Legitimate grievances and national problem of the Hela/Sinhela people
Posted on March 30th, 2010

Anura Seneviratna, Dr. MB.Ranatunga, Sumith de Silva, Ira Mediwake, Asanka Haradasa, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ranjith Wijetunge, Ranjith Wijetunge, Dhanapala Godagangdeni, Sam Samararatne (for expat Hela team).

The endless rhetoric of alleged legitimate grievances and national problem pertaining to the non indigenous Tamil minority in Heladiva (SL) is rampant. But if looked at impartially with justice and truth at the core, it is a self-evident fact that the legitimate grievances and national problem in the Island Country is wholly of its pre-historically ancient indigenous Hela people and NOT of the non indigenous Tamil ethnic minority of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) origin, who are none other than INCLUSIVE members of the Hela Nation.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

The legitimate grievances and national problem of the Hela/Sinhela people is vast and extreme and to expose these facts, a few gross violations against the Hela Nation as follows:-

  • The robbed island country of SinhaleƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ was not reverted to at least SinhaleƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ or corrected to its pristine identity of Heladiva (island of Helas). Instead, ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-LankaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ a nickname used by foreigners was installed by the past pseudo anti-Hela/Sinhela politicos ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢¢”š¬…” in violating the national name of the land deed. This opened a loophole for non indigenous Tamils to be considered as an official entity when ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-TamilƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ should ONLY be designated to Tamil Nadu and nowhere else.
  • Tamil language, culture and Hindu religion of Tamil Nadu were given official status in gross violation of the Hela Nation in our national motherland.
  • The national sovereignty status of the National flag was tainted with the Tamil national colour band.
  • Apartheid type foreign Tamil enclave in the north was allowed and to practice racist policies against the very indigenous nation of Hela people of our national Island Country.
  • When other robber nations like Portuguese, Dutch, British left the island as the crime of robbing is not a right, while only the earlier Tamiloid ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Dravidian attempting to convert the crimes to rights is crassness or shamelessness.
  • While every minority in host countries attempt to merge with the host nation as a refined, civilized and a political norm, Tamil minority in the host country of Heladiva, trying to extinct the host nation and rob the host country in a blatantly vile manner.
  • Justice for the Hela Nation of Heladiva is long overdue in addressing our legitimate grievances and our national violations.

9 Responses to “Legitimate grievances and national problem of the Hela/Sinhela people”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    How did you guys become EX-PATS? Why did you all leave SL if you are loving the land of birth so much?

    As expats, I think you are all “merged” with the majority in the country where you live now. Your thinking of Hela diva on the basis of ” once upon a time we were Sri Lankans” and now you are all “PATRIOTS” of the host nation.

    Can you tell the religion of Buddha and Sinhalese before Buddhism if you know?

    You treat Sri lanka as a place for Holiday Picnic and your comments on history is a laughing matter for all!

  2. Siri Says:

    The “expat Hela Team” may be thinking they are doing a service to the country by coming out with all this nonsensical information. I am also a Sinhalese, but find it difficult to go along with this group for the simple fact that this is divisive politics and goes against what our leader and President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa says. it is good to study History and learn from our mistakes, not to repeat them all over again. Let us forget the past and continue our march forward. There are no more pure races left in Sri Lanka or anywhere else in the world. If we go in this direction we will end up like the Nazis. Where do we draw the line. Let us forget this rubbish and call ourselves Sri Lankan. That is where we all belong. It is our country and it belongs to every citizen equally. Our great President has said that “there are no more minorities in Sri Lanka”. We are all citizens with equal rights and obligations. Let us all get together and help our motherland to make this dream a possibility. Let us not try to divide it on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion, caste and social standing.

  3. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear “expat Hela team, I admire your great effort amid all the troubles to tell the truth (a great Sinhala trait) to the best of you ability. Life is a strange thing. Those who know the past are the ones who will decide the future. Murder is murder; it never becomes a saintly act even if it happened a long time ago. Those who try to forget yesterday, will have nothing for the future. I wish I could share the original meaning of the word Hela, an interesting word created during primitive to modern transition period.

