Deepak Obhrai:The Tamils still want their separate state, Eelam
Posted on March 16th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1

March 15, 2010

Hon. Deepak Obhrai, MP  
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of  Foreign Affairs
Government of Canada   
House of Commons, Ottawa  
 Dear Deepak:

This is a continuation of my letter to you of March 13, 2010, on “ƒ”¹…”Canada asks Sri Lanka to start talks with Tamil Groups’  when you had requested Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Chitranganee Wagiswara “”…” “Canada has asked Sri Lanka start talks and the reconciliation process with the Tamil groups, saying such a step is crucial for lasting peace in the country.”

And I asked you, “Did you let the High Commissioner know which group(s) that Canada wishes Sri Lanka should engage in talks with?”

I am not sure whether the Canadian government really knows what it is getting into when you try to dabble in Sri Lankan politics.  I really don’t think you all do.  In case your researchers missed this comment by the spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress who said on Saturday in Toronto that “”¦The TNA (Tamil National Alliance) has not abandoned its four co-principles which include a separate homeland for Tamils”.

Now you got two Tamil groups, the Tamil National Alliance and the Canadian Tamil Congress that you may want to choose from  among others (will mention later) to ask the Sri Lankan Government to “start talks with”.

I hope you noted that the Canadian Tamil Congress has told explicitly that they want a “separate homeland for Tamils,” too.

This was the very reason  why “”…” Sri Lanka was involved in a 27 year war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE aka Tamil Tigers);

This was the very reason why “”…” by the end of the war which happened on May 18, 2009, the world saw  over 100,000 Sri Lankan citizens killed including the combatants;

This was the very reason why “”…” the Tamil Tigers recruited over 5,300 child soldiers, boys and girls for combat and saw a whole generation wiped out at war as they fell along the frontline like poppies scythed, sent in as cannon fodder by the adult Tamil Tigers, and UNICEF could do sweet nothing about it other than counting the numbers that were recruited;

This was the very reason why “”…” the Tamil Tigers assassinated two Heads of States, Rajiv Gandhi former Prime Minister of India  (21 May 1991) and President Ranasinghe Premadasa of Sri Lanka (1 May 1993);

This was the very reason why –  the Tamil Tigers assassinated Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Laksman Kadirgamar (our Hon. Lawrence Cannon);  Ranjan Wijeratne, former Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister and State Minister of Defence (our Hon. Peter MacKay) ( 2 March 1991); assassinated former Opposition Leader and leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front A. Amirthalingam 13 July 1989 (our Hon. Michael Ignatieff); assassinated  Sri Lanka’s Minister of Industries C.V. Gunaratne (our Hon. Tony Clement); assassinated three Mayors of Jaffna Alfred Duraiappah, Sarojini Yogeswaran, P. Sivapalan (like our Mayors of Quebec City);

This was the very reason why “”…” Canada during the Liberal administration of 13 years let the Canadian Tamil Diaspora collect two million dollars a month for 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest to buy  sophisticated weapons;

This was the very reason why “”…” the Canadian Tamil Tiger sympathizer front group  cut a 7 ½ million dollar cheque from a bank in Vancouver in 1994 to purchase 50 tonnes of TNT and 10 tonnes of RDX explosives from the Rubezhone Chemical Plant in the Ukraine;

This was the very reason why “”…” these explosive materials were used in a truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank Building in Colombo on 31 January 1996 killing 114 and maiming 1,400 others for life;

This was the very reason why “”…” the above explosive materials were used to bomb the Buddhist Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth in Kandy the most revered Buddhist precinct in Sri Lanka;

This was the very reason why – the Tamil Tigers ethnically cleansed the North of Sri Lanka by stoning and chasing 400 Sinhalese students and lecturers from the Jaffna University campus in August 1977; and chased 100,000 Muslims in October 1990 giving them just 24 hour to leave town making Idi Amin of Uganda look like an angel who had a heart to give Ugandan Indians three months to get out;

