Thanks For Your Concerns Canada But Sri Lanka Is A Sovereignity With Compassionate Intelligent Administrators!
Posted on March 12th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar 12th March 2010

Well Well Well!

Is this another surge of concern and sympathy by the Canadian Administration about Sri Lankan Tamils and their needs, lending credence to behind the scene lobbying by the Tamil separatist idealogists amongst others? one might ask! It was assumed to a greater part that the Harper Administration would not be misled by the Tamil Lobby in Canada and hopefully it isnt!

 Does Canada not give any credibility to what the world is seeing visibly as a genuine effort by the Rajapaksha Administration to attend to the needs of Sri Lankan Tamils or is Canada deliberately attempting to bypass this in order to appease the screeches and hoots of some Canadian Tamils inasmuch as previous administrations did in order to hold onto captive votes in various constituencies where Tamil votes were considered important towards retainig certain parliamentary seats relative to power in Ottawa!

 Curiously Canada is reported to have asked Sri Lanka to start talks and the reconciliation process with the Tamil groups, saying such a step is crucial for lasting peace in the country and had Canada refered to the needs of Sri lankan Tamils rather than allude to Tamil groups the issue might have been worth responding to perhaps.

Case in point being realistically that : “the Tamil groups” in Sri Lanka today or a majority of them are mostly comprised of disgruntled factions with pro Tamil Tiger leanings and orientation where even the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) despite its Pro Government rhetoric as a survival instinct needs to be viewed relative to the issues at hand as one needs to read between the lines as they hardly admit to the faults of the Tamils themselves who initially created the communal tensions within Sri Lanka renting it assunder for over three decades

 It seems quite easy to suggest that “After 30 years of war, reconciliation is crucial for lasting peace in Sri Lanka. Canada awaits to see what steps the Government of Sri Lanka will take towards this reconciliation,” Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, told Sri Lanka’s new High Commissioner Chitranganee Wagiswara during a meeting.

What the Canadian representative seems to have missed is the realities about of how and why the Tamils need restitution and reconciliation which they themselves brought upon their heads with many indiscretionary and provocative actions against past Governments of Sri Lanka for decades in an environment of Post Independence Sri Lanka( Ceylon) where despite many attempts to attend to their needs by the various incumbent administrations it was always a case of the dissatisfied minority ethnic group the Tamils were, demanding rights which they were neither entitled to nor were they a significantly separate as well as distinctly privileged society within Sri Lanka to demand such as they needed to adhere to the laws which governed all Sri lankans but decided to revolt against !

The rest is modern history!

 So when Canada urges the Government of Sri Lanka to effect an early safe return and resettlement of the approximately 100,000 individuals who remain displaced” It is not a challege which needs to be picked up by Sri Lanka relative to neglect as it is already a foremost priority.These individuals one must not forget! are in fact a creation of the own irresponsible excesses fomented by the urgings of the Tamil leaders themselves where the concept of Tamil liberation was veritably blown ourt of proportion by a megalomaniacal lunatic whom the Tamils per se decided to champion and as a result of which the Sri Lankan Tamils were made to pay a severe price which is not something the Government of Sri Lanka can be held accountable for.

 The GOSL has acted accordingly and with absolute justification to preserve the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of the country in dealing with insurgents sponsored by the Tamils themselves and if they need to be resettled, rehabilitated and reconciled with, while it is a humungous task for the Government it will take its due course but needs no nudges or egging on by any extraneous forces such as Canada or the rest of them beyond perhaps tangible material aid and finances rather than continuously harping on this theme which is realistically an internal matter which the Sri Lankan Administration seems to be dealing with quite equitably to the task at the present despite the hazards involved!

 Refering to the State of Emergency and the request to withdraw it in the words of the Canadian representative, it seems more of an obstreperous demand by the individual who seems to have little or no insight into the state of affairs within Sri Lanka which demands the extension of the emergency with sparse relativity to the Tamil Tiger conflict being over and no entitlement to the privilege and a contradiction of principles and the protocols which govern foreign diplomacy!

