Sri Lanka: a fresh call to investigate alleged war crimes
Posted on March 6th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

March 6, 2010

Ms. Navanetham Pillay United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Palais Wilson 52 rue des Paquis; CH1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Ms. Navi Pillay:

You sure haven’t given up wanting to nag, bully and beat-up Sri Lanka with a fresh call to investigate the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka during the latter stages of the Eelam War IV before the Tamil Tigers were annihilated on 18 May last year after ruling their de-facto Eelam for 30 years.

Your insistence is certainly getting to be a bit tedious and parceled with a vulgar sentiment, purely for two reasons. One is that your slip is showing and it exposes your sentiments in favour of the Tamils as you did forget to wash the slip as it is still soiled with the muddy paw markings of the Tamil Tigers whom you obviously cuddled during their final days of their existence to provide them with some moral support to fight another day. And secondly that you are a Tamil, and which ever way you may try to splice to tell the world that you are an impartial adjudicator on Human Rights the fact remains that you are a true blooded Tamil and that your “ƒ”¹…”Blood is thicker than water’.

You are certainly bringing a tone of disrepute to your office when you are blatantly disrespecting the decision made by the international governmental UN Human Rights Council on this call for an investigation on Sri Lanka last year. This is certainly a good enough reason to impeach you and have you kicked out of your office.

For you to make this call for an investigation on alleged war crimes stating that not doing so would damage prospects of reconciliation after 25 years of the civil war is asinine. Are you trying to tell us that you are bleeding for Sri Lanka? That amounts to your knickers full of cods wallop Navi. Just cut it.

“I am convinced that Sri Lanka should undertake a full reckoning of the grave violations committed by all sides during the war , and the international community can be helpful in this regard”, you said.

Right lady! Where the hell were you when the Tamil Tigers were violating Human Rights, killing the unarmed innocent civilians with claymore mines and blasting them to smithereens? Where the hell was your voice Navi, when these Tamil Tiger bastards plucked infants from the arms of young Sinhalese mothers and bashed their heads on rocks to enjoy the symphony of cracking skulls as if they were breaking coconuts in the front lawn of the Nallur Hindu temple in Jaffna. Yes, now that these rascals have been wiped out, it is too damn easy for you to pretend to be impartial by saying, “”¦violations committed by all sides”¦.” You know that you cannot bring Prabhakaran and the rest of his murderers from their graves to present them to an International Court of War Crimes. Give me a break Navi!

And who did you have in mind when you said, “”¦and the international community can be helpful in this regard”?

Were you thinking of David Miliband, Gordon Brown, Keith Vaz , Joan Ryan, Andrew Dismore, Virendra Sharma, Andy Love, Lee Scott, Susan Kramer, Robert Evan. John McDonnell, Mike Griffths, Suibhain McDonagh, Bishop John Arnold of Westminster and Bishop John Rawstorne of Sheffield, all from England; Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, Maria Minna, Judy Sgro, John McKay, Albina Guaneiri, Bob Rae and Jack Layton from Canada; Eric Solheim and Oystein Tveter from Norway; Bernard Kouchner and Francois Zimeray from France; Arcbishop Desmond Tutu from your South Africa; Francois Hoiutart from Belgium; Rajindar Sachar, Vaiko, Sushmar Swaraj and Karunanidi from India; Philip Alston and Bob Brown from Australia; Francesca Martone from Italy; Daniel Feierstein from Argentina, Hillary Clinton, Robert Blake and Senator Kerry from the US, and Mary Lawlor from Ireland?

Well, the problem with this crowd from the international community is that they were on scholarships from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and graduated from the College that taught “”…” Let’s carve out Sri Lanka and give the Tamils their Eelam. You might as well forget it Navi because you are on a slippery slope on that thought.

It does seem that your ego has been shattered with what we all saw how Sri Lanka pulled out a thumping victory at the UNHRC vote when you engineered to take Sri Lanka to the International Court on War Crimes. We also witnessed how this stupid issue advocated by you triggered the Clash of the Civilizations of the West and the East and the Remaking of the World Order. The West is not a power any more and will have little impact when wanting to bully little Sri Lanka that has survived the game of geo-political bullying and international terrorism.

It certainly doesn’t auger well for you, the stubborn UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who is determined to take Sri Lanka to International Criminal Courts when your own country South Africa shunned your efforts and supported Sri Lanka at the vote. That is telling you something, isn’t it Navi?

So just pack it up. Don’t push the envelope anymore as you have become a loser big time on this issue of trying to investigate the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka and just leave Sri Lanka alone as it has more important things to do like looking after your own people, 288,000 Tamils that they rescued from the clutches of your Tamil brethren, the ruthless Tamil Tigers.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


4 Responses to “Sri Lanka: a fresh call to investigate alleged war crimes”


    Hear hear hear hear hear hear hear hear hear…………………Well said!!

  2. gdesilva Says:

    I just realized why Navi and the gang cannot call for prosecution of US and UK administrators for war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan……it must be because the war is still ongoing in these places. I guess when a war is ongoing the UN cannot start proceedings until the war is satisfactorily concluded – that’s why they can start on war crimes in Sri Lanka! I guess once these wars are won by US and UK, Navi will call for war crimes probe of those involved – Bush, Rice, Cheeney, Blair, Browne, Milibrain, Krouchner etc. No wonder they say that scum always rises to the top – unfortunately this rule applies to UN as well.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Asoka ! You said it straight off the bat. Nothing further than reality. ** Hell Hath No Fury than a Woman SCORNED. Disrespecting the decision of the UN Human Rights council, is tantamount to negating the credence of the very Principles of the Institution. The relentless motivating factor, to persue what has been apparently vetoed, is her innate feeling of the Hammersmith Hampden bubbling in her, showing the soiled slip. This is also a result, of attempting to reciprocate, for the Hossannas falling from Heaven, given by the SUN Gods disciples.

    Ms Nawanetham Pillai, ! His Excellency The President of Sri Lanka is a Man from the South. They are very gentle in heart, and nature, and formidably aggressive in thought. He cannot be made subservient by you or any Joker Country, compatible with your attitude. He will never ever subjugate his Motherland to interlopers like you, or people whose thoughts are symbolic of yours, or any entity attempting to play the Bullying game.

    Ms Pillai, just try to be nice to beautiful Sri Lanka. Come and enjoy a VADDAI and a THOSAI.

  4. Chintha Says:

    Well said. Asoka W. , You are an inspiration to all patriots. Thank you for your dedication into fighting unjust aginst SL.

    Yes, Navi Pillai is shameful racist Tamil who is furious about the defeat of LTTE and can’t get over it and try to take revenge from SL. If ever any civilians died in the last phase , the 100% resposibility goes to LTTE and LTTE supporters including LTTE diaspora, for forceiably keeping them as hostage and also using them in the fronline giving them wepons. For navi Pillai IC is the bunch of paid agents of LTTE.

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