decorating the kings daily pathway within his palace bounds. Sounds so much like the modern day world feasts that we are all accustomed to 1600 years later.

Even more fascinating and relevant was the fact that once again we witness the peacetime activities of our leaders going about their rightful duties of civil occasions rather than attending funerals of our brave fallen heroes. For over 26 years all we witnessed was an ever increasing barrage of bombs, guns, violence, destruction, extortion, killings, air raids and the steady destruction of our peoples lives, all because of one sick megalomaniac who day-dreamed of a Tamil State within our small and once serene country.

President Rajapaksha, the non Cinnamon Garden villager from Hambantota made it all possible for the Lankan people again. This is what leadership is all about whether your are a President of a country or a CEO of a company; deliver results not words. Thank you Mr. President for giving us our country back –  at least much of it.

Now it is time for you to clean up our country. Drug lords, arms dealers, pedophiles all have to be ridden of. You defeated the once invincible mighty LTTE killer network, so this should be a much easier task for you

But more importantly you will need to clean the country of Political junk. bribe takers, Influence peddlers, vote riggers, smuggling king pins in the guise of political leaders, political pimps, freedom busters, underworld connectors all have to go. Since late 1970 this culture grew unhindered under the guise of corrupt politicians and the long war camouflaged all this. It is way past due to restore the rule of law back 100%.

Rightly or wrongly in the 50’s and 60’s Sri Lanka was a gem of a uncorrupted country. Whether we agree or not the British left us a clean political culture which in the last three decades was turned upside down dragging us into a corrupted mess at all levels beginning from the top political leadership.

If  a Sri Lankan can get onto a platform and express his political views without being beaten up, locked up or killed, that will be the day that we can proudly say that we got our country back. If a reporter can cover any event or ask any question from even the President without his camera being
ceased by thugs or being kidnapped at the dead of the night, that will be the day that we can proudly say that we got our country back. If a police officer can walk onto any political leader and issue an arrest warrant without a powerful politico threatens the police officer and have the accused released, that will be the day that we can proudly say that we got our country back. If the most qualified man or woman gets the highest government job without a politician intercepting and putting his stooge instead, that will be the day that we can proudly say that we got our country back.

In short, restore all democratic freedoms and rule of law back without exception. Your office has the power.

You are up to it Mr President. Your legacy will be greater if you can deliver our country back before the end of your second term which you so richly deserve. You have nearly earned the very rare chance of being the most successful modern  day leader side by side with your 2000 year old great ancestor from Tissamaharama – The Great King Dutugemunu.


  1. nuwans Says:

    It is a good dream to wish all those things mentioned in this article. But I do not know whether the president is up to implementing that wishlist given that it is his own government which engage in corruption, extra judicial killings, harrasment of journalist, etc. It is he who keeps thugs like Mervin Silva in his cabinet. It is he who keep incompetant ministers in his worlds biggest cabinet. So far he has either encouraged these activities or kept a blind eye.

    Yes, he got rid of LTTE terrorism with the help of our military, and we must all greatful for that. But that does not mean he has the desire of the will to walk the rest of the path as mentioned in this article to get our country back on the right footings. So far, the indications are that he is not ready to do so and continue the old ways. But every person can change. Only time can say….

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