This was the very reason why “”…” the human suicide body pack was invented by the Tamil Tigers which is now being used as an effective weapon by Taliban and other terrorists organizations around the world, and by April 2009, the Tamil Tigers had their 388th  human suicide bomb detonated killing hundreds;

This was the very reason why “”…” we saw the Tamil Tigers having a naval wing, the Sea Tigers;

This was the very reason why “”…” we saw 11 Tamil Tiger arms ships, all owned by  this terrorist outfit detected  scuttled or destroyed by the Sri Lankan and Indian navies : MV Sun Bird (Dec.1990), MV Tongnova (Nov.1991), MV Ahat (Jan.1993), MV Horizon (Feb.1996), MV Fratzescom (Nov.1997), MV Mariamma (Mar.1998), MV Showamaru (May 1999), Thai authorities discovered half-built mini submarine in Phuket, unarmed vessel off Kalmunai (Sept.2006), unarmed vessel off South of Dondra (Feb.2007), unarmed vessel off South East of Arugam Bay (Mar.2007) and the fishing trawler Sri Krishna (May 2007);

This was the very reason why – the world saw the first terrorist organization in the world, the Tamil Tigers have an air wing with four Czech ZLIN 143 planes which were converted into night bombers;

This was the very reason why –  the Tamil Tigers built seven air strips in the North of Sri Lanka for the use of their air wing of which two were long and wide enough with the intention of  landing large cargo planes at night filled with war weapons;

This was the very reason why “”…” we saw the brutal riots on July 25 1983, when the 12 bodies of the soldiers who were assassinated in the North in an ambush by the Tamil Tigers were brought to Colombo for burial, the Sinhalese went berserk and went after the Tamils.  This was the culmination of a decade of killings, harassing and ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese by the Tamil Tigers.  In that riot 345 Tamils were killed, Tamil businesses were destroyed and thousands were made homeless. What has not been mentioned in the media is that during the riots thousands of Sinhalese homes took in their Tamil friends and guarded them for days from their own angry Sinhalese rioters. My family took in and guarded three such Tamil families who were our neighbours. That was when the Tamils came out of the wood work from every nook and corner of Sri Lanka to get on planes and fanned out around the world bypassing their Homeland Tamil Nadu just 18 miles away over the Indian Ocean where 61 million of their Tamil brethren live, searching for greener pastures and 250,000 landed in Canada saying that they were scared to live in Sri Lanka where they were discriminated and persecuted.  But when each one of them got their Canadian passport, the scare to walk on Sri Lanka’s soil and breathe Sri Lanka’s air vanished and they all got on a plane and flew back to Sri Lanka for holidays and visit their relations singing their anthem “O! Canada, what a bunch of fools you are”¦.”;

This was the vey reason why – a horrendous prison riot broke out on July 25, 1983 at the Welikade Prison in Colombo when angry Sinhalese inmates wielding clubs and iron rods broke into the wards housing the convicted Tamil terrorists and  killed some of them;

This was the very reason why “”…” leaders of the competing Tamil terrorist organizations were assassinated by the Tamil Tigers to take supremacy for the cause of getting their mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam “”…” Uma Maheswaran (PLOTE, 16 July 1989); Sri Sabaratnam (TELO,  May 1986) and Kandaswamy. Pathmanabha (EPRLF, 19 June 1990); “Oberoi” Thevan (TELA, 14 August 1983);

