Diplomacy and Sovereign Equality
Posted on February 25th, 2010

Sarath Wijesinghe – -Senior Solicitor Senior Attorney “”…” at- law and former Chairman Consumer Affairs Authority

Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups of states. This usually refers to international diplomacy. Apart from recently codified International Instruments such as Charter of the United Nations (24.10.1945), ILO (1919), Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( 10.12.1948), Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and many other codified instruments and unwritten conventions and practices on which the current diplomatic relations among the world family conducts affairs, friendship of sovereign nations depend on mutual friendship respect among Nations and Leaders in the modern world and economic order in the most selfish and self centred world governed by the inherent law of the fittest and powerful. Let us be frank realistic and practical. It is not always the world family is fair and reasonable as it too consists of human beings. Please read article on 7/2/2010 Sunday Observer on Foreign Policy based on Mahanda Chintana by this author for further information which gives an account on diplomacy and shuttle diplomacy of President Rajapaksa.

 It is amazing that Sri Lanka being a small easily accessible vulnerable and beautiful Island rich in culture and wealth stood so close to Giant India for thousands of years independently without being bullied or conquered. King Asoka having conquered the entire Indian subcontinent did not think of conquering this beautiful “Perl of Indian Ocean”- Instead he sent the most precious son and daughter on a diplomatic mission to King Devenampiyatissa the unseen but close friend to propagate Buddhism from which he has achieved peace and peace of mind after killing thousands and destruction of states for power. This is proof that “Diplomacy” is not something alien to us that we have been practicing in our long history we are ever proud of. Our friendships with Kings World leaders and traders with the Middle East run back to deep history where our Kings not only tolerated them but allowed to practice their religion and settle down. We have had close diplomatic relations with the rest of the world and existed as an independent Sovereign nation until British in 1815 cheated our misguided Chiftens in the “Hill” forcibly and cunningly took control of our Nation with false promises. They broke the promises immediately in violation of Diplomatic relations and sovereign equality. They killed freedom fighters in bulk and destroyed our culture and religions. It took 450 years for us to be liberated and a sovereign nation again. It is time for them to apologise our Nation even at this later stage. Australians who too have been originated from British but more honourable to apologise “Aborogenies”- the real owners of Australia they hunted as animals. We being Buddhist and Hindus practicing non violent and hatred extend “Mitrie” to those misguided people and try to understand them. This writer extends “Mitri” to the unfortunate man who forced him to resign from CAA which is illegal immoral and with vengeance and tries to understand his problem. Same applies to the family of Nations. With their naval power they forced on us for our wealth. World and attitudes have not changed. Fittest in the world family is still in the verge of accusation of power for more and more wealth using whatever means available. Please read the article on independence of Judiciary on 10th July 2007 “”…”Daily News and Sunday Observer dated 21/june 2007 on contempt of courts by the author for further details.

Life is not always smooth and rosy. Countries gone through turbulent periods enjoy freedom better. In the family of nations too the leaders have to be careful and patient during turbulent periods. There are rough patches in anybody’s life which is common to Nations in the world family. Time has come for us to be careful and act with care in the interest of the Nation. We went through a “Bloody War” of thirty years of smell of blood and destruction and “Hell” which President Rajapaksa has successfully won eradicated and freed the Nation to the surprise and amazement to the world family tired of terror and terrorism in their soil which has destabilized the peace and peaceful living in most developed and developing countries. Our good friends India, China, USSR, Middle East, Africa, OAS orbit genuinely helped us during our turbulent and decisive crisis. It was a sorry state that West UK, EU and USA with an inert attitude watched us with caution demanding application of humanitarian laws during the battle which they themselves did not adhere to in Iraqi and Afghanistan- in our own door steps!!, when the world was watching in disbelief, President Rajapaksa with his inborn diplomacy and deep rooted love and affection to the Nation eradicated terror regime which has engulfed the Nation for thirty years in a short span of three years!!! He promised the people Undivided Country, Equal Sovereignty, Equality before Law, Protection of individual and collective Human Rights, Nation with no discrimination and equality for all, development of the individual and the Nation to be self sufficient and proud of being a Sri Lankan. These are the aspirations of the peoples of Sri Lanka and not necessarily the aspirations of some members of the West and Tamils who do not demand a separate state or self determination. Some blocks of the world family are misguided for various selfish and self-centred motives and intentions and has become pawns of LTTE front line organisations. Ordinary Tamil loves to be with Sinhalese. 40% Tamils live with Sinhalese and feel safe. In the year 2005 President Rajapaksa was entrusted with a minority government of former President Chandriks Kumaranatunga which he patched and modified to be a power base using his charm and local diplomacy to attract the opponents who still stick to him. Subsequently people have given President Rajapaksa overwhelming mandate every where- Local authorities, Provincial Councils, Presidential Elections and all other elections. He managed diplomatic relations based on Mahida Chintnanya and Non alignment policy adopting a “Unique Foreign Policy” unique to him and his and personality with the help of the able Foreign Minister who has followed his as a shadow.

Now there is a crisis we are bound to get over sooner or later. USA has openly declared that they can not afford to loose Sri Lanka and Obama has spoken of our long relations and friendship. True United Kingdom 1815 cunningly conquered us with their fire power naval power and mainly our disunity. They fought hard long years to conquer us with no success until our own side let us down, which are lessons for our current diplomatic crisis with the West we are bound to get over soon. To the credit of the “Great Britain” as by products of dominance we are practicing their mode of Governance, Language, Education, Commercial law, Road Network Modern Diplomacy Cricket and many other areas for which this writer is grateful for, while there are different views on this issue. English is no longer belonging to England- it is a world language and a link, education and computer language. We are at times better cricketers than the original cricketers! It is no exaggeration or come down to a Nation to say that we are better diplomats than the West and the UK based on our conduct on international affairs as much as cricket we play as or better that Englishmen.

