Role played by the LankaWeb
Posted on January 28th, 2010


Dear Editor,
I know there are few other websites such as SPUR, but the LankaWeb played a key role in posting what we wrote. This is crucial because so many in Sri Lanka and all over the world read LankaWeb.

The Island newspaper used to print what I wrote, but I think the owners took a decision (not the good editor) to silence me from their newspaper. LankaWeb and Sinhale Hotnews were the only window I had. I did not want to write in politically correct langauge or avoid telling a spade a spade which I had to follow in writing to the Island. Within the limits of the defamation law one must have the freedom to write freely, and LankaWeb allowed that.
I think LankaWeb is pioneering the idea of writing in Sinhala for the Sinhala readers in Sri Lanka, and this way LankaWeb can link expats with local people who do not speak English.
 When you come to think of it local voters and not people like us who are important and by writing in English we do minimal service to our country of birth.
I hope LankaWeb will become a source information for all kinds of people in SL who has access to computers.
I think at this hour of victory we should thank LankaWeb for its service to save Sri Lanka.

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