This was the very reason why –  the Canadian Parliament sat on 4 February 2009 at 6:30 in the evening to have an “ƒ”¹…”Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka’ ( I called it the Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show) when NDP’s Paul Dewar accused the Sri Lankan Government for using “ƒ”¹…”cluster bombs’ which was an out right lie; when Liberal Jim Karygiannis asked, “My question to my learned friend is this. Is this not something similar that would require the R2P, responsibility to protect, and especially of the Tamil nation? In Sri Lanka, there are two diasporas, two nations: the Tamil and Sinhalese (Deepak, that’s a load of cods wallop); when Liberal Albina Guaneiri said, “The, the darkest moment, July 1983, over 3,000 Tamils were killed, many burned alive” (Deepak ,where the hell did she get these numbers? She has multiplied the deaths by 10. Wow Lady!  The Tamil propaganda is certainly working well in the Canadian parliament corridors); when Liberal John McKay said “This conflict cannot be won militarily even if the Government of Sri Lanka is under the illusion that it can win this war militarily” (How wrong he was.  The Tamil Tigers were wiped out completely militarily 3 months later on May 18, 2009);  when Liberal Maria Minna said, “”¦what we have today which is the horrible humanitarian crisis which has trapped 240,000 people in an area that they cannot get out of at the moment”¦” (Deepak, was she sleeping since July 2006 to suddenly wake up when she realized that the Tamil Tigers were going to be wiped out soon.  No tears flowed down her cheeks for  these 240,000 Tamils as they were herded like cattle from the west coast in Mannar to the east coast as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers while they were pushed back by the  Armed forces into oblivion).

This was the very reason why “”…” we had several thousands of Tamils harassing the public in Ottawa and Toronto during rush hour demonstrating with a sea of Tamil Tiger red flags for days last April and May, and we did not have the guts to ask them to go back home and not take the rights and  freedoms of the other citizens away.  Deepak, my wife who normally gets home after work at 5:30 from down town Ottawa arrived around 7:00 in the evenings at our home in Gloucester during those days and I was livid.  Pocks on all of you bastards for taking away my quality time with my wife, I cursed.) .

Deepak, it does seem that our parliamentarians have a very short memory on our recent political history when we showed our resentment when an outsider tried to interfere in our internal affairs, and yet we try to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.  Hypocrisy at its best, I think.

To nudge your memory here’s what happened.

On an official State visit to Canada in July 1967 to celebrate Canada’s 100 years of nationhood, the French President General Charles de Gaulle ignited a storm of controversy in the Anglophone world when he stood before a crowd of 100,000 Quebecois in Montreal and declared Vive le Quebec libre!  While this implied support for Quebec’s independence was a monumental diplomatic blunder and interference into another country’s internal affairs, it was one that inflamed the passion of some nationalist Quebecois and inspired members of the secession movement.

Following de Gaulle’s remark, the Prime Minister of Canada, Lester B. Pearson cancelled plans for de Gaulle to visit the capital Ottawa and the seat of government, and requested the French President to leave Canada.  Critics of this incident also drew the parallel for interference between Quebec independence and past Franco-German consternation of ownership of Alsace-Lorraine.  Deepak, wouldn’t you say that our interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and telling what to do is a bit of arrogance and an attitude to say that “We are Holier than Thou”?

And here is another for you to recall.   While Canada seems to be overly concerned about the Sri Lankan government wiping out the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, the Tamil Tigers with no help from NATO, with no help from anyone to be exact, while we are still helping NATO to try and wipe out the Talibans in Afghanistan, our parliamentarians keep forgetting how Canada evoked the WAR MEASURES ACT with draconian powers during the October  Crisis of 1970 to nip in the bud the FLQ separatist movement.

Remember, Canada only had to deal with a separatist armoury of a grand total of 33 firearms, and 21 other offensive weapons including 3 smoke grenades, 9 hand knives and 1 sabre and we had to deploy the Canadian army to walk the streets of Montreal and Ottawa with assault rifles  on the draw ready to shoot to get these few Quebec separatists who were dropping smoke bombs in mail boxes and killed one,  Pierre Laporte, the Quebec’s Labour Minister.  Remember?

But then we saw how the Canadian Parliamentary Gong Show on February 4, 2009, was damning the Sri Lankan Government for going after the Tamil Tigers who had an armoury of millions of land mines and bullets, thousands of claymore mines, AK47s , RPGs,  SAMs, light and heavy machine guns, 15-18mm guns and suicide bomber body packs, etc.

