Let No Presumptious Negative Journalism Hamper The Progress Of The Present Administration!
Posted on June 2nd, 2010

Lankaweb Weekly Editorial

June 1st 2010
There is a common assent amongst many discerning analysts within and without Sri lanka that presumptious journalism hinged to paranoia is an impediment to any administration whether past or present and a distraction towards the smooth functioning of administrative direction and many are these types who continue in this very manner  in post insurgent Sri Lanka regardless of the Policies the Administration has chosen to set in place in the best interests of the nation.
It seems somewhat of an overkill by some who dare to comment in journalistic guise against the aspirations for the nation envisioned by the Administration by deeming them unfavourable and detrimental to the nation whereas it is the criticism that defies rationality and is more detrimental that some of the jargon circulated by certain self opinionated  writers albeit laced in high faluting rhetoric continue to pour out in a Sri Lanka booming with very promising new developments, an influx of eager tourists and the land literally ready to reap a surplus of harvests in many areas including self sufficiency in many areas of agricultural production which is feather in the Rajapaksha cap.

The refered to journalistic paranoia next spills into  the area of constitutional reform where questions to which the answers seem obvious  are nevertheless asked such as ” How will President Mahinda Rajapakse utilise this transformative power? Will the focus be on economic development? Will priority be accorded to the search for a political solution to the ethnic problem? Will the Emergency and the PTA be removed, now that the war is won and the Tigers are annihilated? ” and as a commentator has asked, hopefully, “ƒ”¹…”Will Sri Lanka seize the historic moment’? and notwithstanding what decisions are taken relative to the Emergency and the PTA, it seems more than fair to assume that the rest of the questions have already been prioritised although manifestations will not take place overnight but in due course after careful deliberation towards the final ratification and implementation where the historic moment in all probabilities has already been seized!
It seems a wast of time to weigh  the pros and cons of contradictory possibilities, more so due to the definitive
nature of President Rajapakse being quite  unlikely to let them pass him by where his next task is likely to be a new and amended constitution.
The paranoia about the outcome of a two third majority and apprehensions about his continuing presence as President seems very visible amongst some who seem quite jittery about the prospect but need to have their fears allayed as this then is a good man at the helm of Sri Lanka’s Administration where no paranoia is necessay and the best response would be support towards his Nation Building policies rather than attempting to undercut them through wasteful jargon in the form of negative jounalistic presentation where it can be safely assumed that he will not quit politics at the end of his second term and the existing six-vote gap duely towards the requisite majority in all probabilities filled by willing and voluntary support from other minorities regardless of incentives such as ministerial posts which is a sardonic assumption. There are many who put their ideals towards serving the Nation over their personal ambitions it is safely presumed!
It needs to be emphatically stated here also that a quick exit of the present administrative set up although highley unlikely could once again throw the Nation into turmoil and unrest where her enemies would gleefully sink their claws into an unprecedented devastation of a nation in the process of rising from the ashes inasmuch as the veritable Phoenix and perhaps there isn’t a Sri Lanka alive today who would not acknowledge this apart from those known to be the visible opposition with their near predatorial instincts lurking in the shadows of anticipated failure on the part of the Administration which really is deplorable!
It is indeed a truism in Sri Lanka today and almost an accepteed norm that it was Mahinda Rajapaksha singlehandedly as opposed to “The Rajapakshas” recruited subsequently who cured and made whole the Sinhala Nation torn apart by terrorism and cutthroat politicians and is forcefully and effectively taking huge strides to set right many of the Nation’s woes and needs no impediments from speculative negative thought as alluded to previously which needs to be reiterated!
Bearing in mind that the stagnations of the Nation’s economy was a combination of three and a half decades  of terrorism as well  as previously negligent  administrations’ whose aberrations based on bungling policy as well as a plethora of corruption which led to it in the first place, what is transpiring by way of growth and development as a result of the Rajapaksha  Administration seems admirable and remarkably visible today with hardly a need to have apprehensions that the nation would turn against it as a vast majority of the nation’s populace has given the Rajapaksha Administration the nod as well as the mandate  to continue on to greater heights which ensures success towards the many development as well as income generating projects already set in place and needing no doomsday predictions towards an unlikely demise.

