Having aligned with ‘bankrupt’ politicians Gen.Fonseka got capsized !
Posted on November 20th, 2009

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

Sri Lanka’s former top Army Officer in a farewell letter to the troops has said, “…I want to assure you that I will commit myself to protect democratic freedoms which we are rapidly losing… I pledge to work to restore human rights, media freedom, social justice, ethnic unity and peaceful co-existience. I will be by your side like a shadow…”
So the General discarded the uniform because of his passion for politics. All political parties are committed to preserving the doctrines he had analysed.
However, with all the signs he is making, he is keeping everyone in suspense. Before his resignation, there was an open invitation for him from the  UNF/UNP/JVP to come forward as a common candidate. After he resigned, the UNP alliance tightened the screw on him with a Ten Point Policy statement which he was supposed to adhere.
The two main conditions in it were to appoint Ranil as the Executive Prime Minister in a caretaker government and to abolish the Presidency. This must have sent jitters in him as he was only to be made a pawn in the hands of the bankrupt politicians. So this seems to be keeping him at a distance from the UNP alliance. Based on these recent developments, the JVP is openly backing him to come forward from their ticket.
The UNP strategy is to sideline Gen. Fonseka because of the block vote in the UNP which Ranil is sure of. So by promoting the General from another source he wants to tap into the anti-UNP votes between the General and the President. Ranil  is hoping to have a better chance in a three-cornered fight.
On the other hand, even if the General accepts the 10 point policy statement still Ranil hopes to come through the back door, as he wants to be executive PM and abolish presidency. Ranil is in a dreamland!
Amidst these, there are also reports emerging that the General is planning to register a new political party !
So apart from rumours, General Fonseka has not made any statements about his future political plans. Obviously, having aligned with bankrupt politicians he cannot see any ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. He is in fact capsized. Therefore, there is no doubt that he is confused as everyone else is about him!

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  1. alahakoon Says:

    Dear Dr. Samaraweera,

    Sri Lanka needs a true leadership to save the country mainly from unimaginably escalating corruption, the erosion of democracy and human rights under the current Rajapaksa Government. It is also equally important to resettle the IDPs promptly and make every effort to establish national reconciliation. Without this, our country will fall into a disaster worse than Prabakaran’s era of terrorism. A courageous person should take the leadership to stop this.

    The overwhelming majority of ‘politicians’ around MR are the most opportunistic, power hungry and corrupted uncivilised individuals in the country and their support to MR is conditional. They never supported to MR to become the president. In fact they worked against him. As soon as they realise the ship is sinking and no longer can they earn as they wish, they will be the main enemies of the president. Undoubtedly, this will happen soon.

    We all know the outstanding leadership qualities of General Fonseka and his popularity among all peace loving Sri Lankans disregarding their religious, political or ethnic roots. If he can stand firm without bending or favouring to any political party but to establish true democracy of our nation with an appropriate vision and work program, he certainly can be successful. The current signs coming from GF are very positive and I wish the courage and the wisdom to GF and all our Sri Lankan citizen to create a true democratic and peaceful society in our motherland.


  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    This is an interesting article. GF is proving to be a politician rotten to the core even before joining politics. The pathetic content wrote to troops is not professional material from a loyal soldier, but sounds more like shit coming from an INGO parasite. Given his submission to western propaganda, he will be a bigger curse to the country than anybody else that we know. Ref the comment by Alagakoon, it is fear mongering and nothing will happen to our country, if not better. It is your own fear about your own future, not that of our country. SF who piggybacked on MR can fix what MR cannot is a joke. It is now public knowledge that SF is not a trustworthy person. No party wants him to be their leader. They have spoken, even within the military. Everyone puts conditions to give him a chance to join politics. It does not sound that good for him, a politician from nowhere who has nothing, no policies, no people etc. A man who spent 40 years in the most ruthless and undemocratic organization comes out after retirement to offer what he never experienced in his lifetime is an insult to common sense. By nature, all the devils that we talk about lie in the political system. Whoever becomes the leader, he (it) has the pot of gold. Obviously, greed, a prominent primordial instinct, has nor boundaries for anyone. If in doubt, why not check all leaders, past and present, anywhere in the world applying this five star English Democracy, originally designed to keep English monarchy rich and powerful forever? By the way, if MR did not do what he has done, neither we have SF nor any other thing to talk? Anyway, I support no body, but am interested in sending this English Democratic System (the end product of ancient Maha Sammatha Wadaya –selection of an individual as the ruler by popular consent) with its entire constituent political, military, administrative and judicial membership to hell alive and replace it with the logical next step of Sinhala evolution, which will address all the modern issues affecting at individual and common levels. It is silly to suggest that we can do better with anybody without changing the system, the original curse.

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