Aren’t we Canadians a bunch of hypocrites, especially the parliamentarians, the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and the Bloc who only see the 100,000 Tamil votes dangling in front of their eyes?

You did ask Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Chitranganee Wagiswara to tell her government that it should engage in talks with the Tamil groups which you said was a step towards lasting peace in the country.

Perhaps you may want to let her know which Tamil group(s) Canada would like Sri Lanka to engage in talks, as it may be difficult for the Sri Lankan government to pick one as they all want their separate mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state Eelam carved out of one-third of its territory bordered by 66 per cent of the coastline for the present 3.9% of its population among the 22 million peoples of all ethnic groups.

Let me present to you Deepak the “ƒ”¹…”dogs breakfast’, and you may want to use the child’s game  – “ƒ”¹…”Eenie”¦Meenie”¦Mynee”¦Mo”¦catch the Tiger by its toe, if it bites you let him go”¦Eenie”¦.Meenie”¦.Mynee”¦.Mo“, to eliminate one group by one group.  Pick the one  that Smart Alec Canada would like Sri Lanka to talk with from this crowd of Tamil separatist groups “”…” Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Global Tamil Forum (GTF), World Tamil Movement (WTM), British Tamil Forum (BTF), Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), House of Eelam Tamils of France, European Tamil Union, Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils (NCET), Swedish Tamil Forum (STF), Danish Federation of Tamil Associations (DFTA), Tamil Relief Fund (TRF-Malaysia), New Zealand Tamil Society, Wellington Tamil Society, and United States  Tamil Political Action Council. I may have missed a dozen or more.

Perhaps, you may want to play the game of Eenie”¦Meenie”¦Mynee”¦Mo with the Liberals like Maria Minna, Judy Sgro, Albina Gurnieiri, Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, John McKay, Bob Rae, John Cannis and Robert Oliphant who have a direct interest in providing their Tamil constituents a separate patch of land in Sri Lanka to form their separate state Eelam.

Once you make the choice on behalf of Canada let me know as I am curious.

Good luck, Deepak.


Asoka Weerasinghe

Conservative Party Member C11255047/Sustaining Donor 11255047

PS: Here is a NEW FLASH which you may wish to share with your Cabinet colleagues “”…”  Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration; Hon. Vic Toews, Minister of National Security & Hon. John Baird, Minister of Transport.



14 Responses to “Deepak Obhrai:The Tamils still want their separate state, Eelam”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Very well written article. Well done Asoka. These jokers in the Canadian parliament never seems to give up. The diaspora must be looking after them well.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    As usual you missed the point. Deepak wanted to talk with the tamil groups in Sri lanka and not in Canada.

    Further you are always shouting like a Bull-dog and hide the Sinhalese who supported or supports LTTE or any other Foreign backed group in Sri lanka.

    Try to clean your own backyard first!

    VEERA -SOORA kathawa in LankaWeb will pay nothing or never noticed by the people concerned. If you get any response from Canadian politicians, please publish!


    Listen you idiot M.S.MUdali, I am sure you missed the point not Asoka. There are many Tamil groups in Sri Lanka too. What are you talking about? I think you are either a Tamil or a sympathiser. We Sinhalese do make mistakes, but we must never fight each other on a website like this.

    I suggest you either write patriotic articles (with reasoanble facts) like Asoka does, or shut your fuck up!!

    Asoka, we do want you to write more and more.

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Asoka for the detailed listing of LTTE crimes and other contributions which I always appreciate. There are many items of unfinished business and the Sinhalas can no more go to sleep though the ‘war has been won’.
    The next step the Tamil separatists are trying ( and not for the first time) is to push hard (again) their cooked up version of SL history of ‘3 kingdoms before the Brits arrived which were amalgamated by them for administrative convenience – and can we have it back!’ to support their claim. So I propose that there should be an official version of SL History, denial of which is a criminal offence punishable with severe penalties on the lines of ‘Holocaust denial in Germany’ and the Constitution amended accordingly.
    It should be incessantly pointed out that if Tamils want a separate state based on their ethnicity, that place is ALWAYS the place of their ethnic origin and that is Tamil Nadu in India and NEVER in Sri Lanka. In SL Tamils have to fit in with all other SL Citizens.
    Hope you will think through and write something on these lines as a start

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Another line of attack by the separatists is their so called right for ‘self-determination’ which needs to be dealth with which I believe is only possible by a Nation-Wide referendum but I am no legal expert. Your thoughts please.

