Ban-KI-Moon and EU-dragon with two heads
Posted on June 30th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

International conspiracy launched in 2009 by some Western countries  to molly coddle the LTTE terrorist outfit against Sri Lanka has now created a two headed dragon to strangle and swallow this small island of Sri Lanka. One head belongs to the UN Secretary General (UNSG) and the other head  belongs to the EU. This killer dragon with two heads is attacking  Sri Lanka from all sides. But our small island which has been resilient to all calamities in the past and will fight the killer dragon with tooth and nail to protect its precious sovereignty.

 UN Secretary General (UNSG) without the consent or approval of the UN Security Council and breaking all other accepted protocols has on his own appointed this three member panel to investigate the war crimes purported to have been committed by Sri Lankan forces during the last stages of operations which destroyed the LTTE militarily. (LTTE supportive Tamil diaspora is celebrating  UNSG’s action with Champaign). The politicians, academics, intellectuals, clergies of all religions and the ordinary Sri Lankans are of the view that this is a gross interference in the country’s sovereignty. The Sri Lankan government totally rejected Ban-Ki Moon’s personal claim (not a  UN’s claim) of war crimes and had refused to grant visas to the panel.  UNSG appears to have based his decision on various unsubstantiated reports made by various human rights groups (“ƒ”¹…”dollar vultures’)  like HRW, AI and ICG against Sri Lanka. Not to mention the dubious reports by “ƒ”¹…”dollar vultures’ operating in Sri Lanka.

 In fact the  so called three experts carry serious doubts of their integrity and impartiality. The ex AG of Indonesia, Marzuki Darusman, who was earlier involved in another commission in SL,  named International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP), to probe human rights violation of 16 killings,  ceased to function as Marzuki  left the commission due to some sharp differences with the other members. Presumably he would have wanted his view and say established.  Prof Steven Ratner as The Island editorial reported has a soft corner for the LTTE in his various writings. Yasmin Sooka “ƒ”¹…”s NGO is financed by EU. This points to the fact that SL cannot expect any impartial investigation from this panel even if we allow it to do so.  Ban-Ki- Moon has become a puppet (or a joker?) on a string, cunningly manoeuvred by USA, UK and some EU countries, INGO’s like Humans Right Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group and the LTTE supportive Tamil diaspora  etc,. All Sri Lankans salute the Sri Lankan government for stubbornly saying “NO’ to the Ban-Ki-Moon’s attempted investigation/fact finding on Sri Lanka during the last stages of operation against LTTE.  Suffice to mention here that many countries including Russia, China, Japan, Iran have lodged their vehement protest to UNSG on this issue saying that such an investigation is unwarranted.

 The other head of the dragon which is trying to strangle this small island of Sri Lanka is the European Union, by refusing to extend the concession of GSP plus. EU is currently talking big in G20 Summit in Toronto as how to help the poor countries while strangling small economies like Sri Lanka. They have agreed to grant GSP plus to Sri Lanka with 16 conditions attached. Salient among them are, repealing 17th amendment, repealing emergency regulations, withdrawal of Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) , which manifests a subtle move to interfere with the country’s sovereignty. EU had the audacity to tell SL to change the constitution to suit their agenda  which are purely domestic issues. These are purely domestic matters and no country should interfere with its domestic affairs. The SL government again said a  firm “NO” to these conditions through the media and ignored responding to EU’s letter. They have got the Sri Lankan government’s message well and truly and EU wants to negotiate the issue further. The GSP plus was introduced to leverage the economic devastation after the Tsunami which devastated almost one third of Sri Lankan habitation along the coastal line. We didn’t have GSP plus before Tsunami and our apparel industry have been carrying on successfully. What we need is now to find new markets with our newly found friendly countries.

 A meeting of the SAARC interior ministers concluded recently in Islamabad with a proposal to set up a Regional Police Unit to combat Terrorism. This is an ideal time for Sri Lanka  to seek help from SAARC countries on the GSP Plus issue as well.. One way of helping their friendly nation Sri Lanka is to completely stop exporting garments to the EU countries. The majority population in the EU countries cannot afford to pay high prices for their clothes manufactured in the developed world. If the SAARC countries jointly decide to stop exports of garments , very soon one will be able to see half of the EU population walking nude on the streets.

2 Responses to “Ban-KI-Moon and EU-dragon with two heads”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Mr. Bean (Ki-Moon) cannot understand all these facts cause he is truly a western clone. He responds to his Anglo American blood-sucking master’s commands like a robot.
    His poor English knowledge is a vast disadvantage to him. Tamil tiger terrorist Velupillai Prabakaran’s tamil supporters at the UNO take maximum advantage on this scenario. UNHR’s South African born tamil tribal Navinathan Pillai and Mr. Bean’s personal secretary Nambiar control Mr. Bean’s strings. No wonder Mr. Bean is against GOSL for eliminating the world’s cruelest, terrorist organization LTTE and it’s barbarian terrorist tamil leadership.
    This must be the first time in UNO history SG appoints a panel to examine a death of a terrorist. IRA members killed by UK, Baader Meinhof members killed by Germany, ETA Basque separatist killed by Spain, Japanese red army killed by Japanese Government, American Black Panthers killed by FBI never examined by UNO. But why Mr.Bean is so much worry to appoint a panel to Velupillai’s death.
    If UNO is so much worried the death of terrorists why not they appoint a commission to examine the killing of democratic politicians with the help of Anglo/ Americans. Indonesia’s Communist party’s one million members killed by Suharto with the help of Americans, Chile Pinochet’s killing of Socialist party members including President Salvador Allende on American advices, Maurice Bishop of Granada’s President killed by American invasion, Arnesto Che Guevara killed point blank on CIA operation in Bolivia. These are few examples.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Having read all these articles and comments about the last stand of the Tigers in SriLanka and the response of the Western Nations (Not the entire International Community), I have now come to believe that the around 300,000 civilians taken as a human shield by the terorists was a MASTER PLAN DEVISED BY WESTERN NATIONS lead by Norway, UK and USA and carried out by the Tiger Tamil Diaspora, to give an excuse to invade SriLanka through their Trojan Horse the ICG, under the bogus RP2 doctrine. This diabolical plan misfired as the Sri Lankan Govt supported to the hilt the brave armed forces lead by General Fonseka to fast track the anihilation of the terrorists, if they refused to surrender to the SriLankan forces, rather than to western sponsored groups. Apparently, Major Fonseka had stated at a meeting in Ambalangoda that they wont be fooled by any tactics of the Terrorists, and that he had even heard the Tigers may plan to send a large group of suicide bombers carrying white flags to cause mayham and create sufficient carnage in the Army which could allow the Tiger leaders to slip through. This too had been apparently planned by Western Nations through Solheim of Norway. The speed with which the SriLankan armed forces moved derailed the Western plan and now they are acting like a wounded elephant, waging a campaign against the SriLankan nation. This is DANGEROUS as there are no laws or conventions which they would not or could not violate in pursue of their goals. This is clearly demonstrated by the UNSG panel set up against all norms to look at the Tiger defeat, blatantly ignoring the crimes committed in Iraq, Palestine and Afganistan by these same Western forces.

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