Sri Lanka: Ha! Bank ki-Moon wants to appoint a panel of experts
Posted on March 8th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

March 7, 2010

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon  
 Secretary General  of the United Nations
 New York, US

Dear Secretary General:

The word that has hit the print media the past 48 hours is that you had announced your intention to appoint a panel of experts to advice the UN chief (you) on accountability issues related to Sri Lanka.

Umm”¦”¦.You know what Ban?  The pressures from the western nations to bring Sri Lanka, that puny little island stuck somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean that defied calls from the US, Britain, Norway, France and the European Union  to declare a “Ceasefire” at the latter stages of the Eelam war so that they could rescue the Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran and his Tamil Tiger leaders and whisk them to safety, is what has smacked them like their parents pulling their pants down and smacking their bare bums for playing stupid until their bottoms turn red.  That is what the problem is Ban, didn’t you figure that one out?  I am surprised. I thought you were smart!

It looks like your blood sugar count gets pretty low often with such Western nations pressures and that you need a shot of insulin to clear your mind so that you could think properly.   Having wiped out the Tamil Tiger terrorist menace after 30 years, President Rajapaksa doesn’t need to be taught a regressive Moon-walk by you that goes backwards.  He is pushing the island progressively forward without the help of the west and that is the direction that he will be walking.

Let’s get this one right Ban.  If the President is accountable to anyone, it is to his masses who had voted him in to office to look after their business and them, and not to a man who calls himself the Secretary General of the United Nations who is pulling puppet strings sitting in a air-conditioned office somewhere in a high rise tower  in New York.  And it was absolutely right for the President to tell you in a simple understandable language that such a stupid move by you were “totally uncalled for and unwarranted.”

Ban I was in stitches when I read that you want to “appoint a panel of experts to advice you”.  What experts Ban?  Did you know that there is a conspiracy within the UN to make you look a rooky on the job when you are advised to appoint certain questionable “experts” to deal with Sri Lanka?

Here is a couple from your galaxy of “experts”.  Navinathen Pillay, a South African Tamil, who is your United Nations  High Commissioner for Human Rights, has acted like a woman scorned by her lover.  She has refused to accept the decision by 29 nations of the UN Human Rights Council which represented 4 billion people against hauling the Sri Lankan Government in front of the International War Crimes Court for the alleged Human Rights violations during the last phase of the Tamil separatist war, while only 12 western nations representing 0.5 billion people voted for it.  She obviously acts like a “white man’s darling” still stalking Sri Lanka to bring her to the International War Crime Court.  Such arrogance is debilitating your command of the UN and showing you up as a weak CEO.  This is not good Ban.  Be ruthless and kick her out.

Then you got this strange Professor Philip Alston, the Australian who is the UN’s Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings.   He has performed like an absurd minded, and an illogical Professorial academic, who has difficulty to comprehend between good analytical research and bad analytical research when it came to dealing with the Channel  4  video clip.  He has embarrassed all of us.  Kick out this “ƒ”¹…”expert’ Ban.  He is part of the conspiracy to make you look like a weak CEO.

The bottom line is you are locking horns with Sri Lanka to satisfy the western nations and Sri Lanka will take you on.  This is a proud nation with a proud and honest people, and what you do not want to do is interfere investigating her internal affairs, which will compel the President to tell you to go home and jump into River Nakdong.

These are the people, who when the world  was sympathetic to the Tamil Tiger terrorists, including your people were crying out  loud  last March, April and May saying that the Sri Lankan Government was committing “genocide” against the Tamils, the Sri Lankan Government was preparing one million meals a day to feed 300,0000 Tamils  thrice a day, whom they rescued from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who held them as a human shield.  By then they had been herded  like cattle for almost two years bringing them from the west in Mannar to the East into Mullaitivu. That is a reality check for you Ban.  That is how caring these proud Sri Lankans are.  It didn’t matter to them that these rescued 300,000 were Tamils. They were all Sri Lankan brothers and sisters to the Sinhalese majority.  Feeding 300,000 Tamils three meals a day with a million meals was not easy, but they did it, when in places like Canada thousands of poor kids go to school with an empty stomach without breakfast.  That is a reality check for you Ban and stop trying to penalize this good and caring people for what comes naturally to them.

When Great Britain took almost 15 years to re-settle their people in repaired and new houses who went homeless after World War II which lasted six years, it was asinine for them and you to expect Sri Lanka that came through a devastating 27 year war to resettle 300,000 Tamils they rescued within two months. Yet, Sri Lanka has produced humanitarian miracles to resettle 220,000 Tamils within nine months in their own homes, having cleared the terrain of millions of landmines which was pocked like fields of mushrooms.    So stop being so uppity Ban trying to undermine this little island which is recovering well without the help from the west after a devastating separatist war with the most ruthless Tamil terrorists in the world.

So why all this silliness Ban?  Why this nonsense wanting to appoint a panel of “experts” to advice you on accountability related to Sri Lanka?  President Mahinda Rajapaksa, doesn’t have to be accountable to you Ban, and you know it.

Just a note of caution Ban.  Be careful not push your luck as President Mahinda Rajajapaksa might tell you to go and fly a kite from the window of your high towered office unless you  learn to respect the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of his sovereign country.  He is in no mood to entertain such arrogance from you or anyone else from the west – the Milibands, the Browns, the Clintons, the Blakes, the Kouchners, the Pillays, you name it.


Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “Sri Lanka: Ha! Bank ki-Moon wants to appoint a panel of experts”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Classic work Asoka. This is the only way to make them understand the real ground situation…

    Keep up your good work.


    I agree 200%. Tell Ban to go to Moon, ah! the other side of the Moon.

  3. orpheusperera Says:

    Good eye opener Asoka.
    You must tell him first to appoint panel to deal with the war crimes of England and US in Iraq. How many innocent civilian were killed by their bombs targeted on residential area of Bagdad and other cities? How many people are still in refugee camps inn adverse conditions? How many children die every day in these refugee camps?
    A special commission should be appointed to deal with the crime by England for supporting General Pinochet to carry out his genocide in Chile and blocking UN from investigating into it.
    We have to let the whole word know about these Earth Parasites before they destroy this world and escape to Mars.
    These facts are only a tip of the ice berg.

  4. gunasinghe Says:

    Well written. Did you send this Moon? If not I can fax this UN. Let me know.

  5. douglas Says:

    Dear H.E. The President of S/L – Did you read this? It is high time you take action to face the “International War” against Sri Lanka. According to Prof. Rohan Gunaratne – an expret on “International Terrorism”, the S/L Govt. is not yet equipped to handle this situation. He refers to the working of the main limb of that war i.e. the Foreign Ministry is very poor in its functioning and until that unit is re-structured, the Govt. will face a formidable task of meeting the challenges ahead. In an interview with the Chairman of the SLBC he said in Sinhala ” ALI BLANNA HARAK DALA , HARAK BLANNA ALI DALA” ( To look after elephants by bulls and bulls to be looked after by elephants) theme of the Foreign Ministry will never work. As Asoka has pointed out the main players by names of this “WAR”, it is high time you take a serious look at this Ministry and re-establish and re-organize it to face the challenges ahead.

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