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    A Great letter Asoka!
    I hope Deepak is no doubt an Indian origin? After South African Tamil racist Navinathan Pillai now another anti Sri Lankan Indian tried us to teach how to govern our country. These Indians thinks they know everything? Before advice us he must advice to Indians how to govern their country.
    Deepak must tell us in 1947 how many millions Muslims killed by Indian Hindu fundamentalist. After divide India to two states (Pakistan/Hindustan) are they having a peaceful life in both nations. Three declared wars between them in 1947,1962,1971. How many billions of $ spent by both countries? Still at least 75% Indians live below the poverty line. But they spent several billions $ to purchase war hardware. Good source of income to American, British, German, French, Swedish, Norway, Canadian weapon industry? Is that the reason Deepak wants us to divide our country in to two. What they want is the endless wars to kill each other at the end profit to western weapon dealers. Even it’s same in Israel/Palestine and Arab war, Koreas war North and South, China and Taiwan tension, Vietnam War North and South etc.

    Why not he advice his country India to have talk with Pakistan?

    Deepak must tell India to talk with Sikh kalistan militants, Naxalite militants, Kashmir militants, Mao militants, Nagaland militants, Assam militants, Veerappa’s tamil militants and give separate states to said militants.
    Asoka please reminds Deepak to advice Indian Government that India doesn’t have any right to invade Sikkim and it is a war crime. Why Navinathan Pillai of UNHRC and Deepak is silence about it? Please ask Deepak to take this matter in Canadian Parliament.

  7. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Cool down man! Your name sounds like TAMIL or Malayalee. This forum is for the PUBLIC all over the world and not confined to a group of people.

    Any one has the right to make suggestions to solve problems. Asoka never give any ideas for any solutions but he barks like a CHANDIYA in Pettah Market! Patriotism needs to identify the TRAITORS like Ranil Wickramasinghe who did all the help to LTTE to build bunkers and other growths of terrorism.

    Barking at the TAIL never get any peace to Sri lankans when purposely forget the HEAD of the troubles.

    If Asoka is a Patriotic Sri Lankan, why did he become a Canadian?

    Many Tamils fled Sri Lanka after the terror unleashed by Catholic Church backed LTTE. Are you expecting the Tamils to die at the hands of LTTE or Army?

    You or Asoka never lived among LTTE terrorists and easily blame others. Sinhala is not enough to prove the PATRIOTISM but GOOD DEEDS are needed.

    Now the government under the Prez Mahinda realized the evils among Sinhalese/Tamils. UNP always lead the country to the comfort of foreiners. LTTE is part of the trouble created by the Reagan-Thatchar AXIS. UNP supported it directly and indirectly. Even Ranil carved out an area for LTTE rule to make the FOREIN masters happy!

    Now the cat is out of the bag. All the foreign LTTE backers openely throw stones at the current government which destroyed a foreign backed terrorists in Sri Lanka.

    Remember! Sinhala or Tamil Racism is different from Sri lankan Patriotism!

