Are we breeding thugs at the schools?
Posted on October 27th, 2009

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai Dehiwela.

Recently I had a patient “”…” a student from a leading school, from a senior class, who was beaten up by some other students of the same school, and for no reason. He narrowly escaped loosing his eye. What shocked me more than the fact that students of leading schools behave in such thuggish manner, was the fact the parents were reluctant to bring this to the notice of the teachers or the principal. They feared that the boy will be beaten up even worse by the same students “”…” not necessarily in the school, but at some class or in a common place. My offer to give a medical report was politely turned down.That says a lot about the status of the authorities of the school.

What is becoming of our prime schools? Is this the era of the boorish being powerful? Where is the sense of right and what about the protection of the students? As long as such students get away with such behavior there always will be bullies and thugs.

I suggested at least they mention it at the parent teachers’ meeting through someone else.

But it pains me to think that even our parents are scared of the bullies. And in prestigious schools.

The schools must provide a strong sense of right and wrong to the students. If not, no amount of scholarly excellence is going to produce “good citizens”

I once asked my son who attended another prestigious school how come they don’t have particular tie or badge. He told me that the students are supposed to behave in such manner that they will be known that they are from thsi particular school that they do not need any other identification ! think that is the best sense a school can give to the children. I am proud my son went to such a school.

I hope all schools will produce such a strong sense of belonging and loyalty in their students.

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