5 Responses to “Let No Presumptious Negative Journalism Hamper The Progress Of The Present Administration!”

  1. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    As an outsider to journalists, I find your editorial very interesting and it raises more questions than finding answers to issues mentioned in earnest.

    From what I observe, local journalists are very much subdued to tell anything worthy and am amused by how this could have achieved. Time will reveal the truth. It is incorrect to assume that readers would swallow every pill dispensed by journalists with their own twists. You are in a better position to judge how they fare. Thanks to ingenious computer technology built using migrant labour, English have given the world to monitor almost everyone and everything from many directions. One such aspect is the measure of Journalistic achievements such as the ability to attract readers. I do not believe that journalists can fool the readers every time given there are so many other sources to compare their versions.

    Your editorial and many articles appearing at your website carry a lot of content favouring the current regime. Being a neutral person who tend to speak my mind, I must admit that it is more like biased reporting if you fail to see the other side of every story. As a person who has come to know much more about the people behind the current regime compared to many expatriates who carry outdated pictures of country and its people, there seems to be a wide gap between their rationale and the reality. The influence of the host countries on those writing articles very much blur their judgement than the the real situation.

    You claim “Policies the Administration has chosen to set in place in the best interests of the nation”. Obviously, from a western viewpoint, you are right. Unfortunately, from the local point of view, they will prove to be worse than the previous regimes. As individuals living in the west, most of us do not even think of what would happen tomorrow if we lose employment, our only source of income. How many of us living in the west have an independent income that protect us rain or shine tomorrow. For such people nothing is bad as they do not have the ability to make a judgement. For them, it is hard to understand the life of the vast majority of local community (not those sucking up to English masters) who will survive the life without a job. There is a hidden system built on the best of knowledge humanity has that protect them as did over many millennia. Being a person coming from such a background, what these governments have done so far since 1948 is nothing but the same things that their masters did and failed. So I wonder how you could claim their policies are in the best interest of the nation. Which nation do you refer to?

    You refer to aspirations of the nation are envisioned by the Administration. I feel that the current administration is worlds apart in its vision and aspirations. The true aspirations of the nation rest in their conscience and a myriad of fabricated lies have led to make those aspirations look like a mockery. One such silly aspiration is the employment. How far they can push the community to be workers is to be tested. But the notion that children of Sinhala people will be like us in the west just living to work, is not a misunderstood aspiration, but a suicidal wish by this administration. No sensible Sinhala parent including myself would ever let any scum to manipulate our society to become a western country where the vast majority of humanity is more like animal stock, paying the sin of very birth to live a miserable life. From every element of this so-called vision that is clearly evident. How far they will go before the doom is a matter of time.

    You claim “criticism that defies rationality”. From what point? The rationality of decisions made so far clearly raises many critics than plaudits. We know that friends and foes do not see the things same way. The outsiders see things strangely. Isn’t it?