  8. dingiri bandara Says:

    Instead of meddling in Sri Lanka who waged a war against the most ruthless terrorist organization, these Canadians should look into the Afican continent where so much genocide is commited and also look into the conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians to resolve the problem of the homeless Palestinians.
    They also should wage war aganst weapon suppliers and the arms dealers who makes it possible for the terror groups to wage war against innocent government.
    The tamils have a seperate homland already in Tamil Nadu which is named after them. If the Canadian meddlers want help the tamils they should take the matter up with India which is a super power and leave Sri Lanka alone

  9. Sita Perera Says:

    Asoka Weerasinghe – one of the top patriots of our times. We are ever very grateful to you Sir. You will be one day remembered as a National Hero of the country, for the service you have rendered to our country single handedly. Mahinda Rajapakse – please take a note. These are the people that you must give “Deshamanya” not to the rogues. May Asoka Weerasinghe live a long life.

  10. colomba hadaya Says:

    Boy what a ‘Blowhard’ !! Is your middle name ‘Windbag’, Sri Lanka could use your services when they install
    Wind Turbine Generators.


    Hello FY Mudali:

    Son, you are still missing the point!!

    This forum is for all, in the world. This is the very reason why we must encourage people like Asoka. Sinhalese traitors are our own and we must discipline them, but not over this forum that may be read by everyone. Asoka was writing to a particular individual in Canada, who is obviously “drumming” up for Tamil diaspora votes in Canada, nothing else and Asoka has nailed him on the head. We see nothing wrong in it. The amount of facts he has written in the article, I do not think you knew (honestly, I did not…) until you read through the article. Also, you were very unethical when you are trying to ridicule a writer in a public forum like Lankaweb. If you want to criticise well, you have the freedom to do it through another article, but not by directing a third class criticism that gives leverage to our enemy. Asoka has a record of all the events that are quickly fading away from our memories and we must not forget the past although we may forgive.

    I or Asoka never lived with Tamil terrorists you say, you are a boody fool to say something like this, because you know nothing about me!! And it has nothing to do with the article. I think you have a problem that you need to sort out yourself with a professional. This forum would not be able to provide you with any mental comfort, sorry mate!

    MUdali, I would not reply to you anymore (even if you reply to me any abuse me…), as I do not want to upset you anymore. Good Luck to you my patriotic son!!

  12. Sita Perera Says:

    Honoured Sir, Asoka, M.S.MUdali above makes a serious accusation. He states you are writing letters only to Lankaweb and they are not published within Canadian media. If you are not raising a voice for Sri Lanka in Canada, but only in Lankaweb, then it is a serious concern. Sir, is it possible for you to rebut this accusation?

  13. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Asoka jumps at the current Conservative government while he is a member of the same party. He failed to mention the same government put a ban on LTTE activities. LTTE offices were seized and closed down for ever in Canada. LTTE activities, Fund raising and their terror were vanished now.

    I never heard any Sinhalese worked hard to bring a ban on LTTE in Canada except few brave Tamils. Some of them were sentenced to death by LTTE.

    Prez Mahinda too said he will talk to the TAMIL MPs after the elctions. Further he too expect votes from Tamils. Survival of democracy depends on VOTES.

    The sad truth is majority Tamils in Canada vote for Liberals while Liberal oppose the separation of French Quebec.

    As far as Canadian Laws concerned REFUGEES will be accepted from troubled countries under the Immigration.

    I do not think the Canadian government knowingly allow LTTE as refugees. Many identified LTTE terrorists are unable to get PR or Citizenship in Canada.

    Canada is the only country in the western hemisphere enacted the the Human Rights of the UN in its constitution!

  14. asoka weerasinghe Says:

