Posted on February 12th, 2010

By Stanley Perera

Malwatte High Priest is calling Sanga to a crisis meeting on the arrest of Sarath Fonseka. When did they speak for the less privillaged and suffering poor? Can they be accessible by anybody other than rich and famous? Have they ever build a house for the poor or granted a single scholarship to a under privileged and poor student. What do they do to the colossal amount of money collected in the till? Can they give a “Yes”answer to any of the above questions?


It is to my mind hypocrisy is the term to be used on the prelates for interfering into the politics of the country. It seems to me that prelates are taken up politics at the present time. Average or an ordinary citizen of this country cannot gain access to them to express their grievances. The prelates Mahanayakas are only accessible by the Top politicians and the rich and famous only. It is disgraceful for them to get involved in politics to my mind.

Asoka Weerasinghe has highlighted in the media of the attack of a Forestry worker by a minister in the south. Couldn’t this forestry worker approach the local Mahanayaka to take the matter up with the authority and why are they convening a crisis meeting to discuss Sarath Fonseka’s arrest? Is it because Sarath Fonseka is a top brass and the forestry worker is an ordinary class man? What a hypocrisy Mahanayakes?

When the Catholic Church helped the poor these Mahanayakes through the politicians bitterly criticised the church converting Buddhists to Christianity and called for legislation to prohibit conversions when the Buddhist monks are globetrotting converting Europeans to Buddhism. But the Mahanayakas have lost the touch with the middleclass or the poor.

When Sarath Fonseka made some derogatory comments of war crimes, why did the mahanayakes keep their silence? When the patriotic Sri Lankans had a war with the west and the UNO, why didn’t the Mahanayakes call a crisis meeting to shut Fonseka? What kind of a double standard are these Prelates? You are disgusting. Let the law deal with Fonseka if he has committed any crime. To me it does not look right for the Mahanayakas to ignore the sufferings of the poor and take up politics. I may be wrong. But I am only expressing my view. There are better things for you to do Mahanayakas than working for the rich and famous. There are 1500 deserters in Fonseka’s private army. They are either under arrest or being interrogated by the Army. Have you spoken about them and if not why not? Is it because they are not the top brass in the army or number 1500 is big to handle?


  1. Chintha Says:

    When Sarath Fonseka made some derogatory comments of war crimes, why did the mahanayakes keep their silence?

    Simple answer, they have been bought by Anti Sri Lankan MONEY. Disgusting indeed.

  2. Harris Says:

    Mr. Perera

    Your argument is very correct. I’m a Buddhist. I have never seen or heard of so called Mahanayaka Theros in Kandy have offered scholarships or subsidies for poor Buddhist children. What they do is that they do politics for their own beneficiary hiding behind the name of the Lord Buddha.

  3. mike Says:

    Mike from Australia-Weiss is a dumb idiot. How can a Sinhalese abuse President Rajapakse and Gotabaya? What sort of blood run in their veins? Mahinda is the greatest leader SriLanka ever had.

    Gota, from the start planned to liberate SriLanka. With the President’s assistance, he established liaison with countries like Russia, China,Iran,Chechniya,Pakistan and India and bought weapons, then He strengthened the defence forces by adding thousands and thousands of new recruits. Massive funds were allocated for the war effort. Thank Gota for the victory and not abuse him. If not for him Paraba will still be in charge.So another woman starts crying in SriLanka. First it was Sirimavo Bandaranaike then her daughter Chandrika kumaratunga and now Anoma Fonseka. If you all had safeguarded your husbands by moderating their behaviours this would not have happened. The Bandaranaikes destroyed the country by their racist policies and created division. Now Fonseka divulged state secrets and publicly stated he will be a witness before the war crimes tribunal in Geneva. Dont cry for me SriLanka! Only traitors will oppose Mahinda and Gota.The Monks who support Fonseka are JVP supporters. Be weary of them. The government should take over their Benz Cars.

  4. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Stanley, I do not get the impression that you are a Buddhist or a Sinhala person from your many articles as all your attributes displayed are quite contrary to natural descriptions of those identities? What are your credentials to claim as such in your articles? Are you a Christian Fundamentalist disguised as a Sinhala Buddhist? BTW, I am a Sinhalist who promote the Sinhala value of maintaining the integrity of individual claims to various ethnic and religious ideologies as we are inundated with a lot of pretenders to various identities without an iota of substance to prove their allegiance. As an example, there are many communist anarchists wearing Buddhist robes to hide their true face and to gain access to Buddhists through their establishments. I do not believe in any of these alien faiths, but hate to see duping.

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