Posted on September 24th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Like our heros saved our country from terrorism we need to eradicate other bad elements from our society like drugs, gangs, roberries, corruptions, child abuse, money laundering and people smuggling. When we get so much aids to the country naturally there will be some corruptions by Government and private persons who was involved in development projects all around the country. As President and the Government promised during the elections this menace should be eradicate once and for all for the benefit of all. Defence secretary must take strict actions against the corruption in Armed Forces to make our forces the best in the world. Beyond doubt they have proved they are the best by eliminating the most ruthless terrorists group in the world but some, after the war is bringing shame to the forces by doing illigal activities to make a quick buck. Those who get caught should be severly punished for them to remember for long time. The Government should have a special inteligence force to deal with corruptions and other wrongdoings like in developed countries. The force should be compriced of clean, neat, and inteligent guys of high inteligence knowledge. We cannot go backward now as we have a leader who show the path of courage and goodwill to all the people of our nation. We need to learn from the past mistakes and go forward and be one of the best, clean and peaceful country among the best in the world. How much the President tries to make a just society he cannot do alone unless others in his Government cooperate and helped him in his efforts, also if his Government members and corporate big wigs loots the country’s wealth which is meant for the development and welfare of the masses. Every one wants to earn a quick buck by robbing someone or something that is not acceptable to all. We have good clean,inteligent,educated individuals who can contribute something useful to the country and we should take their services irrespective of party politics. Now we are not in war situation therefore we can utilized our heros to do welfare services around the country while they keep our country safe from all the evils. Security is paramount for the safety of our citizens and I know our Defence secretary does it well and he is the best man we got for a long long time.
To catch culprits in any sort we should have a special force and our masses should be educated to do the right thing and not to be afraid of anyone how much they are powerful to report the matter or matters to the concerned authorities. The news about an A.S.P. and police personel was caught red handed for excavating and robbing ancient artifects from a village was astonishing. The law itself take the law in to their own hands and do such dirty things shouldnt be tolerated. Tough laws should be introduced to put those behind bars who robs the country’s wealth and shouldnt be pardoned at any cost. We the masses who sent politicians to do a job dosent like to see the political leaders of our nation do any wrongdoings except they be an example to the nation. They should help the law and be partners of law and order in the country. Nowadays we hear so much roberries occur in all parts of the country house breaking, snatching of gold chains from innocent individuals in buses, trains and while walking, car thefts etc. To prevent these types of roberries and sometimes murders we need to have a tough security system like security cameras in cities and plain clothed inteligence unit in all parts of the land. If we have security same as we had in war time we can prevent some of these bad habbits by bad elements in the country. Protecting the people is the responsibility of the Government. Security and safety of the people is more important for a country to prosper and people too should take the responsibility as well as the Government.
We should keep aside all politics for the time being because we suffered too much during the past thirty years due to war on terror. It’s not easy to forget those dark days. Our citizens lost many of their loved ones due to a cruel war started by a criminal mind of our own citizen. We should not allow another criminal mind to plan or set eyes on our beloved homeland at any stage. We should be thankful to the President and the Defence secretary for making a world class Armed Forces to face any threat to our homeland. Also should thank for opening bases around the country and giving our war heros all facilities they deserve to live a happy life with their families for ever. Mixing our nation with all communities to live freely anywhere they like should be appreciated and we the people should learn to live side by side with every ethnic community peacefully and happily. When a Government take care of the people needs one by one in return the people should be cooperative with the Government without any political line to help to rebuild our country. As President said we are all one nation one peoples under one flag. The whole world appreciate what our Government does and do except few white masters of yesteryear. When our President stand tall we too must fall behind him and be strong like a lion king. When you see our past history the Sinhala nation have faced bigger enemies and survived because of heros we had those days. No one can defeat us again in war or development of our nation. The losers and traitors must understand the game is over and should behave themselves and try to correct their mistakes if they want to face the next big match like true opponents. Our defence secretary should take tough action on people who incites violence unnecessarily in schools, universities, and in public places. We cannot allow innocent civillians to be scapegoats of those failed politicians. Nowhere on earth can raised salaries or cut down the cost of living so soon after thirty years of destruction of properties and human lives to a nation. After spending so much money on war how can a country survive but thanks to our leaders mangement skills we manged to survive and developed our nation in no time with the help of our friendly countries.