    This is in response to Sita Perera’s request that I respond to M.S.MUdali’s “serious accusations” about my letter to Deepak Obhrai.
    1. “He states you are writing letters only to Lankaweb and they are not published within Canadian media”. MUdali, this might surprise you. There have been 595 letters of mine published on the Sri Lankan Ethnic Crisis between
    August 1983 and March 2010. Perhaps you may wish to check these in the following newspaper archives :
    * Sri Lanka Situation, THE OTTAWA CITIZEN, 11 August 1983
    * A United Sri Lanka, THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Toronto, 3 July 1984
    * Facts Distorted, THE WINDSOR STAR, Windsor, Ontario, 13 August 1984
    * Tamil Tiger terrorists are at root of Sri Lankan Problem, TORONTO STAR, 6 October 1984
    * Tamil problem is also India’s, THE GAZETTE, Montreal, 22 July 1985
    * Sri Lanka Woes, THE PROVINCE, Vancouver, BC, 8 May 1986
    * Tamils not Understood, THE EVENING TELEGRAM, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 23 August 1986
    * Amnesty International Report on Sri Lanka biased, THE WHIG-STANDARD, Kingston, Ontario, 15 January 1987
    * Tamil Tragedy in Sri Lanka, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL WEEKLY, India, 15 October 1988
    * The Gladstone Affair, LANKA NEWS, Toronto, August 1991
    * Quarrel with murderous militants, THE SUNDAY STAR, 2 February 1992
    * Column Paints false picture of Sri Lanka, SURREY/DELTA LEADER, British Columbia, 26 February 1992
    * LTTE’s Slaughter of the Defenseless must Stop, STAR INDIA, Mississauga, Ontario, 11 December 1992
    * Many sided Story, MACLEAN’s, Toronto, 19 August 1996
    * The Other side of terrorist story exposed, ASIAN TRIBUNE, 10 October 2005
    * Tamil Excuses, THE NATIONAL POST, 18 March 2006
    * Peace Loving Norway’s Cluster Bomb Secret, EMBASSY, 7 March 2007

    MUdali no doubt you are stunned with this bit of information. In case you wish to have the index to all 595 published letters of mine, kindly post your full “real” name and address and I shall gladly send them by mail to you.

    2. “I never heard any Sinhalese worked hard to bring a ban on LTTE in Canada except a few brave Tamils, you said. That is a load of BULL MUdali. Perhaps you may wish to ask Jason Kenney, Stockwell Day and Art Hanger (not an MP now but is in Calgary) to name any Sinhalese who worked hard to get the LTTE banned. I won’t be surprised if you hear my name in that menu.

    3 “Further you are always barking like a BUll-dog….” you said MUdali. That is pathetic. You are a poor student of Bioacoustics, who is having difficulty to decipher between the bark of a BUll-dog, and a Roar of a Lion. What you have been hearing was the roar of a WEERA-SINHA.

    4. “If Asoka is Patriotic Sri Lankan, why did he become a Canadian”, you asked. I am also a Sri Lankan MUdali.
    In case you wondered what I came to Canada, here’s why. In 1970 when the Canadian Government couldn’t find a liberal-scientist among the 28 million Canadians to do a particular job for them, they head-hunted and found me in London, England, and invited me to come to Canada. So that is why I am here.

    In case you wondered whether I would do the same if Sri Lanka head-hunts me to help them. My answer will be an emphatic “Yes”. And I did it between 1989 and 1994 when the President of the country wanted me to give them a hand and I did just that with a loss in wages of $20,000 a year, losing $100,000 in five years.
    You know sweet nothing about me MUdali.

    5. “You or Asoka have never lived among LTTE terrorists”, you chided Priyan. Are you joking MUdali? I am living among tHe LTTE in Canada right now who have threatened to blow my face ever since 1983. The last phone threat I received was about 10 days ago. In June 1987, they threatened to blow up a 15 story office building, 200 Kent Street in Ottawa, because I was working there and it was a major security crisis then. I believe you know sweet nothing about me.

    Sita, I hope I respected your wish. I will not respond to any of MUdali’s blarney as I have other important things to deal with. However, I thank you, Sri Rohana, S. de Silva, Priyan Wijeratne and Sarath W for your encouraging words. Just ignore this MUdali. You are just wasting your time.

    Just a bit of news I hope you will be glad to know that about 80 Ottawans had a “Dinner in Honour of Asoka Weerasinghe and two others who were pioneers of Project Peace for a United Sri Lanka”, at the Chimo Hotel in Ottawa last evening (20 March). This was honouring our 27 years of work on blunting LTTE propaganda in Canada.

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