Thanks For Your Concerns Canada But Sri Lanka Is A Sovereignity With Compassionate Intelligent Administrators who neither need coercing towards their administrative responsibilities nor any reminding of what their responsibilities are towards a fallout of an irresponsible Tamil insurgency where the needs of all displaced citizens of Sri Lanka including the Tamil minority will be met and resolved in due course!

3 Responses to “Thanks For Your Concerns Canada But Sri Lanka Is A Sovereignity With Compassionate Intelligent Administrators!”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    What needs to be clearly understood is that the entire Christian West is up against Sri Lanka and it is they along with the Christian Church who is orchestrating efforts to dismember Sri Lanka. It is quite unfortunate that people talk as if these countries are making these utterances by mistake. This is their long term strategy for the region.

    Many years ago it was during the construction of the Maduru Oya reservoir which was funded by Canada that they started to delve into our internal affairs by commenting on land settlement in favor of Tamils. They will never falter in their policy nor in their un-ending efforts to dismember Sri Lanka and thereby gain a foot hold in this geo-politically strategic location.

    The Christian West Orchestra will go on and it is up to us to understand and take meaningful political and other strategic actions to counter this threat. Just like an orchestra when one fiddle goes down from somewhere else another will raise its voice.

    All this will not happen if India exerts her good efforts to stand by her neighbors in South Asia. It is when India allows herself to be prostituted by the Christian West, the neighbors in the region needs to be extra vigilant. Sri Lanka must rely on her all weather friends to tide over these times.

    As for the Tamils they have to decide whether they want to live in one Sri Lanka or not. Sri Lanka has been through 30 years of misery and this nation is not ready to embroil themselves in further conflicts to satisfy their selfishness. The whole of Sri Lanka should remain united and indivisible. Any further notions of separation should not be entertained.

    The North and East of Sri Lanka was the heartland of the Sinhalese for over two thousand years and that it is where the Sinhalese Hydraulic Civilization flourished. The Sinhalese in their heart of hearts will never countenance that their land to be parceled out to recent plantation workers brought to the Island by the colonial invaders. The most of present day Tamils in the North are descendants of indented labor that came to work on tobacco plantations originated by the despicable Portuguese. The same endeavor was pursued by the Dutch and this illegal enterprise was extended to cover the Eastern coast too. All this was later followed by the British who brought, those now called Indian Tamils to their Tea Plantations. Originally they were high concentration coastal colonies and it is these numbers that were used against, by then depopulated areas of the North and East, to show that they are majority Tamil areas.

    Sri Lanka now more than anytime else needs time and space to make progress on developing the country and build up on its infrastructure facilities. This will enable free flow of resources – men and material and funds throughout the country. This will not happen if the country continue to get bogged down on the quagmire of Tamil Racism.

    The North and East should never be parceled out to satisfy Tamil racist demands; that is unless Sri Lanka wants more blood baths and the Tamils more Nanthikadals.

    The Christian West and the Christian Church are as usual fishing in troubled waters! We must rely on our all weather friends on on our own strengths to tell them in no uncertain terms where to get off! We are no longer a colony of any of these despicable nations nor of the Christian Church!

  2. priyanikari Says:

    I agree with you mr. rathnapala – well done.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Catholic Church is part of the LTTE. The UNP is another ally of Catholic/Christian Church. Now the same Christian churches try to get more milage through Shiranthi Rajapakse and her clan of Catholics.

    Tamil Hindus are still under the colonial oppression. Only a single Tamil leader Douglas devananda still alive after LTTE-Catholic Church combine killed all the HINDU Tamils.(Maxists, Leftists, Socialists, Eelamists or others).

    Now Catholic Church surfaced as the LEADER in the North. That is recognised by the South. That is why ALL from South go and bend infront of Bishop Thomas Savundaranayakam who is an appiontee of Nazi POPE in Vatican.

    Catholics are only 10% among Tamils!

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