Why we should not vote for Sarath Fonseka at the Presidential Elerctions?
Posted on January 8th, 2010

By Charles.S.Perera

To begin with he has no viable political manifesto. He is there to eradicate corruption. Corruption is as old as the beginning of humanity and that cannot be eradicated through political means. There is no one country in the world where there is no corruption, let alone political corruption. Sarath Fonseka is groping blindly for political recognition by waving a blinking, out moded slogan to attract attention and fish the voters willing to bite the bait of the slogan I fight to end corruption.

Sarath Fonseka was a party to end terrorism, but to end corruption he will fail as many before him had tried and failed with the same line of argument. Therefore, his political slogan is not convincing enough to have him elected as the President. Therefore to vote him to end corruption would be a waste of a precious vote.

Sarath Fonseka to fight against corruption should understand where corruption begins, be it political, administrative or else. Corruption is rooted in desire, possessiveness, aversion, anger, hatred , jealousy, and delusion. Therefore to end corruption all those negative human emotions have to be removed. As long as they are not removed corruption will continue to exist until the end of the world.

The Presidential election is to elect a political leader to lead the Nation. When the Nation to be led is politically fractured , the elected leader should be capable of bringing together the fractured Nation to make a whole, through conviction of progressive development to satisfy the whole.

Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa is a proven leader, who took the Presidential reins to traverse a perilous path entrenched with dangerous terrorism to lead the people away from disaster to safety, towards the green pastures of peace and progress.

Sarath Fonseka was only an element used by the President Mahinda Rajapakse to clear the passage to reach the objective of peace and progress to which he was leading the Nation. As such Sarath Fonseka has no proven ability to lead the Nation. Therefore, Sarath Fonseka given the reins of President will not know where to lead the Nation.

The Path to reach the objective is further away, and the perils are not yet over, Mahinda Rajapakse had very ably driven us through the fires of danger, and it is still not the time to change the reins from the firm hands of the President Rajapakse, to hand it over to an amateur. Therefore, every vote counts for the President Rajapakse to lead us to the chosen object towards which he can find his way through the experience he has already gained.

Therefore, to vote for Sarath Fonseka is to hand over reins to lead us nowhere and perhaps to bring the Nation back to where President Mahinda Rajapakse commenced his perilous voyage in 2005, back to division, calamity, terrorism, and disaster.

It is a well worn saying that you know the person from the company he keeps. Since Sarath Fonseka came forward as a candidate for the Presidential election, the company he keeps does not speak well for him.

Mano Ganeshan and Sambandan of the TNA represent the defunct terrorists. Rauf Hakeem is a man who signed a MoU with Prabhakaran to become a part of Prabhakarans Eelam if ever it was to be set up.

Yogarajan who broke away from Thondamans CWC to join Sarath Fonsekas election campaign is an opportunist. Ranil Munasinghe is a weak leader who gave parts of north and east to Prabhakaran under his infamous CFA .

And Mangala Samaraweera is a failed politician scheming behind scene to lure politicians away from SLFP to UNF without much success. These are the companions of an apparent future President. And who would like to vote for a man in such company to lead the Sri Lankan Nation, freed from the ruthless terrorist, by the determination and the correct political leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Sarath Fonseka has proved from his acts and pronouncements that he is not apt to lead our nation as its President. He has divulged army secrets and government confidences. He is not second to a proverbial bull in a glass shop. He has shown that he is not tolerant , by being angered by criticism leveled against him, promising his critics bones and dirt to lick after his victory. Such a man does not deserve our vote.

A President of a country has to have the confidence of the people. He should first be responsible to the Political Party that he leads. But Sarath Fonseka has no such responsibility to a Political Party. He is sponsored by a hastily gathered discordant Political Parties.

They have come together to pay a grudge against the incumbent President and his brothers. Sarath Fonseka and his companion s do not propose any development projects for our country, which has just been delivered from thirty years of suffering under a ruthless group of terrorists. Their only project is a promise to fight against corruption.

Why should we elect a President to eliminate corruption when we have a President who had shown the metal of which he is made, by eliminating terrorism by intelligent direction of the Government Armed forces for the purpose ? He has already promised that the country will be developed in stages, until it will be in a position to compete with any other country in the world.

Mahinda Rajapakse has shown that he is a man who keeps his promises. He kept his promise to eliminate terrorism, and now he promises more plans of development and some of them are in the process of achievement. Therefore, it is to Mahinda Rajapakse that we owe our vote, so that in his next term of office he will take us further on the path of progress.

Saratth Fonseka is a good soldiers. He has proved himself to be a good army strategist. But in war the commanders know of the enemy and know where to direct their guns. But in politics the enemy is not known . They are many, and varied. They come with different faces. The experience in the army does not make a commander a good politicians to fight against these political enemies. Therefore we should not waste our vote on Sarath Fonseka to make us his guinea pigs to make him learn politics.

Sarath Fonseka is not responsible to a Political Party. Therefore he will not be responsible to the people who will vote for him. He is only a common Presidential Candidate of a group of discordant political parties. The only reason of their getting together is the call to abandon executive powers of the President.

Sarath Fonseka not being responsible to one political party, and not responsible to the people who voted for him, once elected may shun the discordant politicians that sponsored him to have his own way, and may use his power as the Commander in Chief to bring in a military rule.

Is that what we want ? NO

Therefore, no self respecting Sri Lankan should cast his vote to Sarath Fonseka at the Presidential election.

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  1. Jan Chandra Says:

    Corruption can be reduced to reasonable levels within the next decade if right policies and processes are in place. Countries like Singapore have achieved this because of the dedication of the politicians at the highest level. Standards and procedures followed in countries with high standards such as Australia can be modified and adopted for our purposes. In fact this is what MR should do in his next term of office. I am hopeful and waiting in earnest to see MR’s agenda on corruption in the election manifesto. The new Mahinda Chintana should have a program, albeit at a high level, for this purpose. Broad motherhood statements are not sufficient. A couple of areas that need urgent attention are the strengthening of controls within the Govt. sector and the surrender/control of arms used by lay people.

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