Lawrence Cannon: Canada’s UN Speech
Posted on October 1st, 2009

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October 1, 2009
The Editor
Your “Analysis: Canada’s UN General Assembly speech” by Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon gave me a good chuckle.
He said, it was the responsibility of individual countries “to eradicate terrorism in all its forms”, and yet,  Canada took umbrage when Sri Lanka single handed eradicated the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world, the Tamil Tigers on May 18 this year, and wants to take the Government of Sri Lanka to  the War Crimes Court for just doing that.  This is the group that perfected the art of suicide bombing with suicide body-packs which is now creating mayhem around the world with copy-cat suicide bombings. By the end of their 26-year terrorist war with the democratically elected Sri Lankan government, they had detonated 388 suicide bombs killing thousands of innocent Sri Lankans, politicians, clergy and intellectuals for not toeing their line and also India’s Rajiv Gandhi.
I almost wondered whether Minister Cannon has now adopted the voice for the thousands of Tamils in Canada who took  to the streets in the thousands in Ottawa and Toronto in the Spring demanding the Canadian Government to save the Tamil Tiger leaders  from annihilation by stopping the war with a call for a “ceasefire” when they were gasping for survival around April-May.
Canada’s position does not make sense to me at all.   Either we try to eliminate terrorism or we don’t.  We cannot position ourselves as masters of ‘double-speak’ when it comes to eliminating terrorism around the world.
Asoka Weerasinghe

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