    When you say things like “Sri Lanka booming with very promising new developments, an influx of eager tourists and the land literally ready to reap a surplus of harvests in many areas including self sufficiency in many areas of agricultural production which is feather in the Rajapaksha cap.”, “definitive nature of President Rajapaksa … good man at the helm of Sri Lanka’s Administration … he will not quit politics at the end of his second term” and “Mahinda Rajapaksha single handedly did everything”, you really frighten me. I feel that you have lost the touch with the local reality. There seems to be a serious lack of knowledge on how Rajapaksas reached the pinnacle of power from the humble beginning in Hambanthota, an area with an underprivileged community. As a curious onlooker, I must tell you what I feel on this matter. This family just like SWRD family chose to change the sides after 1948 and and gained power appealing to Sinhala community. Obviously they must have the same chemistry to maintain such a long relationship to the very end of Bandaranayaka era. They built their power base with the help of the Sinhala elite in the area and over time, installed their family members in almost every position of power. I have not heard of them ever giving a chance to any other person within the Sinhala elite who did introduce them to the lower strata of the society. Obviously it may not sound any alarm bells. But you know what happened recently. You know very well who brought them to presidency and what were their original policies, and who prepared them. One such entity is the JVP, which has its own similar plans to gain power to make their heaven on earth on the back of Sinhala people. Being vile as the originator of that faith, they knew every bit of local values that they harnessed to ride over their backs. We say like minded people get together. Isn’t it? When JVP realised the face of the devil, it was too late and ended up in the dust bin, a fate similar to the Sinhala elite who supported these politicians ending up with nothing at the end. The war victory may be the main reason for many to tell what you say. The man hand-picked to lead the war now hosting rage (There must be a good reason), who had his own ambitions realised his fate lately to tell horrible things during the election time. In a way, if he was what he was, he could have achieved his goals and country could been better off though I would not approve of such an end. But he was also a like minded companion, who pushed the people under him to achieve Victories for him at a horrendous cost. Though I used to see GR as an architect of this victory, recent utterances suggest that it is more an achievement at the front-line command level than what all these heroes claim. Obviously, body language after victory and attributes speak much more on this matter. After recent election victories, how they sidelined some of the key figures who vigorously campaigned for their victory and put family members in their places remind the same old story. There are many other things that you should be vary of before going to give such credentials to any body. Do you think that we need walking sticks after climbing mountains? It is a long time ahead and we will be there to see the end of the story. I wonder whether you assume that the best in all trades are born into a single family. I challenge that idea and am ready to prove it wrong.

    Refer various issues including constitutional reform, economic development, education, political solution to the ethnic problem (this item is bull waste), final ratification and implementation, etc. etc., it is the job description of the leadership selected by the people, actually about one third of the total population excluding many people like me who would not give consent to modern politicians even if the country goes beneath the sea by not doing so. From what I see they are going every where and seem to find hard to offer what they promised. Do you expect people who know what it is like will put their ideals towards serving the Nation over their personal ambitions. You should be surprised at the actual people who offered their best to come this far. Will they be dumped just like others to fill up with family members. CBK did a similar thing and we know what was the outcome. I hope your favourites would not follow CBK track though the latest picks were the same.

    I see that you do not see a quick exit of the present administrative set up. But are they apparently doing it by themselves? In 1815, our leaders took a bold step to get rid of Tamil king by installing an English monarchy. When they realised their folly, they rebelled in 1818. One of the interesting points is that they all died because they did not have the faith of Sinhala people. In a way they got their dues. Likewise, those who betray the trust of Sinhala people should expect consequences. There are many other such events repeated many times in our long history.

    Your claim that stagnation of the Nation’s economy was a combination of three and a half decades of terrorism as well as previously negligent administrations is not exactly right. We are stagnant because we do not have leaders who can pull us out of the quagmire created by English colonial power. The notion that Tourism and Infrastructure can develop a country is a very lousy claim. Rather it is a western ploy to let stupid people bury their money and help them to expand their businesses. Those hand-picked as leaders could have been better dead than alive if you could be a free man to see a clue about their loyalties. What you see as good are also the same old stuff borrowed from the same masters. Actually terrorism came to roost because of these leaders who favoured the minorities brought in by English. Even today, it is the same story. Terror is not finished but subdued temporarily. Terror is a good point to test new weapons.

