Robert Blake is busy undermining Kyrgyztan
Posted on July 29th, 2010

Ajit Randeniya

It is for very good reasons that Robert Blake who ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”underachievedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ in terms of neocon expectations in Sri Lanka was quickly appointed Assistant Secretary in the US State DepartmentƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs: the region involving Afghanistan and Central Asia that is crucial to the illegal war in Afghanistan needed a trusted neocon operator and there arenƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t many left these days at the State Department. They found their man in Robert Blake.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The major handicap for the neocon operations in Afghanistan is the problem of a safe route for supplies to the troops pillaging the villages of this long suffering country: the route through Pakistan is notoriously unsafe due to attacks by tribal supporters of the Taliban, and the preferred way is through the Central Asian state of Kyrgyztan. The retired war criminal Douglas Rumsfeld had negotiated a corrupt deal with the former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to rent the Manas air base for this purpose.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Readers may remember that a popular revolution in April this year led to the ousting of the corrupt regime of President Bakiyev, completing the reversal of the CIA-NGO orchestrated ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”colour revolutionsƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ in former Soviet states; with the interim government accusing Washington of sustaining the corrupted regime, the future of the all important Manas base became uncertain.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ While the interim President Roza Otunbaeva, a former diplomat, has been equivocal about closing Manas, the views of the majority of the new cabinet were clear; the base had to close. Elections for a new legitimate parliament ware due in October and the newly renamed Manas ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Transit CentreƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ was high on the agenda of the new government.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Lo and behold! In early June, ethnic violence broke out between the Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks (who form the majority) in the southern Kyrgyz cities of Osh and Jalalabad. The American neocons couldnƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t have been happier!

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ As always, neocons start circling, like flies on excreta, any poor country experiencing ethnic turmoil, and they had the right man in the region to dispense medicine for the Kyrgyz Republic: it was Robert Blake! He grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ During the last two weeks, Blake has been busy coordinating the usual apparatus of intervention made-up of the World Bank-IMF axis, the NGO networks, and in this particular case, a false front, the Vienna based so-called Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE): they made declarations of ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”graveƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ humanitarian concerns about the affected minority, proposed the need for ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”independentƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ international investigation and proceeded to appoint one, urged the resettlement of IDPs, ordered confidence building measures and sugar coated all the intervention measures with ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”pledgesƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ of financial aid of US$ 1.1 billion.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The template of the neocon strategy of taking control of Kyrgyztan is identical to the one they tried and failed in Sri Lanka.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Blake is hiding the US involvement behind the OSCE, an ad hoc regional organisation formed during the Cold War, with 56 participating states in Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and North America. Extending its ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”WhiteƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ nature, in December 2009 Australia was recruited as its Asian Partner. OSCE, like the UN, grants Consultative Status to NGOs and INGOs in the form of ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Researcher-in-residence programmeƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ This shady organisation managed the ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Orange RevolutionƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ fraud in Ukraine in 2004, urging Vladimir Putin to comment: ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-They are trying to transform the OSCE into a vulgar instrument designed to promote the foreign policy interests of one or a group of countries. Decision-making procedures and the involvement of so-called non-governmental organizations are tailored for this task. These organizations are formally independent but they are purposefully financed and therefore under control.”ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The campaign of lies started with gross exaggerations of the number of dead in the ethnic conflict: the Kyrgyz Health MinistryƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s report of 313 deaths was disputed by the hastily put together ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Interim Committee on Covering the Events in Southern KyrgyzstanƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢, a coalition of local and exile NGOs. They asserted that many more deaths went unregistered as people hastily buried their relatives during the conflict. However, they were unable to provide evidence to support this assertion because ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”thousands of Uzbeks have already left for Russia and other countries due to ongoing persecution, making tracking of their testimony difficultƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢!

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ There were clear signs that the so-called US policy on the country had been formulated not at the State Department, but by the resident neocons at the Heritage Foundation. The activities Blake was engaged in, criss-crossing the world at the expense of the US tax payer, were exactly those foreshadowed in a typically arrogant and assertive statement issued by this ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”think tankƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ which said: ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-KyrgyzstanƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s internal strife, coupled with RussiaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s growing influence in the region, should be of concern to US policymakers. The Pentagon, the State Department, and the intelligence community should bolster US military, law enforcement, and government reform assistance in Kyrgyzstan and prevent Russia from controlling Manas. Thus, the US should work with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to deploy police monitors to Osh and surrounding communities to oversee the restoration of law and order.ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ These instructions were followed to the letter by Robert Blake.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The process started on June 27, with the presentation of a report of the ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”expertsƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the IMF ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-Joint economic assessment: consent and restorationƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ at the forum of donors in Bishkek, the capital. The ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”reportƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢, directly addressed the plea by the Kyrgyz Finance Minister, to the global community for a $1.2 billion to help begin reconstruction of areas devastated by clashes.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The US ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”pledgedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ $48.6 million by 2011. The donors represented at the conference collectively ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”pledgedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ $1.1 billion ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”to meeting immediate humanitarian needsƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢, providing assistance to displaced and returning families, and addressing the roots of the conflict through community development and conflict mitigation programs in the southern regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

All funding provided by the US will be closely aligned to the needs identified in the World Bank ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”JointƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ Economic Assessment. What is startling is the process through which the US proposes to distribute its ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”pledgedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ aid: $21 million immediately by USAID for ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”community improvement and stabilization projectsƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢, including a broad range of ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”community definedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ projects; $6.1 million in USAID grants to NGO partners to support protection activities, and $732,716 in USAID grants to NGOs to support economic recovery and market systems!

