A simple message and a simple choice for the people – save the country
Posted on January 11th, 2010

Ben Silva

There are two main contestants for the post of Presidency. One candidate liberated Sri Lanka from terrorists, that terrorised Sri Lanka for 30 years and United Sri Lanka again. He also stood firm against foreign domination. He has experience as a President.

The other candidate, with no political experience at all, has teamed up with terrorist supporters, TNA and the UNP that actually gave part of Sri Lanka and most of the coastline to be under control of terrorists. This candidate has agreed to merge  North and the East, release LTTE prisoners and dismantle high security zones.

If the correct choice is made, the country would develop. If the wrong candidate is elected, the country would revert back to chaos and terrorism.

The choice is simple.

I hope those that want to save the country would pass on this simple message, translated to Sinhala, by word of mouth, email or adverts or what ever method available, to the people of Sri Lanka

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  1. cassandra Says:

    I do not think the choice is all that simple. The average voter can think of many reasons why he should not vote for Mahinda Rajapakse and some reasons why he should vote for him. And, on what we have seen and heard since the election campaign began, the average voter can think of even more reasons why he should not vote for Sarath Fonseka and very little reason why he should vote for him.

    To my mind, the choice is not between the known devil and the unknown angel. The choice is in fact between two devils – a devil we know well and a devil we don’t know as much but is potentially more diabolical. Sarath Fonseka’s public utterances give the electorate little comfort. There was the interview reported in the Sunday Leader of 13 December in which he had some terrible things to say of the Defence Secretary, someone he referred to as a ‘useless fellow’ in a subsequent interview. SF is on record as having said that the country belongs to the Sinhala Buddhists and the minorities should not make unreasonable demands, as if the minorities are there only by sufferance. He has said contradictory things, confusing things and it seems is making all manner of promises regardless of whether they are practicable to keep or not. He is supported by such diverse parties as the JVP (can anyone who remembers the atrocities of the JVP vote for a candidate sponsored by them?) and the UNP (can anyone support a candidate sponsored by the Party that signed the CFA that nearly gave to Prabhakaran the separate state he wanted?) and even the TNA (by popular consent, known to have been the proxies for the LTTE). SF is said to have promised to re-merge the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Either he knows jolly well that he cannot do it (in which case it is not proper to make the promise) or he does not know he can’t (in which case, he is not very smart).

    The voter’s choice is not quite simple. But it is clear.

  2. jayawardena Says:

    Save the country from whom? Mr Ben don t talk chethiya pachaya lies! All those ton pacha are product of other side.

    How many people abducted in sri lanka during current regime? Most people living outside of the fatherland don t no the current situation in SL. Media (print and electronic ) in govt. controlled are biased. Private TV stations denied license to telecast(Shakti TV in Tamil language) to Jaffna peninsula. Several media personnel were killed. Several National newspaper officers were burnt down and attacked.Prizes of the Essential food items are sky rocketing! People thrown from misery to hell. Infants milk powder is soaring and poor mothers unable to bear the cost. Day to day living is a nightmare to most of our people.!

    So you says to save the nation from whom? Mr Ben, do not act like a blind and deaf man!! Open your mind ,and release all Chethiya Pacha ton .Only then you can see the truth about our beloved fatherland!!! We cannot allow this time to continue the corrupt,dictatorial, regime to hold power continue sly.

    People of this country are waiting till January 26 to cast their ballots and to choose SF, who has a 40 years discipline govt. service to discipline the under world thugs, end the nowadays unnecessary security zones and barriers around the country,putting down the prizes of essential food items!!!

    we want to save the country!!!

    Ton pacha diga ariyata wadak natha. Our people are not donkeys to believe all this lies.!!!!

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