    Your claim that a vast majority of the nation’s populace has given the Rajapaksha Administration the nod should be taken with a bit of salt. What else people could do given the most barbaric system that wanted to chose between MR and RW? Vast majority of the community does not have the capability to judge their own actions. We got an education system that turns us to be stooges of English singing hosannas to their greatness. No education means we live a life in the wild not knowing what to do. Do we have any other options on the menu? I am not sure doomsday predictions are correct or wrong. But, who knows what would happen tomorrow. Our mission should be to find a way to overcome these challenges coming up like raging wild fires, not going in circles. On this aspect, I do not think that the current regime has what it takes to do except spoiling the community expectations yet again. At the end it is left to us to do a better job than trying to get proxies to do our bidding.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Response To Comments
    The long drawn response as comments by Priyantha Abeywickrema to the latest editorial is indicative of a person disillusioned by the Present Administration.
    The Editorial has tried to pinpoint the wastefulness of negative journalism specifically relative to an anti government stance where most such stem from pro LTTE as well as frustrated opposition camps, indicative of sympathy for the devil and a lack of insight into the current state of affairs in post insurgency Sri Lanka.It may be fair to say that given all the hurdles and pitfalls the Administration has had to deal with thus far, progress may be slow but this indeed is a fact of life in Sri Lanka today! Was Rome buit in a day one might ask the writer and is he prepared to supplement all the shortcomongs of the Nation for which previous regimes which contributed to the establishment of the LTTE collectively are responsible for? Hardly likely beyond his rhetoric which seems to be laced in anti-government bias
    The long drawn rigmarole by Abeywickrema seems indicative of personal frustrations and unnecessary as one only has to go to Sri Lanka today to see the changes being set in place by the present administration beyond armchair speculation and hearsay by a disgruntled individual from some perch in the West of which category there are tens of thousand!
    His conclusion that the nation has not mandated the Administration towards its present direction is mere conjecturial speculation as all the relative facts towards this are visibly evident! That the Rajapaksha Administration will last for a very long tome is also a fact of life that needs to be accepted as otherwise ther would be little hope for the nations posterity!A lunatic like Ranil Wickremasinghe or an autocrat like Sarath Fonseka would certainly send Lanka to the bottom of the Indian Ocean figuratively at least! according to many discerning political analysts whose overview of the Rajapaksha Administration sends out very positive vibes! as opposed to the rest of the power hungry opposition in whose hands the Nation could be no more than putty!
    Yes there may be some excesses and over the limit incurrences of slicing into the National Budget and expenditure on the part of some politicos which are being addressed at this very moment but in the overall scheme of things a small price to pay for what the Administration has done and is continuing to do namely restoring the Nation to what it was before the bungling politicians of past regimes almost betrayed her to the enemies of the State and would have destroyed its resplendence forever!
    If Abeywickrema was that clever, a true patriot and an astute analyst of Lankan matters he or she would not be alluding to the Bandaranaikes’ in the same vein as the Rajapakshas or compare apples with oranges when it came to western idealogy as opposed to Sri Lankan Policy and would be truly thankful the Rajapaksha Regime surfaced at a time when the Nation needed it most.
    And perhaps LankaWeb should advise such commentators to make their comments as brief as possible as the long litany of personal evaluations and panaceas for the Nation’s well being becomes tedious and incomprehensible towards reality the moment historical fact is mixed up with modern day reality and tangible statistics, in order to express a personal directive to override an administration that has perforemd well towards the nation’s development thus far becomes insignificant jargon emanating from a disillusioned mentality!

    Sorry Priyantha Abeywickrema ! but you need to re-think your idealogies about what’s best for the Nation today and come to terms with the reality that negative journalism does hamper the progress of a Nation like Sri Lanka ( yours is a classic example to which the adjective cheap could be an add on!)especially if one reads between the lines about where you are coming from as it seems fair to ask~would you by some chance also be a Sarath Fonseka sympathiser which if true not only negates the concepts you have tried to promote towards the well being of the Nation but also projects your own personal biases against the present administration!

  3. De Costa Says:

    Local negative journalism (such as JVP organised) has not much effect on bothering the administration. It is the foreign funded mud-slinging that is bothering a bit. However is seems government has appointed few people to tackle that. Whatever happened foreign involvement will continue in various forms until the country economically matured enough to tackle is head on using strong arm of law. New legislations will be required occasionally.
    Editor knows that most policies of the current administration are far from perfect. Therefore, constructive criticism of the slightest mistake will always give room for improvement and that cannot be branded as negative.
    I must say I do understand a bit about Priyantha’s drawing similarity between Bandaranaykes and Rajapaksas. In fact nothing wrong with that, unless one is fully biased. However, even the Bandaranaykes served the Sri Lankan society by means of a different kind of revolution (even more than Rajjapaksas), which one should never forget, just because we could write some English now. Do not forget so many young people scarified their lives in the latter case to re-establish the pride of the nation but Bandaranayake easily democratised the society at a time when the Sinhalas were branded modayas by both Sinhalas and Tamils.