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Long before any of the ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”pledgesƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ of financial assistance materialised, the OSCE appointed the Finnish parliamentarian Kimmo Kiljunen, their ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Special Representative for Central AsiaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢, to form an ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”international commissionƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ to investigate the atrocities in southern Kyrgyzstan.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ This is without any invitation by the Kyrgyz Republic! ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The Kyrgyz interim government had written to the UN Secretary General on 21 July, requesting support for an International Independent Commission and is awaiting reply. With Russia, who has blocked any UN action on Kyrgyzstan, due to occupy the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council in August, any UN involvement is unlikely.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Knowing this, ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Blake organised this ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”investigationƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ and lied to the US ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Helsinki CommissionƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ on 27 July that ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”the United States welcomes President OtunbaevaƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s decisionƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ to ask Mr. Kiljunen to organise the investigation.ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ KyrgystanƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s neighbour Kazakhstan who currently holds the OSCE chairmanship pleaded ignorance about the OSCE moves on the international investigation.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay also expressed concerns about ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”ongoing human rights violationsƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ and sent a team to Osh and High Commissioner. So far she herself called for an independent investigation to take place rather than joining the OSCE initiative.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ In addition to the ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”inquiryƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ The 56 member states of the OSCE, also ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”agreedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ on the 28th on the deployment of ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”an international police missionƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ to Kyrgyzstan. The police officers, the OSCE announced, would “monitor and advise counterparts in the Kyrgyz police force, with a focus on southern Kyrgyzstan. They will be unarmed and have no executive police powers.” The police advisory group would initially be deployed for a period of four months, but the mission could be extended with the agreement of Kyrgyzstan and the OSCE permanent council.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The Mayor of Osh city told Al-Jazeera that most of residents of Osh are against bringing in this OSCE group and that he entirely supported the citizens and thought that ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”we are able to manage the situation on our ownƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Protest action took place in the two largest cities of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek and Osh – against the deployment of the OSCE police forces in the south, with young people wearing blue arm ribbons, carrying placards ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”No OSCE policeƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ and ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”Let us not turn the country into Kosovo!ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ They burnt an effigy of OSCE policeman.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The protests appeared to have infuriated another neocon, Daniel Rosenblum, whose tip of the nose touches the big toe. He held a press conference in Osh and dictated that ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-The OSCE police group, will contribute to stabilisation of the situation in south Kyrgyzstan, ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-People should stop being afraid. Force structures perform their duty professionally and should be accountable.ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Meanwhile Blake reported to the conspiratorial Helsinki Commission on his visit to Kyrgyzstan: ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-the government has failed to win the confidence of its Uzbek minority after ethnic violence in the southern part of the country. Fear and tension remains. In UzbekistanƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s displaced persons camps, although there were no reports of force to promote returns, reports of psychological pressure, monetary incentives, threats of loss of citizenship, coercion and/or encouragement to participate in the June 27 referendum, and concerns for family members who remained in Kyrgyzstan may have factored into the rapid repatriation of those who were displaced.ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Targeting the independent minded mayor of Osh he said: ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-I also heard complaints that the mayor of Osh does not act in a balanced manner and that he is pursuing a nationalist agenda. I shared these concerns with government officials and urged that they be addressed on an urgent basis. To me, It’s a matter of holding the government responsible for holding transparent elections, and to think about using conditionality on further assistance if the government doesn’t meet the standards that [the OSCE] holds before them.ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ This worm clearly thinks that he ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”rulesƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ the world!

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The more such neocon conspiracies surface, the more Sri Lankans can take satisfaction at their massive achievement of frustrating the evil spirits of parasites like Robert Blake. The feat would not have been possible without the strong leadership of President Rajapakse.


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  1. Raju Says:

    Another excellent piece by Ajit Randeniya.

    Different country/region, same script.

    Hope the Government is fully aware of these activities and machinations of the West + their deceitful games varnished with forked friendly tongues.

    (Then again they probably are not and no doubt care little either).

  2. Raj Says:

    If anyone in this forum wants to know how the CIA works you must watch the three videos at the bottom. John Perkins is the author of ‘confessions of an economic hit man’.

  3. Raj Says:

  4. jay-ran Says:

    Yes Ajith, “The feat would not have been possible without the strong leadership of President Rajapakse”
    All Sri Lankans have to be very patient not to get mislead by the opposition, UNP,JVP,DNA propaganda as all of them are hell bent on eliminating Rajapakses to fulfill their agenda.

  5. gdesilva Says:

    Raj, thanks for the great links to Youtube clips.

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