Obama on Iraq
Posted on August 3rd, 2010

John MacKinnon


Joe Klein wrote a nice piece for Time. I decided to drop my .02 on it.


Get the details here



Back then I wrote this: Unfortunately, some of these Tamils who get a free education from Sri Lanka that immigrated to the UK, US and Canada tend to hold radical and violent ideologies and have setup front organizations that fund terror in Sri Lanka. An example is the front organizations for the Tamil Terrorists in the United States that hired attorney Bruce Fein to ‘legitimize’ their criminal activities in the U.S. 

Hope you can help us by informing the six former American ambassadors who are mentioned in your article about terror operating right in their own back yard. Let us admit that the foundations of democracy in the country would not have been under assault if the world did the right thing 30 years ago 

A simple question here is: are we Americans and our western allies accountable for anything or to anybody? 

“”…” and that is to work with Sri Lanka to solve the terror problem. Instead the world took money from the LTTE and let it run amok killing thousands.






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