  4. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Ajit, thanks for the response. I made this long response for a purpose and has more gains than expected. You are right. I am not just disillusioned but also very happy for realising a very natural phenomenon, not for my own take but because Sinhala people are again taken for a grand ride.

    There are devils as well as devils in godly decorum who claim to be almighty gods. You should not ignore the facts before jumping to conclusions. You were very good in your analysis of Jewish interests as found in many of your articles. However if you think my comment is meaningless or worse (rigmarole), you got to learn a lot more about what happens behind the scenes in Lanka and its past. I remember feedback for one of your articles about local matters, which proved your lapses though it is understandable. Please give me a break. I did not come to west like any of you. It was predicted in my astro-chart that I would live outside the country for 20 years and I tried to break that silly prediction and even went back to prove it wrong to realise how true ancient Sinhala knowledge was. If you do not find my comments made this far very different to any of you, you need to stop your own armchair speculations.

    The fate of this administration is not decided yet, but if you look at the past, we have a plethora of info to prove the trend indicated by my comment. I compared Rajapaksas with Bandaranayakas using publicly available info known by everybody and it is the truth. Please do not lie. I tell you now that Rajapakses alone can never do what people expect them to do. It seems you came to know about them only recently. Refer “Rajapaksha Regime surfaced at a time when the Nation needed it most.”, we had many other such moments in our long history and to end up deluded.

    Refer “ LankaWeb should advise such commentators to make their comments as brief as possible…” for the said funny reasons, you should change the web name to USA Web and talk about the local stuff related to adopted country. I would not be there. My comment has a much larger thread and if incomprehensible you are not up to it. Running a country is not putting signature over documents prepared by others or pillaging the resources belonging to everyone. But managing far reaching affairs that affect not just the current generation, but going to the future. The capacity must be reflected by the deeds of the leader. Do your favourites have such capabilities than doing the age old tradition of following others. What they have done so far is nothing compared to what they could have done with the same resources if they had the capacity to match their rhetoric based on script written by others.

    I appreciate your comments, but your language is typical western hubris that target the person than the facts. In some respect, some of your personal references sounds close to that of M.S MUdali, who never should be making slanderous comments on Sinhala people at a site carrying such a name. I can understand that you have lost the touch just like many other migrants living in adopted homelands, something clearly missing in my comments. I hope you have the wisdom to separate the two worlds that you have to cope with.

    If you think I am a Sarath Fonseka sympathizer, I must say that you are speaking from you other side. I am the first to call for a Grand Court Martial to charge both MR and SF for contributing to great many lives that Sinhala people lost to bring them victory. I made this claim long before SF ending up in the tight spot. The reason is there was an abnormality in the way they were made to fight under English structure and those lives were considered like canon fodder. In my case there would be no idiots called judges, but a grand jury made of parents of those Sinhala kids. I would present evidence to judge by those parents who lost their children because they should know the truthfulness of all these silly claims. If I have the popular support, all these politicians of all colors and their sympathizers and the public service will be sent back to England with nothing except the clothes they wear. I believe that you are much more smarter than a M.S. MUdali to make low life comments.

    I am not for appeasement, but to make my point. What I said is the tip of the iceberg. What you try to tell by showing a leaf belonging to a tree that I know very well. On the other hand, I tell that we have our own way of working out the best for our people by fully understanding not just what happened within Lanka, but taking into many other great and not so great achievements by others including the hell hole where you live now. I sincerely hope that Rajapaksas would not fall prey to their selfish family-oriented shortsightedness. You should remember that they are a product of blood and sweat belonging to many people that I know closely. If they fail this time, I will ensure that they will never have the support of many that I know dearly. I must tell you that you know very little about them compared to me. Please do not try to be a Somawansa preaching Communism to Karl Marx (Sorry, I know it is the most disgusting comparison because I see communism as garbage spread by Jewish converts). I do not tell things unless I have more than what I pretend to be. Time will tell more. But, none should continue worshiping mere mortals (idol worshiping) that have reversed all our intellectual gains over time. When you come to know the solution I got to offer Sinhala people, you would regret for your silly comments. Rajapaksas could get hold of only a few lines. Beware that there are Sinhala people who can do things that no other contemporary human can do. It is a fact, not an imagination like yours. For me Sinhala people are the first and also the last because I belong to them.

