The Government of Sri Lanka rejects Channel 4 story as concocted
Posted on August 26th, 2009

Courtesy : Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The attention of the Government of Sri Lanka has been drawn to a news item telecast on Channel 4 television in the UK which is also available on the Internet which depicts Sri Lankan forces allegedly committing atrocities against Tamils.

The Government of Sri Lanka strongly and unequivocally denies the allegations contained in the video footage telecast on Channel 4. This footage is diabolical and there is absolutely no truth in its concocted story which is based on this footage. The Government of Sri Lanka is of the view that the purpose of the video, which is evidently orchestrated by LTTE front organizations, is a deliberate and sinister attempt to cause embarrassment and bring disrepute to the Government of Sri Lanka in order to disturb the post conflict developmental and rehabilitation phase.

At a time when the Government of Sri Lanka is focusing on the reconciliation and healing process and rebuild the country, the contents of this video appear to be deliberately intent on tarnishing the sincere efforts and commitment of the Government of Sri Lanka.

“Channel 4” video false and fabricated – Govt.

Courtesy: President Media Unit

The video footage recently aired on ‘Channel 4’ UK claiming to display alleged atrocities committed by Sri Lankan forces against Tamils is absolutely false and fabricated. It has been deliberately put together to bring disrepute to the Government of Sri Lanka, states the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo.

The Government of Sri Lanka will make a strong protest to Channel 4 with regard to the contents of this video and also bring the matter to the notice of the relevant authorities, and seek to pursue remedies available with regard to the distortion of truth.

The Government of Sri Lanka view this unsubstantiated and admittedly unverifiable video footage as an attempt by elements opposed to the success of the reconciliation process under way in Sri Lanka and the ongoing efforts to rebuild the country after nearly 30 years of terror by the LTTE.

The Government has reasons to suspect that those who provided this false and doctored footage are those still supportive of LTTE terror, who failed in their attempts to discredit the Sri Lankan government at the recent UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Comments from Readers

Channel4News –

The video footage has got typical hallmarks of a doctored Video for every one to notice it. It is visible here  that stage played actions were created for the video.

1.               The shot fired at the man kneeling down can be heard, but the man is still up, within seconds the body should be either fallen on the ground or should shows signs of the gun shot injury. Both sequential outcomes are missing.

2.         When the Gun is fired, gun does not move at all, indicating sound is not synchronised and added later.

2.               The Sinhala words they spoke are not coinciding with the sound. `

3.               The men lying on the ground seems like actors.

This video should be viewed in the background of other videos/photos made public during the height of the war, for example:

1) a photo given wide publicity of Tamil women and children fleeing rocket fire, which was proved to be FAKED and was in reality a cropped photo of a staged scene in which the uncropped picture showed people on the sidelines laughing and watching the fleeing persons and capturing them on camera, while others stood completely nonchalant at a distance in the background.

2)  A photograph of Prabhakaran purportedly watching a TV broadcast of his own body being found and laughing, which was produced as evidence that he was still alive.  However, it was clearly shown to be a doctored photograph of Prabhakaran from an earlier pic in which there was no TV on the shelf.  The altered parallax lines of the floor moldings and cupboards clearly showed it to be a doctored photo.

3)  A photo of a severed human head and body parts were published on the Internet as being fro m the North of Sri Lanka, but it was proven to be a photo that had been published at a much earlier date (date authenticated), and was from the Iraq war.

It is hoped that Channel4 will act as a responsible news organization and conduct a full inquiry into this weird video and its origins.  It owes a full apology to Sri Lanka for the libelous misrepresentations therein.

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