Posted on December 11th, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

The most popular weekly telephone Dhamma conference in Sinhala which takes place on every Saturday evening in USA time corresponding to Sunday early morning in Sri Lanka has emerged into a new trend by adopting a series of invaluable Dhamma talks starting this Saturday.

ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-Identifying Illness and Health in our Body and MindƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ is the part one of the series of three Dhamma talks comprising ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-Buddhist Guidelines for a Healthy LifeƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ which will be conducted by most Venerable Soorakkulame Pemarathana of Pittsburgh Buddhist Center of Pennsylvania, USA.

This is an open invitation to all Dhamma friends and anybody who seeks answers to their questions in Dhamma in Sinhala especially about ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Health and LifeƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢.

Part 1: Identifying Illness and Health in our Body and Mind (Date: December 12, 2009)

Part 2: Buddhist Guidelines for Curing Physical and Psychological Illnesses (Date: December 19, 2009)

Part 3: Buddhist Guidelines for Prevention of Illnesses and Improvement of Health (Date: December 26, 2009)

The above series of Dhamma Deshana are centered on the theme of Buddhist Guidelines for a Healthy Life which will be extremely useful for the participants.

The special feature of this Dhamma teleconference is that anybody who wants to participate in the program with an idea, opinion or question related to the relevant topic can enter into the program conveniently and discuss with the participants and get his question clarified while informing his opinion.

Conference details are as follows:

Duration: Saturday 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm (EST-New York Time) (Sri Lanka-Sunday 5.30 am to 7.30 am)

Participants using Telephones:

1. Dial the conference bridge number (+1-201-793-9022 when dialing from USA or Canada; Please refer to the attached message for other international phone numbers)

In Europe, call: Austria 0820 401 15470, Belgium 0703 57 134, France 0826 109 071, Germany 0180 500 9527, Ireland 818 270 968, Spain 902 881 270, Switzerland 0848 560 397, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 0870 0990 931

The conference is free but premium national rate charges will apply to these calls, as follows:

Charge/minute; UK: 1.5p, Germany: 14 Euro Cents, France: 15 Euro Cents, Belgium: 8.7 Euro Cents, Switzerland: 4 Euro Cents, Ireland: 1.3 Euro Cents, Italy: 8.2 Euro Cents

2. Enter the Conference Room Number (“8980674”) followed by # when prompted

3. Enter the Security Code (“342662” or “DHAMMA”) followed by # when prompted

Participant Commands:

*2 – Mute/Unmute your own line so other people can’t hear you talking

Participants using Skype:

1. Dial +9900827048980674 using Skype’s Call Phones feature [Please note that this call is totally free!]

2. Input the Security Code (“342662”) followed by # on the Skype dial pad when prompted. [Please note that if you are using Skype V or later, the security code needs to be entered on the dial pad that appears right next to the Skype volume control bar, and not on call phones keypad]

[Please contact the organizer on phone # +1-864-674-7472 or via Skype instant text messaging (Skype ID: skamarasinghe) right away if you experience any connection problems while joining the conference. Organizer may not be able to answer Skype voice calls while the conference is in progress.]

Skype: skamarasinghe

Tel: +1-VM-IM-SISIRA (+1-864-674-7472)

May you be well, happy and peaceful!

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