The Imminent Danger Of Tamil Tiger Terrorism Encroaching Canada!
Posted on November 11th, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Nov,9th 2009
It seems a frightening awareness towards Canada’s posterity that criminal elements of the Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger residue are trying to get a foothold in Canada with the help of their already domiciled supportives who entered Canada on the sympathy card many years ago on the pretext that they were being subjected to attrocities by the Sri Lankan Government a likely tale which was swallowed hook line and sinker by the then Liberal Administrations of the Clark/ Mulroney eras!

 Today it appears that these same criers for sympathy who have come a long way since they entered Canada some of whom are almost brazenly admitting their status as sympathisers of the scattered residue of the Tamil Tigers just might help them set up base in Canada! something Canada could ill afford to let happen

 A recent news report suggests that Canadian

Immigration officials are alleging that trace amounts of explosives were found aboard a cargo ship that smuggled 76 Sri Lankans to Canada’s West Coast last month”, which seems to say it all!

 Thus, on the strength of The Canadian Broadcast News Program the nightly National which recently reported that the Tamil Tigers are looking to regroup in Canada, when

Prof. Rohan Gunaratna, Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, a Singapore-based think tank suggests (with clinical accuracy according to some analysts )

“I cannot think of any other country that is more important for the Tamil Tigers as Canada, to regroup and continue their campaign against Sri Lanka” his perceptions seem to leave nothing to the imagination where the realities are stark and the ramifications for Canada could be truly dangerous!

 Next! in quoting another report that “What is astounding is the deafening silence of the Liberal parliamentarians who were hounding the Conservative Government to bring the 288,000 Tamils rescued by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers to Canada saying that that they were subjected to “genocide” and “rape”.”

The Liberals suddenly seem to have put up the shutters with their own cognizance that indeed their foolhardy aspirations towards coercing the current incumbent Conservative party to bring in these so called refugees could easily be a pandora’s box which could create great peril and danger to Canada’s tranquil and very peaceful environment through the admission of dangerous criminals in disguise!

 Towards the realities involving the absence of a felt need to admit any Tamil or other refugee seekers from Sri Lanka the news from Sri Lanka in fact is very positive where independent reports attest to the fact that in five months over 102,000 Tamils from the temporary welfare camps have already been resettled in their renovated and rebuilt homes, where the terrain has been de-mined and the infrastructure restored. Hundreds of Tamil Tiger child soldiers have been rehabilitated and sent off to Colombo boarding schools to get on with their studies, all paid by the Sri Lanka Government.

 So what then is the need for Canada to jeopardize her very existence by heeding the sob stories of Tamil Tiger sympathisers by letting in shiploads of runaway terrorists as opposed to rounding them all up including the sympathisers whose granted statuses as permanent residents / naturalized citizens et al probably need to be revoked

and these individuals shipped back to where they came from towards making Canada a country with no threat of impending terrorism! if these types persist in their objectives towards harbouring and encouraging an influx of escaped terrorists!

An appropriate post script as quoted from another recent Canadian bulletin suggests very profoundly thus! “I wonder whether the media will let the voice of the opposite camp among the Sri Lankan-Canadian community (Sinhalese) be heard now, having let the Tamil spin their yarns to garner sympathy for their separatist cause among the Canadians-at -large, during their April -May demonstrations in Ottawa. The Canadians have the right to know the truth.”

 The moral of all this is that Canada can no longer be a provider of leeway to Tamil Tiger Terrorists , their expatriate cells through the false pretences of their sympathisers both political as well as diaspora related

where a huge task lies ahead for Canada towards taking stringent and preventive remedial action! The RCMP and Canada’s anti terrorist organization CSIS need to to gear up for this exact same objective if they already haven’t!

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