British Foreign Secretary David Milland’s address at London conference of Global Tamil Forum which is a LTTE front organisation highly unwarranted unwanted and out of contest outside purview of all norms of Diplomacy. There was no need for him to take this undiplomatic decision to take part and address the meeting of the LTTE front organisation which has annoyed Sri Lanka and strained our friendship, except for the incoming general election in which Labour stands no chances of victory at all. In many electorates Tamil Diaspora is substantial and at times the decisive vote when the general public is not keen in voting. Tamil Diaspora is aggressive vociferous and active with LTTE front organisation attempting to regroup. He has requested President Rajapaksa to use the new mandate for self determination of Tamils and national reconciliation. Robert Blake the controversial Assistant Secretary to State for South Asia wants the Sri Lankan government to ensure national reconciliation and punish war crimes that may have been committed law and order human right and due process. Whether war crimes have ever committed is a moot issue as it is only based on a statement by the retired Army Commander Sarath Fonseka who is being questioned and interrogated .Sarath Silva political turned former Chief Justice who is responsible to messing up the judiciary and due process in Sri Lanka is Sarath Fonseka’s legal advisor and inquired into my Briary Commission on charges of corruption on the Dialog and Laughfs transactions.

David Mlliband is a son of a Jewish Immigrant whose father is a Polish Marxist Ralph Miliband. He is extremely ambitious and unpopular among colleagues as a ruthless and self centred politician who has reached high at young age. According to political analysts he has been a controversial politician and a schemer. His attacks on Israel are not liked by rich Jew population in UK and USA. He re emphasized a peaceful solution is the only way to produce a lasting answer to Sri Lankan conflict. Not a single good word for President Rajapaksa on the service rendered to the world and world peace by eradicating LTTE which has been a threat to world peace and stability of the West. Robert Blake wants Sarath Fonseka to be tried in a civil court. These are clear violation of Vianna Convention but we have to be patient and try to get over the crisis through diplomacy and our close friends who are ever prepared modern world in which boarders are being disintegrated due to IT, Global, Economic and political developments, one can not live in isolation and no country is small in the world family. In the new world order the five world powers namely USA, UK, France, China, and Germany are no longer the actual power bases. Japan is economically powerful and India is emerging as a future world power. USA is economically wounded.

Freedom is enjoyed by the ordinary man in the East and North. Over 500000 people have visited Jaffna for the last one month and number is growing with the agriculture and economic boom. Investments are pouring in. Sri Lanka has rated first among 31 best tourist destinations. Stock marked is flourishing. People who fled the country in fear of terror are coming back. Not a single incident after the eradicating of terror. Election was held for local authorities and general elections will elect the representatives. There is economic and political integration- a genuine and a practical unification of the peoples with no ethnic difference. What self- determination Mr Miliband is talking about when Colombo is dominated by Tamils and Muslims with no protest or vengeance of Sinhalese. Is London and suburbs a safe place for refugees who are attacked and harassed by skin heads and underworld? No it is no longer a safe place. UK is unsafe and infested with terror uncertainty. Sri Lanka is a safe haven for any ethnic group- anywhere in Sri Lanka. Not in UK, France or Germany. This writer has spent most of his professional life in the UK and Europe and states with confidence the human right mechanism in Sri Lanka with the Human right Commission, Human Right Jurisdiction in the Supreme Court, Powerful NGO’s is far superior to any mechanism in the West including United Kingdom.

President Rajapaksa’s next priorities are (1) Control Bribery and Corruption (2) Rapid Development- At the moment 5 arbours, Air port and and Excellent road network as good as in the UK is on the track (3) Equal rights to all as a solution to the so called ethnic unrest which has sparked by vested interests for which a solution will be on the offer with constitutional arrangements after winning the elections with 2/3 rd majority to bring about constitutional changes (4) Enhance diplomatic relations with the foreign policy unique to him while mending patches and fences with the West, USA and UK and (5) Due process, Independence of Judiciary and protection preservation and enhancement of individual and collective human rights.

We have no option but to get over the difficult time with flying colours. Gorden Brown was prompt in initiation to fight the war on terror and still UK is subjected to threats.- Please refer to 8th June 2007 Gordon Browns war on terror- It is true to say that today the wish and will of the average UK citizen is not the thinking of Gordern Brown or Miliand. They are far above politicians. UK tourists are growing and they love Sri Lanka for beauty, treatment and developments. The coming general election will prove this theory and the reality is that Brown Miliband and some others feel threatened in view of the general election to be held soon. Therefore our issue will be temporary and in the next visit of President Rajapaksa to EU, UK and USA will change the entire fabric of the international arena with his charm goodwill and diplomacy. It is time they should understand President Rajapaksa a his non negotiables are really non negotiable- shall not change or vary at any cost- Love to the Nation, Unitary State, Equality to all and respect to all human beings equally with no favour or division on the country on ethnic grounds, Honourable peace and opportunities for all, equality before nations and equal treatment to all nations mooting constructive changes in the UN system while mooting the non alignment and a unique Foreign policy based on his personality and Mahinda Chintanaya.

All the articles referred to could be retrieved via internet by browsing and typing the writers name, date and the topic. Writer could be reached on sarath8@hotmail.com

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