    M S Murali asks “Can you tell the religion of Buddha and Sinhala before Buddhism if you know?”. The religion of Buddha was Buddhism, his own belief. What we believe in is our religion. Just because someone is born to Hindu society, it does not mean that he is a Hindu though there is a pathetic belief that it comes by birth. By birth, we are still bloody wild animals. If any one challenges, just let a child grow by its own and verify. The values contained in the original Hinduism was a creation of ancient Sinhala people to address certain issues that arose due to expanding human population that went stray. But the modern Hinduism is a total misrepresentation by opportunistic humans who have facial features exactly like that of monkeys. It is like Maha Sammatha rule (Rule by consent of everyone) initiated by ancient Sinhala people led by great leaders worshipped by the humanity at large under various pretexts who also created the modern great values misrepresented today by every tom, dick and harry. But in comparison, English democracy that selects leaders by consent of people through deception is not even worth to call human if we could see the effects. Strangely, Tamils were late converts to modern version of Hinduism. Was it for convenience or under pressure? What Sinhala believe have not changed a bit and never going to change. It is beyond our own ability to change those values whether we like it or not. I have tested my self to go against certain Sinhala values and miserably failed. What else I can say? Some so-called Sinhala are just bogus migrants who came to live among Sinhala people during their hey days, but carry no Sinhala values.

    Refer comment by ‘siri”, I had a good feeling about many of his previous feedbacks. But this one is very sloppy. You call yourself Sinhala and then want to call all of us Sri Lankans. What a confusion. I wish you are very good at speaking Sri Lankan language and have a good grasp of living Sri Lankan way with Sri Lankan values. I hope you do not abuse Sinhala values in the guise of your wonderful Sri Lankan values. Many of you are confused by the deception propagated by English who speak English but have different country names to hide their past great work (genocides). Being a beneficiary of crime and a willing partner to their values, I can understand what you are up to. Unfortunately it does not work that way. We can never hide history or escape from the consequences no matter how hard we try. I can predict that English will pay the ultimate price for their crimes committed behind the back of humanity very soon. What ever solution that we ponder must recognise the differences in many ethnic identities that people sacrifice their lives to protect. If you do not count them you are very ignorant. You tell me the ethnic identity of MR. Is he a Sinhala person? I never heard of him telling people that he want at least Sinhala people to learn Sinhala. Give me a break. I know more about many and especially about MR who wants us to speak English like his old masters who tried and failed. Refer what MR says now, you need to update your knowledge. I wonder who made him to change his rhetoric. What he is telling now is actually very similar to what I said above. Rather than trying to make achcharu from everything and shouting from roof tops that achcharu is the best food ever made, we should leave it to individuals to decide. For some good reasons, ethnicity is real and will continue to exist no matter how hard migrants like you try to change it. I am an extreme opponent of multiculturalism because it kills. As a believer of the oldest form of Sinhala values, I mean “believing in life and living longer” (my generic word for this belief is Sinhalism), I must admit that you have joined the English club of mass murderers by default. As a principle, every act and omission done by English (I mean any one carrying English language and vales) contribute to death. They are a god-sent to teach a good lesson to humanity about their own weaklings.

    Hela team, you are right and definitely going to see the realisation of your wishes soon. World is always changed by a few, not by the vast majority born to eat away the resources. Those who think “kill and grab” is ok, should watch out because English, Hindus or Tamils are not the only ones who can do it. Nazism was a direct response to those who challenged ethnic identity by mass migration. Even English beat up migrants for nothing to retain their absolute supremacy. It is silly to assume that Hitler was the creator. In fact, he was the opportunistic user. I know a very important and confidential fact that contributed to the carnage, but cannot reveal here. As it looks, worst is yet to come for those (non-humans taking human shape) who think humanity is a joke. Individual comments are essentially self-generated thoughts more applicable to self than group though mine could be more general given agreement with a group with similar thinking.

