Malcolm Ranjith and his Catholic Establishment – Wolfs in Sheeps clothes
Posted on August 19th, 2009

Nimal Tissa Wijetunga

We as Sri Lankans can very well remember the speeches, press conferences and discussions given by Malcolm Ranjith as Bishop of Ratnapura during the period of 2001 “”…” 2005. The comments given by him during those speeches are full of distorted facts and specifically related with Ceasfire Agreement entered by the BIGGEST TRAITOR EVER PRODUCED by Sri Lanka i.e. Ranil Wickramasighe. During this period, Malcolm Ranjith was such an outrageous supporter of Ceasefire Agreement and LTTE view point. In this respect, I would say that entire Management of the Roman Catholic curch and other Churches( not the christian people of Sri Lanka) was very much supported LTTE and they never ever made any comments whenever LTTE KILLED INNOCENT CIVILLIANS. In this respect, I would like to remind everybody that very recent action, comments,speeches during the humanitarian Operation approached the Madhu Church premises where Archbishop of Colombo supported the action taken by Bishop of Mannar to take the Madhu Statue to then LTTE controlled areas rather than taking it to the areas controlled by the forces of a legitimate Sri Lankan Goverment. In this action, they have upheld the people of the Law of the Jungle than the legitimate Sri Lanka goverment. Similarly, when the humanitarian operation was over by annihilating LTTE, Osweld Gomis said that it is good that the war is over and unfortunately he did not have the strong spine to praise the Government of Sri Lanka of saving the inocent people of North from clutches of most brutal terrorist outfit of LTTE.

Now, the Roman Catholic management has started distorting the history of Sri Lanka by saying that there was a Cross found in Sri Lanka which is dated back to 5th Century BC. This is complete distortion of history as Roman Catholism came to Sri Lanka through Portugese following their invasion in 1505 and it has no more than 500 year history and we all as Sri Lankans know the way Portugese spread Roman Catholism by brutal force and providing economic benefits to people for conversion. Therefore, majority of christian community in Sri Lanka descendants of Buddhist converted during foreign occupation from 1505 to 1948.

Whoever try to distort facts, Sri Lanka is essentially a Sinhalese and Buddhist Nation and because Buddhism tolerates other faiths as its non-violence roots and its philosophy unlike many other faiths, all other minorities and Religions survived and lived in peace and Harmony for centuries. So, we urge people like Malcolm Ranjith to stay away from sinister motives of dividing people in vicious means as today Sri Lanka has two communities, that is to say people who love the country and people who do not and beggining to rally under one banner. Therefore, we are of the view that Sri Lanka is much better without people like Malcolm Ranjith, Osweld Gomis, Rayappu Joseph, Thomas Saundaranayagam and gang of Catholic Church who always sowing the seeds of division among the masses by distorting historical factors and other ground realities for the benefit of the few individuals. Similarly, we are sure that Christian Fraternity in Sri Lanka who definitely loves Sri Lanka as their Motherland and has no hidden sinister motives may understand the truth and decide above a few individuals to live in peace & harmony with other faiths as they did for centuries.

Besides, we warned the authorities that to understand the fact that today people like Malcolm Ranjith and his catholic establishment playing a different tone with sinister motives still hidden behind them.

Therefore, we urge to the authorities that try to recognise people like Malcolm Ranjith in particular and entire catholic establishment and christianity as a whole are wolfs in sheeps cloth. But, they show their true colours whenever they get the opportunity as they try to distort history and other facts related to very fabrication of this great island nation.

Additional Report

Sri Lankan bishops urge release of Tamil civilians as government lifts blockade on shrine
August 17, 2009

A day after the Sri Lankan government allowed pilgirms to return to the shrine of Our Lady of Madhu, the nation’s bishops called for the release of ethnic Tamils who are still being detained three months after close of the civil war. “There are a lot of pilgrims gathered here from all parts but the people of this area are not here. Where are they? They are all in refugee camps,” said Bishop Thomas Savundaranayagam of Jaffna. “ƒ”¹…”These people are behind barbed wire like prisoners and suffer many hardships with this rain.”

Seven percent of the nation’s 21 million inhabitants are Catholic.

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Courtesy Top Lanka News Thursday, 20 August 2009 07:56

    මඩු දේවස්ථානයෙ මෙවර පැවති රැසවීමේදී කොළඹ ප‍්‍රදේශයේ බිෂොප්තුමාගේ දේශනයෙන් පසුව ක‍්‍රිස්තියානි ඉතිහාසය ගැන ආයෙත් සංවාදයක් ඇරඹී තිබේ. එය හොද දෙයකි. නමුත් කවුරුන් හෝ ලංකාවේ ක‍්‍රිස්තියානි ඉතිහාසය අනුරාධපුර යුගයට සම්බන්ධ කිරීමට ප‍්‍රයත්න දරයි නම් ඒ ක‍්‍රියාව දෙමළ ඩයස් පෝරාව ඊළාම් ඉතිහාස කතාවක් ගොඩනංවනවාට සමාන ක‍්‍රියාවකි.

    මෙම කුරුසිය සොයාගැනීමේ සිද්ධිය 1913 වසරේ සිදුවුවකි. කුරුසිය සොයාගත් එකල පුරාවිද්‍යා අධ්‍යක්ෂකව සිටි ඩබ්ලිව් ආර් අයර්ටන් මේ බව ඔහු සැකසු පුරාවිද්‍යා වාර්තාවේ සටහන්කර තැබුවේ ය. එය බැලීමට කැමැත්තන් ඒඑස්සී ඒ ආර් 1912-13 පිටුව 5 බලන්න. ASCAR.1912-13 p. 5′

    අයර්ටන් මහතා සදහන් කරන සටහන මෙයයි.

    ‘අනුරාධපුර නගරයේ මැටි වරිච්චියෙන් තනා තිබු කඩා වැටුණු ගෙයක තිබී කැඞී ගිය ගල් කුරුසයක් හමුවුනි. මෙය මෙතෙනට කොහෙන් හෝ ගෙනත් දමන ලද එකක් යයි සිතීමට පුලූවන. කුරුසියේ කැටයම් පිළිබද සලකන විට පෘතුගීසි කාලයට අයත් එකක් යයි සිතීමට පුලවන. එය මහනුවර ක‍්‍රිස්තියානි ගොඩනැගිල්ලක තිබි මෙතැනට ගෙනත් දමන ලද එකකැයි සිතීමට පුලූවන’.

    අයර්ටන් මහතා පුරාවිද්‍යාව පිළිබදව හොද දැනුමක් තිබුණු අයෙකි. ක‍්‍රිස්තියානි ආගම ඇදහු ඉංග‍්‍රිසි ජාතිකයෙකි. ඔහුට ක‍්‍රිස්තියානි ඉතිහාසය අනුරාධපුර කාලයට ගාවා බොරු ප‍්‍රයෝග කතාවක් කීමට උමනාවක් නොවු නිසා කුරුසිය පිළිබද ඇත්තම විස්තරය සදහන් කළේ ය.

    මෙය කවුරුන් හෝ අනුරාධපුයට ගෙනත් දැමු එකක් මිස අනුරාධපුර කාලයේ වස්තුවක් නොවේ.

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