Sri Lanka – Hell or High Water of 9th Feb
Posted on February 10th, 2010

Vajeera Warnakulasuriya Melbourne 98088763

The Presenter,
Foreign Correspondent,
ABC (Australia)

Reporter: Eric Campbell,

 Gordon Weiss claims that he has resigned from the UN after 14 years and returned home to Australia.

While he was serving in Sri Lanka with UNICEF he has been reporting adversely on Sri Lankan government aiding LTTE movement. He never wrote how the Sinhalese lived in war tone border villages. It shouldn’t be difficult to see the style of his reporting due to political professionalism being his background. His UN posting was a cover up giving easy access to get on with his pro LTTE propaganda!

As the government observed his biased reporting, a protest was lodged to UNICEF on his behaviour.  On paper this is an impartial organization that looks after the welfare of the children all over the developing World who are subjected to extreme difficulties due to various reasons. Obviously in such an organization if it is really an Impartial one cannot keep an rotten apple, so to say, hence his departure from such a prestigious organization is in fact a Resignation or a Discontinuation should be assessed by the sensible viewers of Australia.

Commenting on the presentation itself, first of all I would like to take you down the memory lane, the time you saw the real disposition of a Refugee or Refugees in Darfur, Somalia, Sudan, and Rotunda. Surely you cannot forget those hapless Skin & Bones figures! Those were sights that arouse the feelings of any decent human being, so much so, even those with Hearts as rough as Rocks would bring about tears to their eyes.

Now did anyone of you witnessed any scene like that in those Mr Weiss filmed? Did they look malnourished? Or did they wear gloomy faces except in the scene showing the wailing women who went to welcome the chap who was released from custody? Did you observe the lush green beautiful surroundings of the village they lived? Now do you agree with Barnaby Joyce that these are nothing but Economic migrants if they leave that country? From the body language of all the “Actors” in Gordon’s short film one can pass him as a contender for Walkly Award

It was obvious from the bronze statues of the Hindu Goddesses seen on the cabinet behind where Gorden was seated; interview was done in a pro LTTE Tamil house. It’s not rocket science to say that with the annual income of U$300 ~ 400 million to the coffers of LTTE fund his services would have been handsomely paid, as the popular say here in Australia”.  “No Free Lunches

“Campbell talks to Tamils who were caught trying to flee to Australia by boat. Despite facing criminal charges in Sri Lanka as a result, one of them admits he’s going to try to make the journey again, as soon as he can. He says he can’t live in Sri Lanka any more”.

His father and uncle was obviously killed by the LTTE, probably they may not have joined, if the forces killed them, how come even after taken to custody he was released? Did anyone observed a fear in him of the authorities?

Unlike in America, UK, Australia or any other Western country with undeclared methods such as water boarding, electric shocks to the tongue and every organ in the body, Sri Lanka has the Worse type of torture that is compulsion to play the National game cricket! This is exacerbated by the heat energy brought down by celestial body called Sun! That is why Tamils a slightly darker than the Sinhalese. The torturers know there’s a Hidden Muththiah Muralitharan among them! This game of cricket certainly would have been the disturbing scene to watch as you rightly advised at the outset to the viewers!

Except for the war time clips, where you see injured, even those in the IDP camps looked quite contend, healthy looking, nothing of the sort that you see in similar situations in the African continent. Yet your actors complained “No food to eat”

ABC is a taxpayer funded institution; it is surprising how a program like this can go to air insulting the viewing public as illiterate who cannot think who deserves to come to this country on refugee status.

As for us, it doesn’t care if the Australian Governments are naive to take not only the boat people, but also the rest of the camouflage refugees in Sri Lanka to Australia.   

Vajeera Warnakulasuriya

 Melbourne 98088763

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