  5. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Neela Maha Yoda says on behalf of the Editorial that Ajith may have been a bit tolerant of your views but you have no carte blanche to sound so sure of yourself in some of your comments which are not only speculative but circumspect relative to the theme of negative journaslism.

    The purpose of your comments / long response are for obvious gain which is, being outspoken about your point of view regardless of accuracy! You are disillussioned about the Rajapaksha’s taking the Sinhala people for a ride which is dangerous talk in these times in Sri Lanka and it could cost you! be careful! It is the furthest from the truth and based on confused thinking.What natural phenomenon are you refering to~ your personal dementia?

    There are devils who promote your kind of rhetoric and demonise good administrations like the present one in Sri Lanka and yes it is common belief by many that the Jews regularly overplay their hand a la their clout with the US in how they treat the Palestinians which has even been observed at official level in Sri Lanka over the latest developments.
    I have to disagree with your concept that there are devils in godly decorum as it is an irrational statement if you are hinting at the Rajapakshas where MR is indeed a demigod surrounded by the devils of his opposition ever ready to sell out Sri Lanka for their personal gain!And my friend you are reading this as written by a close observer of the Rajapaksha family going back to his late father DS and other siblings as well as the prominent Mr George Rajapaksha who were outstanding as politicians and whose lineage the present President proudly carries with accentuated decorum! The Bandaranaikes I’m afraid were only good in parts and bad in some I’m sorry to say!
    There are no conclusions which are not based on fact that have not been carefully scrutinised and sadly it is your conclusions which sound like a lot of conjecture, lean towards rigmarole and sometimes convey bias which make them meaningless jargon!

    Feedback on editorial comments about local matters have been acknowledged by readers with praise and kudos where no lapses on local matters which are carefully researched ever surface.The writer is well versed in what goes on behind the scenes in SL from the way he wriites otherwise he would not be entrusted with it. You dont need a break you need educating about how best to express your idealogies without being obnoxious about it if you consider yourself a Sri Lankan with the Nations’ best interests at heart far removed from paranoia ! Is this some Neo Patriotism you are aligning yourself with where your brand of patriotism seems to translate to colluding with the Nation’s enemies? Your astro chart has no relevance to the topic of negative journalism and thank you for disclosing your expatriate status as it is only a coward who lives outside Sri Lanka that would have the audacity to express thoughts like you about his Motherland and its administrators who have been accepted globally as benevolent to the Nation as opposed to her enemies which you seem deserving of being categorised as part of !

    You think you are the only one possessing Ancient Sinhala Knowledge and do you for a moment think that your speculations are not of the armchair type? Your comments thus far are are not only armchair but arms length relative to whatever domain you reside in and does not extend into the real environment of Sri Lanka beyond your speculations!The writer’s comments therefore hold in good stead with the realistic, discerning and prudent readers.
    There will be no further comment to your sequential disagreements with the Rajapakshas, negative journalism, your failure to admit whose side you are on, where you are and the ludicrous comment about the writer being another Somawansa preaching communism to Marx~ the man’s a brainwashed idiot whom I once knew personally and his JVP terrorist mentality almost cost him his life which adds to the surmission that you are a very confused person~ as was alluded to in a previous set of comments !
    In conclusion this last statement of yours “Beware that there are Sinhala people who can do things that no other contemporary human can do” is something you should be very conscious about as it sounds like an inadvertent referal to the Rajapaksha’s and could also come back to haunt you on its emphatic strength towards upholding the direction of the present Administration with a hugely supportive Sinhala Nation behind them with of course the exception of a few negative thinkers like yourself who seem to constantly want to drag it down.
    And I reiterate~There will be no further responses to any comments on this matter by me.

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