  4. Sita Perera Says:

    Hela Team is spot on. Heladiva is the nation of Hela people (Sinhala). No one can dispute that. All others can live in Heladiva (now Shri Lanka), but must acknowledge this as a fact. Siri and Priyantha can’t see the big picture. This is why the Tamils correctly call us “Sinhalaya Modaya”. As usual Priyantha is writing long essays that has no sense. He is wasting his time.

  5. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Sita Perera thanks for reading (or not reading) my comment. Unfortunately I cannot do much to make your senses work. Please keep trying. But as the writer of content I know what I told. I do not think that there is any one who can replicate or produce my original comments in any way as I am yet to find such people who have access to a range of exclusive research data. If I try to make you understand my comment, it will be a very big book. Sorry for your inability to understand.

    Please stop trying to be Sinhala as they are more intelligent than what you represent. Quite simply, neither your name tags nor your comments reflect that you carry any fundamental Sinhala attributes. Ethnic identity is not a natural but acquired thing for many humans.

    You say that Tamils correctly (???) call us “Sinhalaya Modaya”. It is funny. None of these words are Tamil or English. Neither this claim is correct. Tamil terrorists used to tell a different attribute to end up learning the truth hard way. People who use derogatory words to describe their own people (truly a case of misleading assumption of ethnicity) do not make any sense even if they are the best under any circumstances. However, those who have taken the side of western invaders have become the masters of insulting their own assumed ethnicity to win favours. Unfortunately it is a very clever tool used by westerners to judge the scum among the native people. For them, giving up native tags, dress and tongue were a pre-requiem. In Sinhale’, I hear a lot of such insults from those carrying western surnames even while trying to make a positive contribution (In fact they say things like “Sinhalaya Modaya. Kavun Kanna Sooraya”. What a disgusting bunch of hypocrites. I personally know a guy called Leo Perera, an ex-friend of mine, who used to tell me about many such things.)

    I know many people from nearly 140 ethnic groups living among westerners that casually insult their own groups as a habit. The cup is not yours, but goes to a young Sikh who claimed that he was ashamed to call himself an Indian Sikh on state television in a GREAT English colony. You say SHRI Lanka like the late RP. Ane kaale wane waase. I visit this site because many articles carry some intellectual value. Probably, you are the one at the wrong forum if your many recent comments say anything. I remember that there were many others like you who tried to hijack this professional website to carry out anti-Sinhala agendas under various guises. Ref your comment, if you say that something belongs to Sinhala people and then go on and say that it belongs to everybody, you are just trying to fool Sinhala people.

    Unfortunately I go a bit further than Hela Team. I want to resettle all the displaced natives (every human has a native place no matter where they happen to live today) in their original places as true natives because it is the only way to stop death and destruction. For those who can understand, I say that geo-spatial parameters governing life (used as a basis in astrology created by ancient Sinhala people) are as important as other more visible factors affecting life. Nothing else works if history is anything.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:


    Priyantha and his family went to India to add the values in Hindu religion from Sri Lanka. SL history starts with Vijaya who married a Tamil from Pandiya kingdom! Vijaya is still the originator of the SINHALA race while no evidence of Sinhala in India anywhere!

    “Sinhalaya Modaya. Kavun Kanna Sooraya”. This is not correct. It must be read as “Sinhalaya Modaya. KavuM Kanna YODHAYAA”. That is a fun generally used by Sinhalese to make jokes about lazy people.

    Why cannot you find the origins of POL Sambola or Umbalakada?

    Luckily majority Sinhala Buddhists dont read the stories of Priyantha. If they read they will jump into Kalu Ganga and kill themselves enmasse!

