SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME:Eastern Province Agri. Minister Nawaratne Raja Demands Removal of Governer Mohan Wijewickrema
Posted on August 2nd, 2009

by Hela Puwath

The following is a report in the Colombo Page:
[“Protests against the Governor of Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province”

 Aug 01, Colombo: The Agriculture Minister of the Eastern Province has appealed the Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa to remove the Governor of the Province.

 Reportedly, the Agriculture Minister of the Eastern Province, Nawarathna Raja made the appeal to the President during a special meeting with him.

 He has informed the President that the entire system of the Eastern Province is collapsed due to the activities of the current Governor, Mohan Wijewickrama.

 The Agriculture minister has asked the President to appoint Major General G.A Chandrasiri, the Governor of the Northern Province to the post in the East.

Unconfirmed reports say that several crises have also taken place between the Eastern Chief Minister and Governor.]

 This is the shape of things to come.  With or without the 13th Amendment this is an indication of how the Tamil leaders are going to agitate to achieve their “aspirations” for Elam. 

 Few years ago Paul Harris, the international defense analyst, in a report about Sri Lanka “The Greatest Giveaway in History” predicted that Tamils will organize protests and agitations against the Sri Lankan government institutions, and officials in the East and the North to drive the Sri Lankan government out from the “Tamil Homeland” areas to achieve their mono-ethnic Tamil Elam.  Harris made this prediction during Ranil Wickremasinghe government’s CFA. 

 What Paul Harris predicted is coming true now, even after the military death of the LTTE.  These are ominous signs that our 13th Amendment supporters must take note.

 The Tamil Nadu plan to drive the Sinhela from Hela Diva didn’t start with Pirapaharan, or even with Chelvanayagam (a Tamil immigrant from white-man’s Malaya) — the plan goes back 2000 years.

 Our great leaders now, must recognize that what ever plan they put is place now — to address the “Tamil grievances” and “Tamil Aspirations” — to please whomever: Tamil Nadu (India), the white man’s NATO, will ultimately end up with the Hela people without a country to call their own.

 Our great leaders now, must recognize that if Sri Lanka remains a cutthroat-democracy, a Ranil Wickremasinghe, or a Chandika Kumaratunga will some day occupy the seat of power. 

 Sri Lanka (Hela Diva) must remain a “Unitary” state – not a “Provincial State”; not a “Federal State”!

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