General Sarath Fonseka, Secratary to the Minstry of Sports ?
Posted on October 10th, 2009


After the 2nd world war, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, US General Dwight D. Eisenhower received the highest recognition for defeating the deadly Nazis. Upon arrival in the US soil after winning the war in the European theater, both Democratic and Republican parties canvassed him to run for Office.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  He did so later very successfully as a Republican and ruled for two terms. He went on to build the gigantic US interstate highway system which ended up as the largest amount of highway miles ever built in the world.

General Charles Degoule who led the French Underground during Nazi occupation went onto be the President of free France thereby sealing his place in French history.

In our own Sri Lanka a man named General Sarath Fonseka fearlessly led the Lankan ground troops into Tiger heartland and defeated the much feared LTTE after 26 years of a destructive war. Air force can bomb, Navy can shell but it is the Army’s foot soldiers who stood face to face with the vicious Tigers and took their bullets. He was very highly respected. Many believed his stature was enhanced as a man of no nonsense and no corruption. He would meet the most aggressive Western reporter with the most annoying questions but would respond maintaining his cool and poise, the way leaders are supposed to behave.
He would take a suicide bombers attack and live to tell the story.

He would magmaniousely report to the Commander in Chief that the Country has been cleared of vicious terrorists. His countrymen would love him, adore him, respect him, be inspired by him and lay flowers on his path as a Brave Soldier who can walk straight with no baggage on his back.

Then came the news report that he has been offered the post of secretary to the Ministry of Sports. This is a shocker. This is a great insult. This should not be the way we treat our no. 1 soldier. General Fonseka to report to the Minister of sports? A politician? What a joke? What an insult?

General Sarath Fonseka has earned the right to run for Country’s highest office. He dedicated his whole life to the military. He served his country in the frontlines of war looking the enemy in the eyes. He risked bullets and bombs. And finally he won the priced trophy for his country. In other words he rightfully earned his place in Lankan annals as the most successful soldier ever.

While not taking away an iota of credit from our elected President Rajapksha for leading the successful war effort, people like General Fonseka are worthy of the highest office in Lanka and I am sure millions of Lankans will flock around him with love to the man if he ever decide to run for the highest office of the land rather than being pushed into oblivion as a useless ministry secretary like Sports Ministry. It is the highest insult to this great son of Mother Lanka.

Imagine the next contender for Presidency is General Fonseka; not a loser like Ranil who is a pampered rich kid who never had to earn a living but be given the Kelaniya seat just because his father was a golfing buddy with JRJ. This will be the day that will be written in gold in our history. Why because at last after 60 some years from Independence the Lankan people will have a cherished chance to elect a man who worked for a living, who is un-corrupt, who rose through his skill and dedication, who do not have rich political families and most importantly who has executive and managerial experience running the largest organization in Lanka; The Lankan Army.

If ever Lankans can dream of a prosperous Lanka we need to move our power bases from elitist Colombo 7 and those who were near and dear to them to an everyday Sri Lankan who understands daily living battles of ordinary people; like a victorious and a glorious soldier who made us all proud again to be Sri Lankans.

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  1. swadheena Says:

    Hello Asoka S.

    Well said. Million thanks for your excellent posting on this matter.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Hi Ashoka, thank you for your article touching on one of the prominent Sinhala cultural values that unduly demands over-paying for favours received. Unfortunately, current regime, which includes the political, military, legal and administrative branches is a creation of English men with their own value system entrenched with a few locally picked up traitors from the beginning that carries the colonial burden. In my case, I would recognise any military or other person who would beat the hell out of our enemies such as Hindu, Tamil ( in Nadu), Sikh, Portuguese, Dutch and English, or any other adversary that would have harmed our people, in the same way you have done in your article. Our so-called leaders have done it again. As someone living the English life, you surely know that this is the typical English behaviour, use the best who would do your bidding and then dump. They have done this for a long time and have even used unsuspecting well-connected Sinhala people to create their own power bases to enjoy the fruits of power.

    If you have worked for the Sri Lankan government, you should have the same experience of using your own achievements by your so-called superiors, the current generation of the original lot selected by English gentlemen, to make their lives better. Though I am totally out of reach of this pathetic pain in the back desecrating our country and the good name of our people, I must tell you that this system is made of all the migrant scum that settled down in all parts of our country behind our backs imposing as natives now. If you have a good insight on how they manage their affairs inside these political, military, legal and administrative branches, you will be surprised to see that there is no difference in their behaviour though we all very well know the conduct of the political scum. But I have no hesitation to thank those young Sinhala children who faced the barbarians and relieved these barbarians out of human cloaks under various circumstances including being forced to meaninglessly walk into death under raining indirect fire wasting many lives.


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