Letter sent to Mr. Peter Arndt from CJPC in respond to his article published on their website on 02/03/2010:
Posted on March 9th, 2010

By James Jayalath from Melbourne


Dear Mr. Arndt,

I have read your article published in Catholic Justice and Peace Commission website on 02/03/10 and the Catholic Leader on 07/03/10.

As a Catholic I am ashamed to read articles like this because you attract an audience on the Internet to read utter rubbish, and you want people to believe you and take against our Government. Looks like your wish to see our country fail miserably in economic front but I can tell you one thing, people like you are absolute disgrace to the Catholic community because you are trying to create divisions in our society not only in Sri Lanka but in Australia too, and I am not sure how you go to Church and worship the Lord every week.

According you article you have asked the federal government to take strong actions against human right violations in Sri Lanka. Mr. Arndt where were you when LTTE thugs were ruining our country and killing unarmed civilians for the past 30 years. Were you in a Coma? Do not try to promote hatred using religion when you know whole heartedly how some citizens treat Aboriginal people in Australia. Some Western Governments violate human rights in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Why don’t you have guts to write any articles about those issues? Our Sri Lankan President took firm action to destroy terrorism and that was an action against ruthless Tiger movement not against Tamil people. People who migrated to Western countries as refugees (especially LTTE sympathisers) did not want this war to end, but fortunately due to a strong leadership and our war hero’s, they were able to crushed our enemies(LTTE thugs). Some Western Governments tried their best to stop the war at any cost, but sadly they failed and still try to intervene with baseless allegations. Our country needs support to develop not harassment from individuals like you.

 Mr. Arndt if you have nothing to do during your leisure time I have a small suggestion for you. Buy an Air ticket and fly to Sri Lanka and enjoy our Sri Lankan hospitality, and visit a place called Galle Face where you can fly kites (A light framework covered with cloth, plastic, or paper, designed to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string) for leisure. Please keep your hands off from our beautiful country and let people who suffered for 30 years enjoy the freedom with support from our Government and other parts of the world to develop the Nation for every race to live in peace and harmony.

Yours sincerely,

James Jayalath

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    I found Peter’s phone number. I will call him soon and ask him in Christ’s name what is going on. I am a Catholic too (was anyway…). Although I have not gone to Sunday mass for many years.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Fr.S.J. Emmanuel, former Vicar general of the Jaffna diocese, publicly claimed that the LTTE goons are the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST. Now the same Catholic person is the leader of the WORLD TAMIL FORUM which had a meeting in London, England. British FM, Rev. Jesse Jacson of UK too participated in that meeting.

    In Sri Lanka the Catholic Church always a partner of LTTE. Once Catholic priests were holding the photo of terrorist leader Prabhakaran in a demonstration in Kilinochchi. Sinhala Catholic Church always kept silence on the pro-LTTE activities of their Tamil counterparts.

    The current Pope, a NAZI, declared that India and Sri Lanka will be converted as Catholic countries before the end of the century. Tamil Eelam was the first step to carry out Pope’s idea.

    Catholic priests helped and stayed with the LTTE till the last minute in Mullivaykkal. Further they helped LTTE publicly by spreading stories of terror and chased the vllagers to the LTTE area to be used as HUMAN SHIELDS.

    One Fr. James Pathinathar and few others identified as a persons direcly involved in catching children to be used as soldiers in the LTTE.

    LTTE killed all the Tamil Hindu leaders in the North. Now the corrupt Catholic Church become the spokesperson in the North. Catholic Church involved with LTTE from the days of Bank robberies. Catholic Church is the loot keepers of LTTE.

    Catholic Church tried a war in the name of TAMIL but the real purpose was creating a Catholic enclave in Sri Lanka like EAST TIMOR. The East Timor idea is now confirmed by the activities of the USAID which send officials to East Timor to study Land problems!

    That is why now FOREINERS cry against the government which destroyed the pro-Catholic LTTE. Those countries are powerful and more destructive power than small Island nation of Sri lanka. Catholic Church is always a tool of the WESTERN POWERS.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Read “Rev. Jesse Jackson of USA”

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