The Long Silent Reach of Lankan Intelligence
Posted on August 9th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Excellent example of Sri Lankan Intelligence capability to move in stealth and silence to capture KP is something the Nation should be proud of!

No expensive remotely operated Drones or billion dollar funded special forces, but a Third World Developing country without the backing of USA, or EU, going on its own, supported by a few brilliant Sinhala grey cells.

However one might wish to compare the intelligent capacity of Sinhala with the Tamils, the thirty year war lasted that long only due to insiders such as Bandaranaikes’, Wickremesinghes’ personal selfish political-economical Agenda.

At any day or time, it is a proven fact that the Sinhala Nation, always beat the Tamil squatters and invaders out of the Island.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Tamils seem to have short memories of historical facts.

The true patriotic leadership of the Rajapaksa Trio and Sarath Fonseka, with a single-minded objective of claiming the Island back from the Tamil Tiger Terrorism, demonstrated that at the end of the day, the King of the Animal (Singhe) Lion, dominates any other.

The Sri Lankan military commandos were unable to execute the command to “take-out” the “target” KP under the eyes of the local Special Forces, who refused to allow the Lankan commandos to fulfil their primary objective.

However, stand-by options of chartered jet to whisk the “target” out and into Sri Lanka was carried out within four hours of take-off, was excellent military plan implementation.

Which country was the point-of-take-off is immaterial.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  The fact of the matter is that the execution took place swiftly and successfully with the tacit consent of the relevant Ministries in that country.

The planning should be in place to bring the other perpetrators against the Island.

The Blue Eyed Viking very likely encouraged the several attempts to assassinate the Secretary of Defence and the Commander of the SL Army, through the offices of KP. Now it is a proven fact that KP was the main conduit to the Viking, after the demise of Anton Balasingham.

There are those who were dancing the nights away in expensive clubs celebrating the murders of LTTE, the savage attacks against the innocent Sinhala farmers. They should be targeted for severe punishment.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

Once again, let me stress that the public opinions of the Organizations such as Amnesty International, and similar, on the treatment of terrorists, should fall into deaf ears and should be ignored.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Follow the American & Israeli strategy on this subject.

Beef up the military and polish the Intelligence, in the interests of the Defence of Sri Lanka.

Allow the Long Silent Reach of Lankan Intelligence, and give a Free Hand to accomplish the objectives!

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2 Responses to “The Long Silent Reach of Lankan Intelligence”

  1. cassandra Says:

    Yes, a great job very well done. Congratulations to all concerned. However, this is no time for gloating or for talking of the respective capacities for intellingence of the Sinhalese and the Tamils. Some Tamils would have us believe (and some Sinhalese would indeed so believe ) that Tamils are more intellingent than the Sinhalese. Any objective study will show that neither race is more intelligent than the other, and at any rate, such comparisons are of no benefit. On the contrary, they add to more disaffection which we just do not need. In the meantime, all fair minded Sri Lankans – whether Sinhalese or Tamil – will agree that KP’s capture was a good thing and you cannot let people like him, simply get away.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Ref. comments on intelligence capacity, I like to suggest that there are no two equally intelligent individuals in this world. It is the same between various ethnic groups. Assuming readers are familiar with mathematics, an original creation by ancient Sinhala civilisation, ability to handle more complex problems (I mean those carrying more variables combined with more rigorous relationships) is considered as a more advanced intellectual capability than handling simpler versions. If we extend this concept to ethnic groups, the alphabet and its various combinations truly reflect the collective intellectual capability of each ethnic group. For those astute ones, it also tells how far they have moved away from being wild humans too. You may do the sums by yourselves. As an individual, I know at least one Tamil-speaking moron with absolutely no grey matter inside the skull because one of my little research works was published with some blindly made stupid additions turning my work into to mainstream topic (a worthless piece of shit) related to a high level profession at a global level. Having said that, the main reason for the current turmoil facing Sinhala people is their inability to think and treat Tamils as Tamils. Unfortunately Sinhalese think Tamils are just like them, as an equal partner in life. When they realise Tamils and their Tamilness, they could easily solve all their problems with ease. Where does English sit on this way assessing intellectual capabilities is let to judge by readers. By the way, if we know how animal human capabilities, we could do things much better.

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