For some the Sri Lankan war was a ‘Big Business’
Posted on November 22nd, 2009

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

 This week an English Daily reported that the High Court Judges in Madras had declared their assets. The Chief Justice Hemant Gokhala had disclosed that he does not even own a house or land.
A couple of days ago, a Journalist writing about the plight of pensioners referred to his father, the last of the ex-CCS, who had to depend on his pension, because as a public servant he had no savings, and the effort he had to put in to get his pension.
Then on the other side, we have some who had become multi-millionaires because of the Sri Lankan war and who could retire comfortably. For them, the war was a ‘business’ and had vested interests in it. Those who benefited were powerful so the others consoled by picking the crumbs and kept silent. Some argue that it is common knowledge that the war dragged on so long because of this.
A News Report claims that one of the alleged beneficiaries of the war had been our ‘war hero’, Gen. Fonseka. It is said that he had rented a house opposite the Royal College at a monthly rental of Rs. one million and had paid a 12 month rental in advance.
Some query how many of the top public servants could afford this!
The Report refers to his son-in-law, Danuna Tilakaratne who is marrried to the General’s eldest daughter and living in Oklahama, USA. It is also alleged that, during the last 3-4 years he had won tenders from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Police and had made millions of US dollars. It is said that he was supplying arms, tanks, equipment, MIG’s, food, clothing and a wide variety of service items to the security forces. Obviously, he could do all that because Gen. Fonseka was the Army Commander.
Only time will tell who else became multi-millionaires from the Sri Lankan war. So for some the Sri Lankan war was a ‘big business’ and had vested interests in it until the President and the Defence Secretary were determined to end the ‘cancerous’ war once and for all.

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    So what?? Some people are in fortunate positions to make money and make it big. Others pick up crumbs and go on daily basis. Isn’t it the life everywhere in the world including the so called developed Nations??? I do not mind anyone making money including Tamil Tigers without harming our Nation!!! If they do business and can get away with it while making at least few in the loop make a living out of it I think they can continue to do so. However, please do not misunderstand me!!! I do not in anyway encourage any business that can harm our people and the Nation. Whoever, even thinking of harming our Nation must be caught and punished!!!

    Look at Singapore, thriving Nation, an example to us (they were look up to us in 60s…..). Do you know the salary of the Prime minister and other ministers and the top officials…..If you don’t please go and check it out? Do you think they are clean…?

    May God Bless Sri Lanka!!! (if there is one)

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Somebody’s misery is sombedody else’s fortune. If there are no patients doctors will suffer. No law suits lawyers will suffer. No deaths funeral undertakers will suffer. Basically, these three catagories earn their living by other people’s misery. Not only the retired General if he is accused of earning something on the sly but other political big shots are also no good samaritans for that matter. Those who pluck the bee-hives will surely lick their hands. An Irish adage, ” Make the hay while the sun shines”. People have the greed and they will not kick any favourable opportunity.

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