Now the time to build the nation, find jobs for the people, provide shelter,clean water,electricity, security and safety to the whole nation from Dondra in the south to Point Pedro in the North. Sinhala nation cannot be bought for dollars or dictate by any country in the world as long as we the Sinhala lions and all the communities Tamils,Muslims,Burgers and Malays live unitedly as one nation peacefully. Dont cry for traitors and go begging on world stages to release traitors to our homeland. Our law is fair to all and those who are found guilty should face the music for their crimes no matter who they are. If this guy Sarath Fonseka is not guilty why dosent he asked his son in law to appear in courts with a lawyer without hiding like a rat in the shrubs. Every individual who breaks the law should face the justice of the country like a true hero if he or she is a hero without asking help or cry for help. As a democratic country they have the freedom to do what ever they like but they cannot abuse it by violence. Some section of our society try to organize demonstrations in other countries too to get the release of wrongdoers in my country and I dont thnk the majority of our nation agree to their demands and follow those failed politicians in the oppostion. We all saw what this traitor did during the elections and what others told about this man openly so I dont think this whole thing was done to take revenge or for any other reason. JVP ers were famous for slogans,violence,sabotage and making false rumors to confuse people. Our leaders should not forget 1971 riots and insurrection by these red shirted violent group. Sinhala people forget very soon and forgive those who do bad things because we are a nation of Buddhist culture forgiving the enemy but we should remember the enemy is not religious and they dont care about human lives or progress of a country or peaceful environment they are in except they like to see blood and carnage,violence and destruction. Let the slogan clad losers with few of their followers bark like dogs inside the country or outside the country like in Italy or France the Government should not yield to their demands. Our country’s security should be first priority to keep our homeland safe from free of violence. 
The enemy is not finished though we got rid of the leading barbarians of L.T.T.E. Their sympathizers are still there outside waiting to get a chance to do more evil to our beloved nation. Now they are angry for getting rid of their leaders and jealous about the country’s progress after the bloody war therefore we should not let our guard open for any evil monster or group to creep in to our society again to start massacre our innocent citizens. The enemy has the ability to wait for many months and years before they strike again so we should be vigilant all the time inside and outside though the environment is peaceful. When we give projects to outside countries which was not helpful or friendly during the war with terror should be not trusted too much. We must always be on the lookout for L.T.T.E sympathizers like foreign NGO’s and other organizations who did wrongdoings in the past. Everybody rushing to help us now beacuse of the peaceful sitution around the country but we need to open our eyes and be elert all the time if not we dont know what way and when the enemy strikes again. Safety and security of our homeland and it’s people is in the hands of the Government and I hope and pray that they will do a good job to keep us safe from all evils for years to come.
Help each and everyone as brothers and sisters forgetting politics for a moment to rebuild our beloved nation and keep eyes open all the time to keep safe our next generation. Follow the Buddhist teachings and be useful citizen to everyone to be proud of.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. sena Says:

    Your opinions are nery timely. However all indications are that people are back to their old ways – trying to earn a buck by any means. Most public workplaces are over staffed with almost zero productivity. Private sector is primarilly in retail business – import and sell, not industrial development. Signs reminding people the sacrifices of war heroes which enable them to walk freely should be posted every where.
    some appropriate statements:
    Peace without a strong army is like a song without instruments – a Prussian emperor . The knuckle heads in 1950s did not realize this despite having so much money
    A society will only be destroyed within – someone said this

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