  7. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    It is funny to read how non-Sinhala people try to change Sinhala words, which carry the same notion though the sounds and context differ, though my original word reflects late intrusion of western values to the said group, not the original word based on local cultural values that recognise giants as eating a lot, but never demenaing. I can understand why some said Valdi instead of Baldi and ended up with … Ref. M.S Mudali’s comment “Priyantha and his family went to India to add the values in Hindu religion from Sri Lanka (Actually King Ravana was the last to do this type of stupid thing. Some of his words are uttered in prayers while hating him from the other end at Divali. Anyway, I would like to do some thing very different to them, I mean, to give their monkey souls back). SL history starts with Vijaya who married a Tamil from Pandiya kingdom! Vijaya is still the originator of the SINHALA race while no evidence of Sinhala in India anywhere!”, there is something very interesting. I mean “Vijaya is still the originator of the SINHALA race while no evidence of Sinhala in India anywhere!”. Vijay Kumar, the reject, the convict, the crook, the murderer and the idiot came and invented a brand new language and an ethnic identity that has more values than any other. But all others left behind in their hell hole still live in the stone age. Tamils who were around at this time are still Tamils. What a strange thing! Can anybody do it even today with all the tools that we have?Thankfully, there are no Sinhala in India (Hindustan). It seems that Mahavamsa, especially early part written by Buddhist missionaries of northern Hindustan is the perfect truth. Tamils are very good at making up things and most of the comments made by MUdali is perfect for Tamilnet, not Lanka web. I never heard anything other than half truths and fabricated lies from a Tamil and never ever expect so. That is the way humans are made.

    We have brand new tools to find history and have successfully traced the global human history during the last sixty thousand years and are more than happy to see the grave-digger approach adopted by Westerners who dig graves to find traces, tally with ours, which made me a born-again Sinhala. Those who try to concoct the history have a very short life to enjoy. Rather than wasting that short life, they better try flying kites.

    Dear Editor, We should never expect any Tamil to be different. They are all the same whatever they pretend to be. At a Grand scale, all animals behave the same though there are so many in so many shapes and colours (Only a small groups of humans differ from this generic similarity). They are what they believe, Hinduism, borrowed from Hindus. Hindus see ancient Tamils as forest dwellers according to very Hindu scripts. So I do not have to create anything to prove what I have told. Those who depend on Mahavamsa, a Buddhist version of history originally intended to purge and to re-invent history to suit their agendas, should refer to a very prominent historical warp in Armenia on how alien religionists have manipulated the followers to uproot their original history, which unfortunately included uprooting their own ethnic identity, a great mistake. It was too bad. They speak a language that is not theirs (Do anybody understand what this means?). There are new research, in fact by those following the western methods, who have discovered that Sinhala people had a long documented history that was destroyed by Buddhist missionaries using Vijay Kumars, the scum called rulers, just the way they destroyed the Sinhala leadership by marriage. Even today, they do the same though we have become silly believers of alien religions. For some, we became civilised only after the arrival or Portuguese. For others, only English brought us civilisation. Being confused, we dug deep and found that all these uttered by Hindus, Tamils, Buddhists and westerners are just their versions to satisfy their own agendas.

    True history should make every Sinhala person proud. I recommend to read a Sinhala book written by a person called Dr. Sooriya Gunasekara about Pre-Vijaya Lankawa, which I received recently through a great person devoted to Sinhala people. It contains technical matter that may make you feel over the moon. I have my own world leading achievements in technology and am capable to prove this lately-found technological text as not only workable, but more advanced than any other. True Sinhala people should never ever show any kindness (any form of goodwill) towards Tamils, Hindus, Portuguese, Dutch, English and the like who try to grab land belonging to others, nor give any assistance in anyway for whatever reason. I tell this because I know a lot more than I could tell in public. I wish there are people like us who can see the Hindu History with the full knowledge of the personality exposed by Hindus. This require a great deal of knowledge about Hindus, their way of life and how they came to being. Preferable, you have to live with them without letting their values sink in to your heads to get a good understanding of what I say. If not for these two ungrateful and back walking ethnic groups, we are still enjoying the fruits of our ancient creations. Unfortunately, we must see to their end by conversion or other means to change our course. We can live without them, but they never can. I wish I never have to waste my time commenting at Lanka web about hubris typed in by a bogus Tamil migrant entity who acts like English is the mother language of Tamils mimicking many other ethnic entities.

  8. Sita Perera Says:

    I think Priyantha Abeywickrame is a sleep walker.

    Man talks bunkum

  9. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Thanks Sita for you last comment. Unfortnuately people like you get revealed for what you are.

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